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Version: 2.7.1
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Download Icallscreen APK app -an iPhone phone dialer to customize your android call screen and wallpaper. icall screen gives you the best with its features.

Name Icallscreen
Version 2.7.1
Updated Mar 25, 2024
Category Tools
Developer ZipoApps
Google Play Link com.hqinfosystem.callscreen

Icallscreen App

Icallscreen is an excellent app to turn your android call screen into an iPhone one. Sometimes android users want to step up the game and beautify their call screen; hence, Icallscreen was developed by zipo apps to incorporate an iPhone call interface into Android. It is an amazing app for customizing your device call screen. iCall screen allows you to change the look of your android call screen by adding some features and widgets.

This app is available for android users. Icallscreen uses powerful features to customize your android call screen. The application is effective and efficient; you can change the appearance of your call screen to iOS 14 or 15.

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There are a lot of android users that love the features and interface of the iPhone call screen; hence zipo apps come up with Icallscreen to help android with its features. This has left its users always coming back.

Icallscreen Description

Icallscreen is an application developed by zipo apps for android phone users. The old-fashioned android call screen can be a bit boring at times. However, you can get a twist on things with the Icallscreen app. It is very interesting.

Aside from design and the interface, Icallscreen combines distinctive style and function with various features. With this app, you can personalize and customize your mobile dial pad into an iPhone call screen to create excitement. This remarkable thing about Icallscreen won the trust of its users.

With the Icallscreen app, you can never find yourself making or receiving boring calls or not having the best call user interface. Icallscreen is a fully featured call app with distinctive features for its users to make calls, with many interesting features and advanced tools that help you play with the various calling experiences it provides.

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There is fun working or playing with different call settings and utilities in the app. Also, have fun customizing wallpapers according to your preferences and unique IOS ringtone for your android phone. Several features have distinguished iCall screen from other call apps, such as the call blocker to prevent unwanted calls and contracts from reaching users with access to caller customization tools.

Icallscreen is available for android 6.0 and above, requiring access permissions from your devices. This is for it to function properly and effectively. Also, you are required to upgrade your device to feel its effectiveness and functionality. The app has left users returning for more with its premium feature, where you get unlimited access to the caller app customization. This is amazing and a re-use for its users.

Features of Icallscreen

Here are some exciting features the app offers;


To start with, Icallscreen users enjoy a free customization option. Have fun playing with the customizable wallpapers and backgrounds for your call screen. With this feature, you can change the background, pictures, and images you wish to appear on receiving calls from a certain contact or the general contract.

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This feature makes it easier to set up a call screen and allows you to enjoy the calling experience to the peak.

Different Unique IOS Ringtones

This feature allows users to play with interesting IOS ringtones on their android devices. This is majorly to improve your calling experience. There are several IOS 14 and 15 ringtones that you can personalize for your devices and the dialer screen.

Enable Slide to Answer Call Button

For people who love the slide button on iPhones, this is an additional feature iCall screen offers. Have fun experiencing this feature on your android device.

Lightweight App on Your Devices

With this feature -a lightweight android app available on your device, you can enjoy a call experience with little or no trouble. You can easily install it on any of your devices for convenience.

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Enable Callback Screen

You can enable a call-back screen option on the Icallscreen. Here, the feature allows you to hang up calls and enable the call back screen immediately so you can reach out to the particular contact.

Schedule Fake Calls

Some people like to play around and have fun. The Icallscreen has provided this fun. You can schedule a fake call on your device to play with friends. Just enter the app, and activate the schedule fake call option with a particular contact, ringtone, or number. This will allow you to receive authentic-looking calls that others will see no purpose in answering.

Enjoy Dual Sim Support

Android users can enjoy dual sim support with Icallscreen. This will ensure that you can have your contacts and calling feature available on both sims in your device. Utilize this feature to adjust your caller preferences with each sim.

Display Caller ID and Name

You can freely display the caller's name and ID on the Isallscreen. This will enable users to know who is calling and who they should pick up their calls.

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Additional Features;

  • Enable call blocker
  • Flashlight on calls
  • Useful dark mode interface
  • Manage conference calls with ease


With the screen features on Icallscreen, you will enjoy the convenience and, at the same time, improve the quality of your call, get the latest version of Icallscreen on your device and enjoy these features on your premium plan. Download Now!!!!

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Download Icallscreen APK app -an iPhone phone dialer to customize your android call screen and wallpaper. icall screen gives you the best with its features.


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