Need for Speed No Limits
Need for Speed No Limits
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Version: 7.7.0
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Download Need for Speed No Limits APK latest version free for android. Drive the most powerful and exotic cars to rule the streets.

Name Need for Speed No Limits
Version 7.7.0
Updated Jun 12, 2024
Category Racing
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Need for Speed No Limits

Conquer the night time streets in Need for Speed No Limits while driving the most costly and potent vehicles available. Participate in prestigious competitions to earn money to purchase and upgrade your cars. You'll need to spend several hours playing the game's lengthy campaign to get there. Along with attractive, up-to-date graphics and simple controls, the game allows you to compete against actual gamers from across the world while also showcasing your driving prowess and rising to the top of the leaderboards.

Description of Need for Speed No Limits

Get your hands on some of the quickest and most exotic vehicles around. When you play Need for Speed no limit, you can alter them to your preferences and then plunge into the thrilling world of street racing. You'll have to break a few regulations, escape the police, and advance up the ranks until your name is added to the list of "Most Wanted" individuals.

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Some of the most potent real-world automobiles, including the BMW, Porshe, McLaren, and the Subaru BRZ, are available for players to take the wheel of. Additionally, there are choices available for tweaking and personalizing each game's cars, as is customary for this brand.

Need for Speed No Limits has much shorter and more frantic races than those in the console or PC version of the game to perfectly fit its medium (Android). The majority of the races take around 30 seconds, which is more than enough time to experience triumph or experience crushing defeat. Additionally, more than 1,000 distinct races are held on various tracks.

The default controls in Need for Speed No Limits are fluid. You must touch each side of the screen to control which way the car is turning as it automatically accelerates. The nitro will be turned on if you slide your finger up.

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As is customary in this story, winning races will increase your wealth and prestige. While your reputation will open doors on the streets, you'll need the money to acquire new cars and tune the ones you already have in the garage. The racing game Need for Speed No Limits is excellently designed, with a lengthy story, and a refined control scheme.

Features of Need for Speed No Limits

A haven for high-speed racing

The mobile installment of EA's renowned Need for Speed franchise is called Need for Speed No Limits. You'll grab the wheel of a sizable collection of expensive, fast vehicles and hit the streets to compete for the top spot. You can personalize your cars along the way, receive rewards, and open up new tracks, challenges, and objectives. In the competitive world of Blackridge, you get closer to becoming the best street racer with each race and task you accomplish.

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A frantic adrenaline ride with some obstacles

A burst of adrenaline until the finish line

As soon as you start playing Need for Speed No Limits, it becomes clear that this isn't your typical mobile game.

Gameplay and graphics

The gameplay and graphics of Need for Speed's main mobile game reflect how seriously EA took the project. As soon as you start the game, you are immediately thrust into your first race, and from that point on, the excitement never stops. The settings are richly detailed and evocative, with neon lights glittering on rain-slicked pavement and cars that appear nearly real. Sometimes it's simple to forget that you're playing on a mobile device rather than a console.

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The game is more than just visually appealing. The controls and gameplay are simple to master and add to the immersive experience. All you have to do to drive is tap the left and right sides of the screen to steer. Cars are always moving at their maximum acceleration. Although it might appear too simple on paper, the end result is a series of thrilling races that will keep you on the tip of your seat. You can concentrate on passing rivals, jumping off from ramps, and dodging police because you don't have to worry about maintaining a certain speed.


After finishing races, you'll receive a ton of goodies. This features blueprints for brand-new automobiles, tracks, and material resources that you can employ to create unique parts and paint for your preferred cars. The degree of personalization and freedom is unmatched, distinguishing the game from more linear and constrained rivals like GT Racing 2. Many of these incentives are bought by players using in-game currency, and new features can also be purchased at any moment with real money.

Amazing selection of automobiles

Collect and operate over 30 amazing vehicles, such as the Chevrolet F-150 SVT Raptor, Mercedes M3 Coupe, Aston Martin V12 Vantage,Ferrari, lamboghini, and Bugatti Veyron.

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Precise steering

You now have more options for controlling your automobile on Android devices compared to earlier versions. Unless your computer has a touch screen, you must use a game pad to operate any games you play on your PC through Bluestacks. Although it may take some getting accustomed to, once you do, you'll become a pro at the racing game in a short while.

Upgrade your vehicles

Users can upload mods to Need for Speed no limit to make the cars better. This entails nitrous speed upgrades, brand-new wheels, unique paint jobs, and more.

Destruction mode

Along with stunning visuals, you'll feel the pain of every collision or fast-paced fender bender as your prized automobiles suffer dings, scratches, or total destruction due to poor driving.

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Compile Speed Points

To gain Speed Points that can be used to unlock new cars and complete challenges.


Need for Speed No Limits is an excellent mobile game that resembles a console game overall. Whether you prefer racing or unlocking and customizing cars. Need for Speed No Limits is an addicting enough adrenaline rush to make it worthwhile to play despite its shortcomings.

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Download Need for Speed No Limits APK latest version free for android. Drive the most powerful and exotic cars to rule the streets.


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