Nox Cleaner
Nox Cleaner
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Version: 3.9.5
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Download Nox cleaner APK, an intelligent cache cleaner that boosts your phone. Nox cleaner is a maintenance app that increases the function of your device.

Name Nox Cleaner
Version 3.9.5
Updated Jul 17, 2023
Category Tools
Developer Nox Ltd.
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Nox Cleaner

Nox cleaner is a booster app developed by Nox Ltd. This application works perfectly for Android phones. Nox cleaner can clean junk files and delete cache; this helps to release some storage space on the phone. If your phone storage is running low and your device starts to function slowly, it might be time for a nox cleaner download. This app is a smart cleaner that helps boost your phone and makes it work better.

nox cleaner apk

After downloading the app on your mobile phone, you'd need to give the app permission to access all your apps.  After granting access, the app scans through your cellphone and Identifies cache and junk files; if given permission, it cleans them up also. This app offers a lot of unique features. When clearing your phone of junk files, you can choose to stupor pause the process and check the status of your device's memory.

This app is only functional on android. It is an excellent solution for your slow android with insufficient space. It can work as a cleaner, booster, virus detection, and apps locker. It has many functions you should explore on your android phone.

Nox Cleaner description

Nox cleaner app can quickly clear out thousands of megabytes of junk just by a single tap. This app is the right choice if your phone is slow due to its limited storage capacity. The nox cleaning app is an application that majors in taking out junk files from your phone. Nox cleaner calculates the junk on your phone. With just a click, you can clean all the trash out.

nox cleaner pro apk

The function of nox cleaner pro-2022 is not limited to cleaner. There are many benefits to the Nox cleaner, aside from the ability to clean up the cache. You can stop unneeded processes from running in the background using this app. Another great reason you can't go wrong with the cleaner download is the antivirus feature. The app finds any antivirus on your phone and clears it out. This app would wipe out all harmful adware affecting the privacy and security of your phone.

Nox allows you to set a lock pattern for your apps. So asides from your phone security, you can select a security pattern for applications you would like to keep private using this app. The battery saver feature detects apps that might be consuming energy and stops them from functioning. You also get to delete apps that are not in use.

Features of Nox cleaner

Nox cleaner has a lot of unique features you can explore.

nox cleaner pro apk 2022

File cleaner

This feature is one of the most prominent features of the app. it is a cache cleaner, junk cleaner, storage cleaner, memory cleaner, and ads cleaner. This app analyses the data and cleans cache, clipboard contents, residual files, download folders, etc.  It carefully cleans cache data from apps without deleting the valuable information. With just a click, it clears out all files that aren't needed, and you will be able to maximize your storage space.

Antivirus detector

Nox cleaner has a solid and effective antivirus system. It scans, removes, and protects your Android from viruses. It protects your phone from security and privacy threats. It removes viruses, malware, online Trojan, adware, etc. It protects your android from all hazards just with one tap.

nox cleaner apk premium

Memory Booster

After using up a significant amount of your storage space, your phone becomes heavy and begins to function slowly. With just a tap on your screen, Nox cleaner cleans your phone, increasing the amount of storage space you have and the speed of the entire phone. The memory boost gives you a better phone experience. With this feature, there is enough space for your phone to function better.

Phone Cooler and battery saver.

The app analyses your battery usage. It detects battery-draining apps and closes them. It stops this app from functioning at that moment. Once battery-draining apps are closed, the CPU usage reduces drastically. Once this happens, the phone temperature will drop. You can use your phone for an extended period without worrying about it getting hot or your battery drained.

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Game booster

You should try out the game booster feature. When using the game booster feature, all your games become lag free. You can enjoy your favorite games better. Use nox cleaner shortcuts to get your games functioning better. Your game apps work faster and smoother; with a game booster, and you can get to victory more easily. 

App and Image Manager

With this app, you can identify apps that are in use. You would get the analysis of all the apps, and you can easily select apps that you don't use as much. The nox cleaner app also analyses your photo gallery, putting similar photos in the same folder. You would be able to detect pictures you don't need or that are in duplicates and delete them. Managing and deleting unwanted photos and apps provides more storage space and speeds up your android.

nox cleaner apk 2022

App locker

Nox cleaner allows you to lock apps with a pattern, fingerprint, and passcode. It gives your phone the utmost security. No one would be able to access your apps without your permission. You can lock your call and messaging apps, social media accounts, game apps, and any other app you would like to secure.


This app is excellent for keeping your phone clean. Nox cleaner helps maintain your phone and keeps it clean. If you need more space on your phone without deleting valuables, Nox cleaner latest version is the app for you. This app helps clean your phone and improve the overall performance of your phone. Nox cleaner is an innovative app, and it can identify information to be cleared and one that shouldn't. This app is the best for your phone if you want it to function better. 

To get maximum effects, download nox cleaner pro's latest version. Download this app to get your phone functioning at its best.

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Download Nox cleaner APK, an intelligent cache cleaner that boosts your phone. Nox cleaner is a maintenance app that increases the function of your device.


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