Mafia Origin
Mafia Origin
Size: 43.25 MB
Version: 2.19.5
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Download Mafia Origin APK to take back a city that was once yours. Defend your honor, get your revenge, and make important decisions in this gangster game.

Name Mafia Origin
Version 2.19.5
Updated Sep 19, 2023
Category Strategy
Developer TG Inc.
Google Play Link com.topgamesinc.hdgz

About Mafia Origin APK

Mafia Origin APK is a crime-themed game powered by TG Inc, an Android game software company established in 2016. The game is set in Liberty City, a world where crime is king. You okay the role of a skilled sniper who must eliminate the mafia bosses to restore the city and make it clean again.

The game offers you various weapons, including handguns and rifles. The battles require you to develop foolproof strategies and skills to stand a chance against your opponents. The aim is to bring down your targets by taking them out using your sniper gun. To do this, you need accuracy and precision on your side.

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Besides having a detailed storyline, Mafia Origin APK provides you with extra missions to earn more rewards. You also upgrade your weapons, unlock abilities and generally improve your character’s strength.

Mafia Origin APK Plot

The game is based on a family’s history. The Godfather’s family was murdered ten years ago by a rival gang. He left the city to avoid getting killed by the gang’s members. Now, he has returned to retake control of the mafia and exact revenge on those who killed his family. To do this, he recruits a team of highly skilled individuals with different specialties.

Among this number is a sniper, who is the character you play. You must help your sniper character please the Godfather by eliminating the target mafia bosses successfully. You also have to care for whoever tries to take over Liberty City. The mafia families you’ll be fighting are extremely powerful.

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Do well to prepare yourself for these battles, as they won’t give up power or get defeated easily. Your battles are death battles where only one person can win; usually, the other person dies. Nevertheless, you’re fighting for justice and revenge, so your cause is worthy. Let this serve as motivation for you.

Mafia Origin APK Gameplay

Mafia Origin APK presents a crime game with thrilling adventures. It is action-themed with a special mafia twist. It offers an immersive gaming experience in the comfort of your mobile device. This means you can play the game anywhere and everywhere. The game starts with simple missions to ease you into the gameplay.

These uncomplicated levels help you understand how the game works. As you play, the missions increase in difficulty. They begin to require better aim and quicker thinking. Mafia Origin APK’s visuals are realistic. They immerse you in the world of crime experience that Liberty City offers.

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The gameplay is divided into missions where you battle mafia bosses and random gang members to reach an ultimate goal: helping the Godfather take over the city. Your opponents are ruthless, and you must take on the same personality. Attack deadly with smart strategies, and ensure your weapons are in prime condition.

Key Features

Mafia Origin APK revolves around a mafia story, so you can expect all the features to be closely related to some form of crime. The main features here include:

  • High-quality Graphics And Sound: Mafia Origin APK features 3D graphics that bring life to the characters and story. Every detail here is designed to look as realistic as possible from the buildings to the vehicles and roads. The sound effects are also applaudable. You’ll hear gunshots during battles and the regular roars of car engines. The graphics and sounds provide an enhancement that results in a unique gaming experience for you.
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  • Skilled Enemies: Your opponents range from ordinary thugs to high-level mafia bosses. Each enemy is well-equipped with a set of weapons and skills. Their abilities are great, so you must find ways to beat them at their game. There are special boss battles that require only your sniping skills. You’ll need to think on your feet and be quicker than ever here. Observe your enemies and their movements before you shoot. Calculate every action with great precision to avoid making wrong moves. Mistakes have consequences in this game.
  • City Building: Liberty City is not how you left it when you were younger. Many of the structures have been destroyed or require intense renovations. Rebuild your city to ensure it is worth ruling when you are done taking out your enemies.
  • Earn Money: There are different opportunities for you to make money. They include side jobs and certain illegal means. For example, you can steal vehicles and rob banks to increase your earnings. You are in the crime world, after all. In addition, the money you earn can upgrade your weapons and buy new equipment.
  • Game Modes include online matches, side missions, and a story game mode. The presence of different game modes guarantees a diverse experience. In addition, it keeps your gameplay fresh and rich.
  • Team Building: With this feature, you have to be strategic. Joining a team of skilled players will be of great help in battles. Choose your team members wisely. Select players with different abilities to ensure there are many specialties available in your team. The diversity also makes your team powerful.
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  • Dating: The game lets you date beautiful women. You’ll come across attractive girls as you play. Earn more money to impress them and receive attention and/or affection.

In Mafia Origin APK, you’ll also see The Godfather reclaim ownership of the city. Once he does this, you can become a valued member of the top gang again. You’ll be given lots of power to dominate the Liberty City underworld and command every criminal in the area. The number of conspiracies and scandals in this game will leave you in awe of the plotline.


Mafia Origin APK is a game where you have to be careful. Starting with the girls, beware of your closeness with them because some may be spies. Also, you must ensure you’re not doing too much in earning money illegally.

Apply moderation to everything. The consequences are no joke. This amazing tale of justice and vengeance is available on Google Play Store and some third-party websites. You’re sure to have fun playing!

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Download Mafia Origin APK to take back a city that was once yours. Defend your honor, get your revenge, and make important decisions in this gangster game.


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