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Mr Dog
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Version: 1.6.24
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Download Mr. Dog APK for an exciting and terrifying adventure into his lawless mansion. Get ready to survive this horror-filled game from the frontline as the main character.

Name Mr Dog
Version 1.6.24
Updated Jul 18, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer WildGamesNet

About Mr. Dog

Mr. Dog is a game of endurance that puts players in the position of the main character in Mr. Dog. The game is fictional horror-filled gameplay that keeps its players on the edge of their seats and their toes. The game will challenge you to fight, collect objects, and solve puzzles to escape being killed and save your friend. Depending on your preference or those you can find, you can win against your bloodthirsty enemies or lose the fight.

The game is not complex and has easy gameplay; follow the storyline, apply your strategy, and win against the enemies. It's more futuristic than other similar games, which is one of the reasons it gained so much audience when it was released. Mr. Dog is very innovative in its exceptional graphics and the fantastic soundtrack that keeps players going and never bored when they play.

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Unlike Granny Legend, however, the game is available for online playing. So, you can make in-game purchases that will help give you an edge over the darkness of Mr. Dog's mansion. This makes it easy for you to fight, solve puzzles, and win over your enemies.

Another fantastic feature the developers added to Mr. Dog is the controls. The game is relatively easy to control when you aren't using any aid. You have to use the on-screen joystick to move your character, while the other activities, such as fighting, solving puzzles, and switching weapons, are strategically positioned on the screen.

Mr. Dog is free for anyone and was developed by WildGames Net. The game is available in multiple languages since there are more than 40 languages to choose from. It's available on Android with4.4+ updates, and the content is rated for teenagers and above. Over one million downloads on Playstore and a 4.0 rating by over ten thousand reviewers add to the game's credibility.

Live Your Horror Dream

Mr. Dog is an exciting game because it doesn't just give players weapons to fight and adds purpose to the game. Moreover, the game occurs in a vintage and aesthetic environment where the world enjoys that calming feel. Hence, it drew a lot of attention to the game, with the game gaining millions and millions of gamers.

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Hence, it falls on you as the main character to restore order in this dark-ridden animation workshop. So, players are always the main characters from a first-person view. So when you find items in Mr. Dog's house, the best is to take them because every item is very useful in the gameplay to leave the house and save your friend.

Game Features

Like all horror-filled and terrifying games, Mr. Dog has some tension and action, reflected in the features. Read about some of the most incredible features you can expect on Mr. Dog here:


There is a simple approach to the gameplay definition; sneak into the mansion and take out the enemies. While doing this, you'll encounter many game elements, but the core gameplay pattern is to solve in-game puzzles, fight against Mr. Dog'a minions, and revolt. The mansion will bring you to a dilapidated version, and you must escape before getting killed. You'll win the mission if you successfully save the boy without being caught.

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Vintage And Aesthetic Graphics

Mr. Dog has impressive graphics design, whose sole aim was to make the game as realistic as possible. The graphics are brightly colored and well detailed, with subtle features such as puzzles, weapons, fighting, and voiceovers, all as well detailed as possible. A smooth animation also allows players to skid through the game without lags. You can land between locations in the workshop, fight, solve puzzles and move without experiencing a slow response, except if the player uses an incompatible device.

Game Soundtrack

Mr. Dog has a great soundtrack that mimics the effects of an actual haunted mansion. The sounds such as people's voices, footsteps, door openings, metal clanking, and other sounds are a well-detailed and near-perfect mimic of what to expect from a real-life encounter in a typical house.

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There are many missions and tasks to accomplish for Mr. Dog. The more you play, the more stressful it becomes to survive. The game's mission takes you through a surreal adventure where you must show your skills as a seasoned fighter and complete all the missions diligently. Since there are many missions, most players only play the Story Mode once in a while since it's the best place to learn more about the game.


Mr. Dog has many weapons, and you need better weapons if you want to destroy enemies more easily. Unfortunately, the Mr. Dog arsenal contains some of the most deadly weapons. So you'll have to choose one that suits your gameplay the most.

Control System

The control system in Mr. Dog: Horror Game is pretty intuitive. As a player, you must touch the joystick on the left side of the screen to move freely about in every zone of the mansion. Also, you will have a button that lets you crouch in other to reach the most narrow places in this scary mansion.

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Realistic Environment

Mr. Dog: Horror Game has a realistic touch, thanks to the graphics and smooth vintage feature. The game has many practical elements, such as complex characters, weapons, machinery, movement, hideouts, Mr. Dog's toothy minions, etc. The stimulating effects also give you the feeling of being in a realistic environment. This factor is what keeps the players engaged and makes the game even more interesting to play.


If you are a damn of horror and humor, then Mr. Dog is the right game for you. From the scary grandparents to their son- Mr. Dog, this game is very horror and adventure filled.

Therefore, with this game, your escaping skill set is tested, and any silly mistakes will cost your life and that of the little boy.

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Download Mr. Dog APK for an exciting and terrifying adventure into his lawless mansion. Get ready to survive this horror-filled game from the frontline as the main character.


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