My Time at Portia
My Time at Portia
Size: 1,3 GB
Version: 1.0.11268
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Download My time at Portia APK, a sandbox simulator game. This game features crafting and existing in a town called Portia; it is a fun and exciting game.

Name My Time at Portia
Version 1.0.11268
Updated Nov 27, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Nuverse
Google Play Link com.pathea.mtap

My Time at Portia

My time at Portia is a simulation game that combines role-playing and crafting. This game was developed by a Chinese studio called pathea games. Nuverse is the current publisher of this game. This game is structured around building Portia. The player poses as a child of a builder who inherits his father's craft and workshop. Now the game is about building your town and becoming the best builder there is.

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Through the cause of this game, you would enjoy exploring and discovering new elements in the city. You would find heirlooms that you can use to build this town back into shape. Enjoy the game more as you bond with NPCs and other town folks. Make friends and share the love with the community. This game is a single-player game.

Description of My Time at Portia

My time at Portia latest version is a fun simulation game about building a small town called Portia. You also get to build your workshop. In this 3D open world, you get to gather resources and create something tangible out of them. While at this, you must upgrade your gameplay by taking on more skills that would benefit the community.

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Get to automate and expand your farm and town using my time at Portia unlimited money. You get to develop an animal husbandry and ride on a horse. If you have a consistent play, alpaca is an achievable dream. More than 50 NPC are present in this game, and you can interact with them and make friends. As you progress into the game, you will meet a few. You can even go further also to develop romantic relationships with these NPCs.

In addition to this game's fun activities, you also have some fun activities specifically for socializing. One of those activities is taking a hot air balloon ride. If everything goes right and you have a romantic relationship you would like to pursue in the game, you can decide to tie the knot. Furthermore, you can choose to have children and enjoy the pleasures of parenting.

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Some battles and adventures would come along. You need to have some survival skills in preparation to survive them. One of those skills is fighting to defeat monsters in a post-apocalyptic time. This world is present in old civilization. You get to harvest the truth of the former society buried beneath.

This game can be played on an area of platforms. It can be accessible to both android and IOS phones. This game is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one.

Features of My Time at Portia

Some unique features are specific to this game. Let's go through a few of the below.

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This game was structured to be one that took place after civilization. The town has been destroyed, and humans started to emerge from the ground as they began to rebuild the city alongside you. In this game, as the player, you are the child of a famous builder who has gone traveling. You inherit your father's workshop, skills, and role in society. Your main goal in this game is to expand the city of Portia and be the best at building in the whole town.


My time at Portia has well-crafted gameplay. The player sets out to gather resources that they will use to build up the town. The resources are combined to build necessary items. As you go up in the game, you gain more tools that help you quickly access and harvest resources. For example, you must get a chainsaw to chop down large trees. Once you conclude building each item, you can submit them for rewards. Instead of tips, you could also get town favor and money. Large assignments would have a great look on the whole town. There is an underworld in this game. This world contains dungeons requiring players to fight enemies with an improved skill set.

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User Interface

My time at Portia android download has a fantastic user interface. This game has beautiful graphics and sounds. It is user-friendly, and you can browse through the game very quickly. When you successfully build an item, the town gets more beautiful than it already is. This game has many beautiful locations, and the NPCs are well crafted. This game's design is attention-grabbing. It can keep you glued to your screen for a very long time.


This game is a delightful simulation game. It is a role-playing action game. You can live in a new reality and interact with NPCs in the game. My time at Portia helps you live a life you can control. It is charming to live in such a fantasy world. You get to build a town with the resources given to you. While doing so, you can relax, do other fun things, and meet new people.

You can't go wrong with the My Time at Portia mobile download, as you can move around with your game and enjoy the uniqueness of this game anywhere you are.

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Download My time at Portia APK, a sandbox simulator game. This game features crafting and existing in a town called Portia; it is a fun and exciting game.


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