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MT Manager
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Version: 2.11.5
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Download MT Manager APK and start managing your files way better than ever. This app will not only manage your files but also powers the users to edit the existing apps on their phones.

Name MT Manager
Version 2.11.5
Updated Aug 22, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Lin Jin Bin
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A Thorough Analysis Of MT Manager

MT manager is a powerful tool that's equipped with an endless possibility to alter apps and manage all the files and data on your mobile phone efficiently. It can be considered a classy yet efficient replacement for the built-in file manager on all mobile phones. MT manager uses the least system resources, becoming an ideal choice for low-end smartphones too. Moreover, the ability to adjust to different screen sizes, including as low as 4 inches or as high as up to 10 inches or even more, makes it suited to be used on small-screen smartphones, tablets, and laptops running on the Android OS platform.

mt manager apk

So, if you're fed up with your unreliable and inefficient file manager that came installed on your phone, always go for MT manager, as it'll make your life a lot easier. Navigating and searching for files has always been hectic, and the MT manager is solving all such problems wonderfully.

User-friendly Interface

The user interface is very easy to understand because the developers know simplicity in apps is the biggest advantage and feature of it. You'll never notice any file manager, whether built-in or third-party, that uses an extraordinarily confusing interface. So, it doesn't matter if you don't have luck with gadgets and software; MT manager will always aid your comfort as it's easy to understand. Using it for a minute or two will give you a complete brief of how to use the app to its fullest.

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Light & Dark Themes

There are 2 categories in the world- the light theme lover and the dark theme lover. And it's pretty evident that both types of people don't like each other. So the developers have developed this application in favor of both categories. You can go with the light theme or dark theme as per your convenience. Now that's called a feature in the true sense! The default one is light, and you can switch to the dark theme within a few taps on the screen.

Lightweight App

Being lightweight is a common requirement, and this app won't disappoint you there. It's really lightweight and consumes very low memory space in your phone. Moreover, running it won’t consume much physical memory too. So expect it to work like a charm on all devices without slowing down your device. Most people have a misconception that third-party apps that are intended to replace the built-in ones can slow down the phone. But that ain’t true here in the case of the MT manager.

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No Distracting Animations & Fancy Stuff

Animations are known for distracting the users, especially if you're doing something important. MT manager ain’t a game, so animations are out of the question here. The app is simple with a classy appearance and includes no animations that might distract you from your work.

Built-in Hex Editor & Manifest Manipulator

The hex editor will let you peek into the hex values, which are typically the addresses on the physical storage. You can tweak it like a content editor. Similarly, tweaking the manifest file will make you feel like a hacker. The manifest files are no less than the metadata of the app, and changing them can help you override certain stuff. Now here’s a catch!

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The manifest files can be changed for any given app using MT manager, excluding MT manager itself. This will help you edit stuff like tweaking the permissions asked by the app during launch. Similarly, you can change the app's behavior, but that requires advanced Android app development skills.

Frequent Updates

There's always some scope and room for improvement, no matter how wonderfully an app works. The same goes for the MT manager. Although this app works like a charm, there's still some room for new feature introduction and improvement for better stability and least optimization of device resources. So expect frequent updates rolled out by the developer, but it's always up to you if you want to update the app.

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Application Translation At Its Best

MT manager allows users to translate languages (limited options, though) using AR (Augmented Reality) technology. The translation is efficient and quick and generates perfect results with negligible errors. MT manager supports translating the most popular languages worldwide.

Access Your Phone Remotely

It doesn't matter if you're far away from your phone; you can access it remotely using a Wi-Fi network. So, if you're on the 5th floor and your phone is on the 2nd floor, just connect to the same Wi-Fi network and try connecting to your phone remotely using MT manager. For this, you’ll obviously be requiring a spare phone with MT manager installed on it too. Remote access becomes available after you turn on this feature in the settings. So leaving this setting on all the time might allow unauthorized people to try gaining access to your phone using MT manager. But that’s totally rare and might not happen in a million years, so don’t worry about that.

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Text File Comparer

Now image, you've got two text documents, and you want to highlight the similarities in the content. How'd you do that? Reading the documents manually and figuring out all the common stuff and differences would be really troublesome. So there's a better way out, called MT manager. Now open two documents and let the MT manager figure out what's common. This type of feature is excellent in several cases. Suppose you have two reports submitted by two people and want to see if they copied each other's work and edit it a bit to make it sound unique. They'll be caught through the MT manager in a couple of seconds.


So, don’t you think that MT manager has tons of features and advantages? Doesn’t it sound like the best file manager ever with several built-in functionalities on the go? It sure is a must-download tool.

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Download MT Manager APK and start managing your files way better than ever. This app will not only manage your files but also powers the users to edit the existing apps on their phones.


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