My Nurse Girlfriend
My Nurse Girlfriend
Size: 64.74 MB
Version: 3.1.14
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Download My Nurse Girlfriend APK and learn how to communicate with women, and ladies and, at the same time, improve your romance and communication story.

Name My Nurse Girlfriend
Version 3.1.14
Updated Apr 10, 2024
Category Adventure
Google Play Link studio.genius.nurse

My Nurse Girlfriend

My nurse girlfriend is a game that helps you learn about women's psychology. It is an animation romance game for people who love or like romance games. The game is suitable for all men (this does not mean women can't or shouldn't play the game).

The game's concept is to give users a feeling of love or having a lover. My nurse girlfriend will allow you to experience love scenarios differently. This game is among the most popular dating games in the dating simulation genre. It is also a visual novel game.

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My nurse girlfriend boosts unlimited tickets, gems, and unlimited rubies. This game is great for anyone who loves cute love stories, romance, and other sexy animations. The game gives the feeling you have a lover who takes care of you while playing the game. You will encounter beautiful and well-dressed girls with whom you will form love bonds and scenarios; you will chat with various girls in different situations and then choose your romantic story. My nurse girlfriend has many exciting features to enjoy, giving you an awesome experience.

My Nurse Girlfriend Description

If you don't have a girlfriend or experience how it feels to be loved and cared for, this game is the best for you. My nurse girlfriend is a game in the genre of simulation games. It is a game that teaches you how to communicate and love women.

In this game, you will play as John, a handsome and popular secondary guy. You will play as a famous guy on the school's football team who unfortunately got injured and broke his legs and then was hospitalized.

Then, in the hospital, you will see and meet beautiful girls and start your romance story. You will notice that the girls around you, together with the nurses, are gorgeous, and now, you have to choose and decide if you will chat with any of them and find true love.

my nurse girlfriend apk

Asides from the romance in the game, you will enjoy mini-games to receive attractive rewards and gifts. These rewards are used to upgrade to the premium option of the game. The premium version of my nurse girlfriend gives you Access to more activities like passionately hugging Louisa or asking Miki out for lunch which is cool.

The gameplay of my nurse girlfriend is simple and easy to navigate. No Complexity. The game has a minimalist way of playing. You act as a famous guy who just got wounded and hospitalized. During the game, all you do is touch the screen to develop your romance story. This includes the text, images, and sound.

This game has a different storyline; hence as the player, you will select decision points whereby you will choose the direction of the story plot you desire. My nurse girlfriend is a popular simulation game with many features that players enjoy.

Features of My nurse girlfriend

Here are the thrilling and awesome features players enjoy in my nurse girlfriend game;

Thrilling theme

My horse girlfriend has an interesting theme and concept. Maybe being hospitalized is not a bad idea. Hospitals can be scary at times, especially if you are the one admitted there. However, in this game, you get to meet your dream love and feel yourself with hope; this makes the game thrilling and enjoyable.

Awesome game experience

The game gives its users a sweet and awesome game experience. You get to see and possibly communicate with beautiful girls and start your love story. This experience is fun and thrilling.

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Play mini-games

Asides from the romance plot of this game, you can play mini-games to get interesting gifts. There is a lucky spin where you earn rewards. Whenever you get the same three symbols while you spin the wheel, you get rubies and other tips. The earned ruby can be used for the premium choice of the game, which permits you to carry out extra activities like asking Miki out for Lunch.

Diverse character

This feature is outstanding as it does not make the game boring. You get to interact and communicate with different characters in the game. Below are some of the main characters;

  • Louisa - a beautiful and sexy nurse, although she's older than you. Louisa is a sweet and kind-hearted nurse. She has worked as a nurse in different hospitals. Hence, she has more experience than other nurses. However, Louisa can easily be deceived, sensitive and sweet.
  • Miki - a nurse in Tsundere style. She seems hard to approach and cold, but inside, Miki is shy and warm.
  • Rena - is a patient in the same hospital as you. She is a personality girl; Rena loves to handle things her way. This may be the love you are looking for. We will get to know when you play the game.
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Awesome graphics and sound

Here is another awesome feature of my nurse girlfriend. The sound effects and graphics quality of this game is great, giving a realistic experience.

Additional feature;

  • Unlimited rubies
  • SSL encryption
  • Unlimited tickets


My nurse girlfriend is an excellent romance game anyone can play and enjoy. Download the latest version or get unlimited rubies to enjoy the thrills in the premium version and the game.

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Download My Nurse Girlfriend APK and learn how to communicate with women, and ladies and, at the same time, improve your romance and communication story.


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