Marvel Super War
Marvel Super War
Size: 1.92 GB
Version: 3.23.0
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Download Marvel Super War APK. This app is a multiplayer online battle arena game that helps you get into a battle with original characters from the Marvel universe.

Name Marvel Super War
Version 3.23.0
Updated Feb 1, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer NetEase Games
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Marvel Super war

Marvel super war is marvel's first MOBA game. Download marvel's latest super war version and get to battle in space war costumes that you prefer. NetEase games developed this game. Marvel and the developers of this game are delivering a dynamic, mind-blowing recreation of the marvel universe on your mobile phones.

marvel super war apk latest version

With the marvel super war 2022 download, you can explore more fictional possibilities with the Marvel characters. Get to experience more opportunities and actions like never before. Battle any superhero of your choice. You choose to play whichever character you want to. Enjoy this game with your friends online. You get to fight as a superhero and enjoy the experience.

Description of marvel super war

Marvel super war is a MOBA action game compatible with your android and IOS operating system. You have to team up with other players online to fight team-based battles. There is now a wide range of access to the official marvel super war. This game is a 5v5 multiplayer game. You can easily control each character with your mobile keys.

You get full access to characters like Thunder, spiderman, hulk, and many more.  Regardless of your chosen character or villain, the goal is to destroy the opponent's base without letting them destroy yours. You must carefully explore pathways leading to the rival base and eliminate the towers shielding opponents.

marvel super war apk

You can explore different kinds of attacks using the remarkable power of the superhero you have selected. Look for other paths that lead to your opponent's base and destroy it. You can use different attack styles and strategies.

As your level in the game increases, your action figure's unique power also increases. Purchase new equipment to upgrade your superhero. Marvel super war unlimited money and gems allow you to upgrade characters as you wish. You can make your selected superhero power more potent as you purchase new equipment that helps improve the superhero's features.

Features of marvel super war

The marvel super war game has a lot of unique features.

Hero profile

In a marvel super war free download, there is a list of superheroes to choose from. And for each superhero, you would get a display of their profile. The profiles are divided into 6, plus an extra all key that shows all characters without category. The six categories are fighter, energy, marksman, assassin, tank, and support.

marvel super war apk download latest version

When you click on a player, the character's picture in action poses displays, alongside its class and difficulty level. Each character's attack, defense, mobility, and support are displayed with a rating bar. You can choose and upgrade your character as you grow in the game.

There is a wide range of superheroes to choose from, such as spiderman, mercury, root, Loki, hulk, Deadpool, falcon eye, captain marvel, avengers, X-Men, and so many more.


Marvel super war is a multiplayer online game; you must have an Internet connection. The gameplay here is to destroy the opponent's base. To crush your enemies, get to the towers that guide them, and destroy all these towers. Ensure to protect your base, too. The enemies would be out to destroy it.

marvel super war apk download

Marvel super war has the regular MOBA control structure. You can move around the arena using the left virtual stick and attack by tapping on the button to the right of your screen. On the right side of your screen, you also find the hero's superpower, which varies depending on the superhero.

This game includes various modes: combat, PVE, ranked, turn-base, etc.  There are so many resources in this game that you can use to your advantage. Win team battles by creating methods to break down enemies and through teamwork.

User Interface

This game has a fantastic interface with a unique Wakanda battlefield. There are jungle resources and maps.

 There are over 50 superheroes and villains from all marvel’s universes. Choose from this wide variety of villains and heroes, each with a unique style and skills, to join the ultimate all-star brawl. The stage is yours in this game. Play what character you wish and show your strength with special attacks and combinations.

marvel super war unlimited money and gems

 The combat is fair and balanced as the reputation and achievements of all's upper heroes must be earned during the game. There are dynamic effects and movement abilities. Explore them and create your highlights on the battlefield.


Marvel super war 2022 is for all marvel fans. As a fan of either marvel comics or movies, you would enjoy playing this game and having control over the powers of your favorite superhero or villain. You can use all the actions and plays you wished they had used at specific points. Explore all possible hero features of the marvel characters. If you are a fan of MOBA games, you will enjoy this game properly as this is a great MOBA game. With marvel super war download, you can play an exciting game genre with a popular set of heroes.

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Download Marvel Super War APK. This app is a multiplayer online battle arena game that helps you get into a battle with original characters from the Marvel universe.


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