Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem
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Version: 14
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Download and install Major Mayhem APK to embark on a mission to save your lover and a lot of other hostages. Major Mayhem is a shooting game with loads of fun.

Name Major Mayhem
Version 14
Updated Aug 26, 2022
Category Action
Developer [adult swim] games
Google Play Link com.turner.asmajormayhem

About Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem is a confrontation game between a lone soldier and a horde of ninjas. You, as the player, will have to control the hero to destroy whichever enemy comes your way. The enemies can appear in any position, so you must always stay alert. However, you have the chance to take the right attack that can quickly destroy them.

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In this game, you are a lone agent, although you can ally with a character that is part of the rescue mission. Major Mayhem was developed and released by Adult Swim Games. There are several other exciting games by Adult Swim, such as Robot Unicorn 2, Pocket Mortys, etc.

A Lone Soldier

If you associate WWE Mayhem with a wrestling game of 1v1, then Major Mayhem is a little more technical because here, you will have to fight all the enemies on your own. The protagonist is a talent agent on a mission to rescue his girlfriend from the lairs of the dark forces. The entities you will be fighting are the elite ninjas. These ninjas are perfect at concealing themselves and attacking from the shadows – they are good at throwing darts.

The Shooting Gameplay

The storyline appears complex, but the gameplay of Major Mayhem is quite straightforward. Unlike most other shooting games, you must simply eliminate your enemies in Major Mayhem by touching their positions. This game is just like a beat-the-mouse game. You can also use missiles or grenades to take out your enemies. However, you must avoid the darts they throw because you will be killed if your body comes in contact with them. Therefore, it would be wise to safely hide behind a tree or rock, then fire at them at every safe opportunity you get.

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Initially, this game may appear simple, but your impression will quickly change when you play hard levels. Not only is there an increase in the number of ninjas, but the hostage also has levels. If you shoot the hostage, you will lose the game. There are many challenges that the game will bring your way. Only the best agents can be successful in the mission. Are you one of the best agents?

All about Graphics

When it comes to graphics, Major Mayhem has left an indelible footprint. The impressive 3D design is a delight. The picturesque environment also draws you into the world of the game. In the game, you can tour many lands, such as the desert, the metropolis, and the tropics. Although the design is not very sophisticated, you will find the appearance and general ambience of the game satisfactory.

45 Tasks

There are 45 levels in Major Mayhem, ranging from easy to complex. There are also four modes to the game, corresponding to over 150 big and small tasks. When a mission is completed, you will be able to unlock over a hundred achievements, including some weapons you can explore. In the game, like many other games, you can earn virtual money with which you can purchase whatever you want.

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You will be drawn into the game right from the first level. However, you may feel that things are being repeated after playing the game for a while. But some features in the game will make your time playing it worthwhile. Each level of the game does not last beyond a minute. Major Mayhem is recommended if you want a game that offers simple but attractive entertainment. Hopefully, the developers and publisher will update the different enemy types, including adding new and better weapons.

Rescue the Hostages

In the opening scene of this game, a soldier will approach the President to take a mission that would take him to where ninjas are. These ninjas are the targets the soldier will have to battle, and the soldier must rescue some hostages in the battle.

One incredible thing about this game is that you won't have to move the protagonist. Instead, when the soldier has killed the enemies at a particular level, he moves to a different location. Each position in the game has a kind of element that shields him from the attacks from the enemies.

Pass Modes with Multiple Weapons

As already mentioned, Major Mayhem has different game modes; not all will be immediately available to the players. You will first have to fight in the classic level and climb your way up until you gain the requirements to help you unlock further game modes. However, the advantage here is that the game modes' requirements are the same, especially when you have attained a specific number of kills. As you play the game further, there may be an increase in the required number of kills, and you have to maintain your survival.

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The game offers players a pistol – that is the basic weapon for the game, but you can unlock more sophisticated weapons as you play. For instance, you can gain a shotgun, allowing you to kill more enemies faster. Of course, a shotgun is more powerful than a pistol. The bullets fired from a shotgun will split into several small rays, and the enemies that are close to each other can be killed at the same time. With a shotgun, you may be able to clear an area filled with enemies with a single shot.

While a player attacks the enemies, several mines will appear, which a player must not get close to. If you get too close to a mine, even if you are not killed, your acquired points will be heavily deducted. Also, ensure you do not shoot hostages because doing that will make you lose points.


Major Mayhem is a game people who enjoy shooting would immensely enjoy. It allows you to shoot as much as you like. Just make sure that you do not shoot the wrong target while having fun, and protect yourself from the attack of the enemies. When you remember old games like Rambo or Contra, then you will know that Major Mayhem is ideally a shooting game.

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Download and install Major Mayhem APK to embark on a mission to save your lover and a lot of other hostages. Major Mayhem is a shooting game with loads of fun.


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