Max Payne Mobile
Max Payne Mobile
Size: 1.4 GB
Version: 1.7
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Download Max Payne Mobile APK, a third-person action game with a captivating storyline. This shooter game helps you improve your endurance, reflex, and concentration.

Name Max Payne Mobile
Version 1.7
Updated Aug 10, 2022
Category Arcade
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link com.rockstar.maxpayne

Max Payne Mobile.

Max Payne mobile free app is a smooth mobile app created to allow smartphone users to enjoy Max Payne games on their mobile phones. This award-winning game has been brought to our mobile devices by Rockstar Games.

max payne mobile apk

This game is focused on the story of a former NYPD detective, Max Payne. Max Payne is on a mission to solve the murder of his family and also investigate a drug trafficking case of a new designer drug called "valkyr." It all seemed easy until Max got into a vast conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical company, a secret society, an organized crime, and the U.S. military. Now, both the mob and the cops are after him.

This game features graphic novel panels and voiceovers. This feature helps you understand the story behind the game and enjoy the game even more. Download Max Payne mobile free app and enjoy a thrilling gunplay experience.

Description of max Payne mobile.

Max Payne mobile is the mobile app of an award-winning game structured around an undercover cop who tried to solve the murder of his family.  During his family's death unraveling, he was framed for murder as he tried working undercover for a drug dealer.

He is now a fugitive that the mob and the cop want. Max is all alone, fighting a battle he might not win. This game is a story-driven game that shows how dogged you can be. The man is on edge and struggling to clear his name from the charges against him.

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Max Payne mobile download for Android has a bullet time feature.  The bullet time feature is stylish, with slow-motion gunplay in a dark, twisted story.  Max Payne is supported on mobile phones with Android and IOS operating systems. This game features high-resolution graphics and textures. The game has a retina-supported resolution. The gameplay is perfectly tailored for touch screen devices.

Max Payne Mobile has controls that you can customize. There are also many aiming modes to get the perfect shot for this game. It has a rockstar games social club integration; you can use this to track your stats, unlock cheats and do much more. This game can be in English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Features Of Max Payne Mobile.

Max Payne mobile free download has many features you can explore to enjoy it better, some of which are listed below. 


Max Payne's wife and daughter were murdered by armed valkyr addicts and intoxicated by a drug called Valkyr. Max works undercover with the traffickers of this drug to catch the drug lords in charge.

max payne mobile apk download

Max Payne is being hunted down by the police and his former mob associates, who figured out he is a cop. The game's plot develops in the game as the player decides what the next step would be. Max continues to fight for his justice while uncovering all the twists and fighting the mob.


Max Payne mobile download has unique gameplay. As a player, you assume the role of a titular character. This gameplay is structured around guns, with the game having the bullet time mechanism during firefights.  During bullet time, when you pull the trigger, time is slowed so that the bullet moves slowly and can be seen with the naked eye.

At the beginning of the game, you get a 9mm Beretta pistol, but upon advancement of the game, many other weapons are available. You can use the dual wield for some guns to increase their firepower. The dual wield is at the expense of higher ammo consumption. When hurt, you can refill your health bar by taking painkillers. There are medical cabinets around and some drugs to restore your health. You could also get painkillers from some of the fatalities.

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You would progress into new levels as you go on in the game. As the level increases, there are some added twists and puzzle-solving elements. Asides from the standard game difficulty in this game which is fugitive, there are other difficulty levels. There is one called "hardboiled" in this level, you are opened to more danger, and your ammo and health supplies are reduced. Other levels are the Dead on arrival, New York minutes, and Final battle.

User Interface.

Most of this game's AI is based on scripted commands, and the behavior exhibited by the enemies is scripted. This game has an excellent style with its storytelling and a voice-over feature to go along with it. This game features a cold, violent urban night. Enjoy the sharp, high-quality graphics and design when you download this game.


Max Payne, a game chosen as one of the best video games ever made, now has a mobile version you can enjoy. Download max Payne mobile data and enjoy this game's unique story and gunplay. This game is a deep-action violent game. Max Payne mobile data highly compressed app is exciting, fun, and thrilling. You can now download this game on your android phones, tablets, and IOS.

max payne mobile apk free download

Max Payne mobile app download is one of the best fun decisions you would make.

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Download Max Payne Mobile APK, a third-person action game with a captivating storyline. This shooter game helps you improve your endurance, reflex, and concentration.


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