Papa's Freezeria
Papa's Freezeria
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Version: 1.2.2
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Download and install Papa's Freezeria APK and learn how to take orders from customers. This game teaches both time management and the exhibition of business skills.

Name Papa's Freezeria
Version 1.2.2
Updated Oct 4, 2022
Category Strategy
Developer Flipline Studios
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Description of Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is a game that teaches players how to manage a restaurant. The game is pretty colourful, and will mesmerise players with its colourful appearance and graphics.

If you think it is easy to sell ice cream on the beach, then play this game to find out how to touch it.

The Background of the Game

This game centres around the life of a lass on her first official day working as a part-time staff member in an ice cream store at the beachfront. The first couple of days were pretty peaceful because not many customers knew about this store. Then when summer officially arrived, she worked almost every time she got, which was a significant difference from the first couple of days she had been there. This is where the game seems to have begun.

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The Gameplay

Your major mission in this Papa's Freezeria is to become the manager of the cold drink restaurant. Each person visiting will have their particular requirements and needs concerning the food and drink they are interested in buying, what ingredients they want in the food, what they are interested in eating, and what they don't want to be included in their food. You will have to record everything in detail and carry out the order within the allowed time. Then you will have to serve it in exchange for rewards and money.

In support of this easy objective, the major skill required of every player is agility, good memory, and management skill, especially concerning your time. Your business will begin to increase as time goes on, especially when you intend to expand the menu and diversify your products. In accordance, your customers' requirements also get more complex and complicated. As a result, the time starts to get tighter, causing you to fall into terrible situations on many occasions because you cannot recall all those little requirements.

The payment you receive from customers can also be used to buy new types of equipment for the store, purchase more tables and chairs, buy more ingredients, and attract more people to patronize you.

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At the beginning of the game, we only have syrup, chocolate, milk, and a couple of fruit. However, because of customers' requests and your intention to increase the menu for some more earnings, the volume of ingredients will become more numerous – more candies, cakes, jams, fresh cream, and dozens of toppings. Also, there are numerous combinations of several kinds of ice cream that you can create, which can bring your customers some memorable and delicious ice cream flavours.

Being agile and quick is the most important thing when you get to this level. Because when there are more customers in the shop and the customers get more demanding, the open space with several services and ice cream flavours will demand that you take on several tasks simultaneously. At this stage, you will move back and forth within the areas of the store. Even though there is no difference in the process, several things are happening concurrently, and those things can be pretty confusing. If you are not confused or frustrated, you will also somehow forget.

You will be present at the Order Station to smile as you receive orders from your customers and quickly take notes. Then you will head to the Build Station to combine cream, milk, and other necessary ingredients to produce the products. Afterward, you can head to the Mix Station section to mix the ice cream with other ingredients as requested by the customers. Then you will go to the Top Station to produce fresh ice cream, then apply toppings to the ice cream glass. Lastly, serve it to waiting customers.

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As time passes, the volume of items in every area of ice cream processing increases significantly. As a result, you will notice it has become messed up. At this point, all you need to do is play the game slowly, but make sure that you do not deflect from the style you are familiar with and concentrate on your work in every small stage. After that, you can move on.

You will attend to about 85 different people to patronise you. That includes some loyal customers and VIP customers. They will always come with higher expectations of results and requirements that are more complex. Do not forget to always treat these kinds of customers well because they serve as a major source of revenue, mark the store's reputation, and make recommendations for your store to other people.

Great Rewards for Those with Dedication

There is a chance that you will carry out several tasks in this game. Still, you have only one mission: ensure the satisfaction and happiness of customers, win more new customers, earn a good amount of money, level up on time, unlock special kinds of toppings and earn more customers for more money. By performing your job responsibly, industriously, dedicatedly, well, and conscientiously, you will receive some wonderful rewards, even rewards that are beyond your expectations. In some cases, if you are lucky, you might receive some nice tips and important information from the local newspaper where you decide to carry out your business.

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Papa's Freezeria is a wonderful project from Flipline Studios with different time management and strategy elements. As a player, you will visit a bustling sunny beach where you will have to work in a place where ice cream is sold. Naturally, the vacationers prefer something cool. So you will always have customers patronising you. Customers will request different things, demanding that you make various mixtures to satisfy your customers. Thankfully, various machines can make your work faster and more efficient. All you need to do is to ensure that you follow the customers' requirements exactly as they made their orders, and you must make good use of time so that the ice cream does not melt by the time you are through.

Last Take

The first thing you will appreciate about this game is its cool graphics, moderate tempo, and vibrant colour. There are several levels you must conquer in this game. The task is quite overwhelming, ensuring that you never rest your hand. However, there is no doubt that this game will become your favourite within a few minutes of playing it.

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Download and install Papa's Freezeria APK and learn how to take orders from customers. This game teaches both time management and the exhibition of business skills.


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