Party Masters
Party Masters
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Version: 1.3.26
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Download Partymasters APK if you enjoy RnB, and you will love to become the next RnB star. Partymaster makes you take a rapper role and become the next world rap star.

Name Party Masters
Version 1.3.26
Updated Aug 30, 2023
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.playgendary.partymasters


Party masters is an entertaining and engaging music game where players will be immersed in the superb singing and dancing mood of the game. The game is a popular arcade-style game. After the release of party master, several users, downloads and players increased tremendously, making developers upgrade the game to a premium version that requires payment.

If you love parties and the rock and roll mood of parties, then playing masters is the game for you. It immerses you in a musical atmosphere -light, vibrant, and top music artists are what you will see and engage within the game.

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Players will enjoy the game with the famous Lol Vena inspired by the epic casual action of Bowmasters, along with other amazing characters in the game. Every character in the game loves to dance, and you, as the player, will provide them with a piece of thrilling rap music where everyone will vibe and dance.

Party masters is an interesting game, a colorful idle music clicker that transforms players into RnB Star. As the one becoming a star, you must be able to throw loud parties, invite friends, fans, families, and other performers and engage your crowd with a whole vibe. There are many features made available for players to enjoy. This is an immersively thrilling game. You must dress fashionably and be engaging. Let's discuss this game.

Partymasters Description

Party masters is an idle clicker, entertaining and engaging party game that allows players to take up the role of a rapper or RnB star whose goal is to become the next rated and well-known rap star.

The game offers a fun and immersive experience where you will join parties, invite guests, entertain your guests with lots of performers and show how rich you are. Party masters game is quite addictive. You will enjoy controlling your dancers on stage and jumping and marrying to your preferred song and rhythm. Also, you will collect money from the crowd.

Playgendary Limited designed the game, and casual Azur Games published it. The game has gotten over 50 million downloads and lots of players and users worldwide. It's simple and straightforward gameplay has made people glued to it.

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To enjoy the game, you must keep adding dancers and stars to upgrade you to a better gaming experience. You might ask, how does this game make me a star? That's quite easy, and that is where your ability -Tapping ability lies. It would be best to tap on the screen non-stop to grab lots of money from the crowd and buy yourself befitting outfits to swag as you desire.

Every time you tap on the screen, lots of money is launched into the air, and anytime you throw your money, you will pick up and get extra fame points. Your earned fame will make you get newer and better swags. This increases your chances of grabbing and getting your hands on more cash, more fame, and more swag.

The story and gameplay of party masters is enjoyable, simple, and engaging. In the game, you will play with the famous LoL Vena and other characters to enjoy the dancing floor. The main content of party masters revolves around music parties. You have to master the stage and the crowd, Host the most prominent music party ever in history.

Players will have fun earning money and getting the crowd entertained. There are upgrades available in the game to make your star dance very well, faster get them stylish, allowing you to earn more money.

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The idle clicker mechanics allow the player to play the game in their ways freely. Dancers and characters can work independently to collect the idle income even if you have left the game.

Also, have fun and play around with the tapping features of the party master game to collect rewards, cash, and loot. The game is exciting and engaging. As you progress in the game, there are more elements available to unlock, which will boost your progress in the game.

Furthermore, along the way are new characters to play with. You can as well upgrade your characters. There are over 40 characters in the game inspired by real-life rappers worldwide. You can also unlock many elements to spice up your rapper's look.

Partymasters is easy and free to play, entertaining, and engaging. You get to do what you want and make your party the best.

Features of PartyMasters

Here are all the exciting features of partymasters;

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Simple and Impressive Gameplay

Gamers in partymasters will have fun with the accessible and straightforward gameplay of party masters. Features stress-free idle clicker gameplay. All you have to do in this game is make some settings, choose your character, enjoy your character dance and earn more cash. This is simple and easy. As you progress in the game, you unlock several dance moves and in-game items that will immerse you in the RnB star adventure.

Diverse Characters to Interact With

To make playmasters enjoyable to play, gamers will enjoy the arcade-style game with many unique characters, each having its unique traits and features. Enjoy playing in the game while interacting with the stylish characters with its special dance. This is super amazing

Unlock Locations

In Partymasters, players will enjoy the interesting gaming location, which includes different dance floors to make your guest have fun. Enjoy the chance to customize and set up your character so they will enjoy themselves. Different stage locations here with unique features.

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Enjoy Idle Clicker Action

Partymaster is a fun idle clicker game. Players will enjoy the idle clicking option with the character's touch controls in the game. This is super cool.

Diverse Costumes to Enjoy

Gamers of partymasters have the chance to enjoy costumes and interactive game accessories. They can either be purchased or unlocked freely when you start the game. Feel free to make your character different.

Additional Features

  • Multiple Upgrade Options
  • Complete Achievements and Daily Task
  • Enjoy Playing Offline


Party masters is a very interesting and good idle clicker game. It stands out amidst other games of its genre. Download the latest version and thrills of a RnB star.

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Download Partymasters APK if you enjoy RnB, and you will love to become the next RnB star. Partymaster makes you take a rapper role and become the next world rap star.


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