Modern Warplane
Modern Warplane
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Version: 1.20.2
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Download Modern Warplanes APK for an adrenaline-filled gaming experience. Compete against various pilots in fighter planes to see the best jet fighter pilot.

Name Modern Warplane
Version 1.20.2
Updated Jun 14, 2023
Category Action
Developer GDCompany

About Modern Warplanes

Get the thrilling rushed I'd adrenaline when you play Modern Warplanes and become a jet fighter. You'll experience the wars and rumbles from the upper space and attack various enemy lines with your fighter jet. The game is quite realistic, with many elements and features that boost gameplay and make your missions more interesting. There are many missions in the game, so you'll get a fair share of scary moments before concluding your career as a jet fighter.

Thanks to the fantastic 3D graphics, the game is hyperrealistic, and you'll get a well-defined view of everything on the ground when you fly the plane. The control system is also responsive and easy to use, so you'll be able to easily control your airplane and steer it to the right side of the game. Your mission is simple; fire at enemies, on the group, and ensure you don't sustain damage to the plane and yourself.

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Many actions are always happening in this game, so you must be conscious of everything around you. You'll also have to keep an eye on subtle areas such as the ammunition rounds and the weapon aims. The game also has a reward system that offers some coolest features when you complete missions. You can unlock more planes, assignments, weapons, etc., and also get to customize various parts of your airplane however you like.

GDCompany is the brain behind Modern Warplanes, and as the name implies, you'll have lots of interaction with various models of modern warplanes, as realistic as they can be. This action game supports multiple languages from players around the world. It also has a content rating of +12, so you must be older than twelve if you want to play the game without supervision. Since its release, Modern Warplanes has had over 50 million downloads on Playstore.

Become A Brave Air Fighter

The game allows your o test your bravery and put your shooting skills to the test by flying at a distance to the ground. So, you have to ensure you properly control the airplane and still manage to launch the shots to the right place. So, you must control the aircraft or fighters competently or risk losing the game. The game also has many challenges and difficulties, which you can add to harsh weather conditions such as rain, fogs, etc.

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You'll be able to hone your skill as a talented pilot and also display how well you can shoot from aerial angles. You'll go on many missions spanning various battles and locations, so you must ensure you protect yourself and deal multiple blows to the enemies with your assault weapons. The game also has different modes, such as the training mode, where you can develop your skill and practice well before going on missions.

Game Features

Modern Warplanes is an exciting game with an impressive concept and gameplay. Here are some of the features you'll enjoy when you download and install the game:

Hyperrealistic Graphics

One of the reasons the game is popular is thanks to its realistic graphics. The team of designs took time and put in a lot of effort to ensure that the game has realistic visuals and unique physics that a real pilot will also find impressive. The features and details in the graphics, such as the weather conditions and the altitude, also entail much and give you a good idea of what the game feels like to the player. In addition, other game elements such as lighting effects, rocket launchers, and aircraft movements give the game a premium feel when you play.

Game Modes

There are several modes you can enjoy on Modern Warplanes; depending on your preference as a beginner, you can opt for the exclusive offer of learning about the gameplay. So, you can opt for the Training Mode to understand how the game works and complete primary challenges that familiarize you with the game environment.

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In addition, there are other modes, such as the Online mode, where you'll have to play against adverse conditions and battle against real players online in PvP matches. Finally, there is a default mode where you can follow the game's main storyline and strategically complete the missions.

Game Rewards and Upgrade Systems

The game has a unique upgrade system, which allows you to receive rewards anytime you win. So, you'll be rewarded with gold and upgrades for your aircraft. For the rewards, the most valuable one you can get is the gold coins, which you'll be able to accumulate when you shoot down enough enemies. You can then use the money you earn from each game to further your adventure by equipping yourself with the most advanced weapons and parts for your aircraft.

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You'll also be able to use the upgrade system to your advantage by upgrading your existing aircraft with the latest weapons and equipment. For example, you can change your aircraft and choose from any available 30 simulated fighters such ad Falcon, NightHawk, etc. You'll also be able to enter the game aircraft room, where you'll get lots of things done, such as changing the range of weapons, missiles, machine guns, or flares on your aircraft.


There are lots of missions to accomplish in this game. However, there isn't a deep plot in the storyline, so you'll have to stick with primary and shallow missions. For example, you'll fight against newer aircraft in different locations rather than face missions with a related storyline.

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The weather conditions or opponent aircraft and skills will determine how challenging each game level will be. Since you'll also be upgrading your weapons, you'll have a pretty fair fight on every mission you go, though the enemy tends to get an advantage to make the game more challenging.


Modern Warplanes is an interesting game with exciting features. The game is similar to Infinite Flight, and it's one of the ideal options for anyone obsessed with flying airplanes in the sky and battling other pilots.

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Download Modern Warplanes APK for an adrenaline-filled gaming experience. Compete against various pilots in fighter planes to see the best jet fighter pilot.


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