New Super Mario Bros 2
New Super Mario Bros 2
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Download New Super Mario Bros 2 APK for a classic and modern game with brightly colored graphics. Run across various locations and avoid obstacles in this game.

Name New Super Mario Bros 2
Version 2.0
Updated Oct 1, 2022
Category Puzzle
Developer YVGuides
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About New Super Mario Bros 2

It's still the same golden age, and the same quest for gold has begun, and this time the race is between Mario and Luigi. But, of course, the monsters are still present and ready to attack in the blink of an eye. The game still follows the same gameplay, with a few modifications to its rewards and a significant improvement to the graphics and animations. Mario has always been an exciting, one of the best arcade-style games.

Thankfully the game is now available on mobile devices, and there is a rush to save Princess Peach from the Koopalings. You'll have to select your favorite characters when playing the game, and your choice will determine who you play the game with in the long run. There is a little different here compared to other Mario games because the tasks of the two brothers are dissimilar.

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The game's objective is to collect as many gold coins as possible while ensuring that you have a physical encounter with any enemies. In addition, many scenes are added to the mix, making the game even brighter and more interesting since it's now a new environment and various elements such as the gold coins, Koopalings, mushrooms, etc., have brightly colored designs.

Players will make many exciting discoveries when they play Super Mario Bros 2, depending on their gameplay and skills. The game was produced by Nintendo and is entirely free to play. It supports multiple languages, including English, and has gained many players and downloads online since its release. There are many versions and types of Mario games, but Super Mario Bros 2 remains one of the best you can enjoy on your smartphone.


The game's plot revolves around the kidnap of the princess and Mario's attempt to bring peace to the land by saving her. He'll have to run a long distance to reach the princess's cellar. He'll face many adversities such as enemy attacks, obstacles, and tricky paths along the way. So players choose their character at the beginning of the game, and you'll pass through various sections such as the mushroom kingdom, dungeons, desert world, frozen glacier, and many others.

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While trying to save the princess, you must also collect as many gold coins as you can and sometimes have to discover hidden vaults in exploring all the books and crannies of the game environment that will allow you to maximize the game resources and get as many rewards as possible. The coins you gather during gameplay are important, too, because you need 109 of them to buy a new life or millions of them to open a new game scene.

Game Features

If you've ever played any Mario games before, you'll already understand some of its features. The main difference added to this version is the graphics and animation, which we'll discuss below:


There is an incredible storyline behind Mario games that most players aren't aware of. Mario was never just a runner game where players have no motive and are simply interested in gathering coins. Instead, the gameplay follows a storyline whereby. Mario and his brother are trying to save the princess and must pass through various series and scenarios to eventually reach their destination.

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Once you choose your character, you'll be able to move across various obstacles on a mission to save the princess while gathering enough coins that ensure you stay alive on your task. You will complete each level when you reach the final destination and evade all enemies and obstacles in your path. However, you'll lose when you have physical contact with the incoming enemies.


There are not many characters in the game, but this doesn't reduce the game's excitement. Each of the characters has unique skills too. Mario and Luigi are the main characters, and the two brothers are pretty similar with the same abilities. The only difference is in their shapes and clothes. Mario has impressive skills, such as running at top speed to collect coins or ramming into enemies and knocking them down.

Mario can also eat mushrooms to become a giant version that isn't easily intimidated by the enemies. A yellow flower is also significant in the gameplay because it can turn Mario into little Midas and turn everything around into coins to collect freely. These are some of the features that are made Mario more interesting over the years.


The coins are one of the main game items you can't ignore. It has many uses in the game, so you must collect it while running around. For example, you'll need at least 100 coins to get yourself a new life when you lose all your life, and you'll also need millions of coins to be able to open new scenes in the game.

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Compared to the original Mario game, this version adds lots of exciting features to the gameplay because there are a lot of changes in the types of coins, values, and the game's landscapes, making it more interesting than the boring run you'd experience on the traditional version.


The game's superpower lies in its interesting and exciting graphics quality. There has been much development since the first version was released, and Mario is now more brightly colored than ever. It uses 3D graphics and cute shapes to create a game environment that's fresher and more colorful.

There are many locations and backgrounds to play in now, rather than the single types of backgrounds you'd probably be used to on some other versions. You'll pass through dungeons, castles, frozen glaciers, and several other locations with different tricks and traps to boost your gameplay experience.

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The game is a masterpiece that pays tribute to the original version. It gives you a new feel every time you play and is full of hidden hints and traps to unravel while you play. In addition, the gold coins arrangement will get you intrigued and compelled to play more on New Super Mario Bros 2.

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Download New Super Mario Bros 2 APK for a classic and modern game with brightly colored graphics. Run across various locations and avoid obstacles in this game.


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