Lovecraft Locker
Lovecraft Locker
Size: 125 MB
Version: 1.3.00
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Download Lovecraft Locker - latest version free for android to experience a different life at high school. This is a game for high school students to show off their school life.

Name Lovecraft Locker
Version 1.3.00
Updated Dec 24, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Strange Girl
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About Lovecraft Locker

Lovecraft Locker is a simulation game that puts players in the role of a naughty tentacle god. The game has beautiful graphics thought. So you can have an enjoyable game in a nice environment. It also has some interesting animations that make it fun for explorers. Every player can also easily complete tasks and missions in the game because of the intuitive design. You can move between multiple sections of the game with no stress or casualty flicks of your fingers.

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The Gameplay is also impressive. Players have missions and must complete them to get more chapters to play. So you can move between multiple sections in the game until you reach the final stage. Another interesting feature here is the flexible storyline. Although you are limited to following the game storyline, you'll still have the liberty of choosing where the ultimate story leads with your unique decisions.

Lovecraft Locker was recently developed and has gained much popularity ever since. The game is available for Android device users as long as the OS is 5.0 and above. It doesn't consume much space because of the low-quality graphics, so you can install it even if you're low on storage. In addition, the version allows you to access unlimited money and unlocked features for free, so you won't need to make payments.


The game has a simple outline and basic Gameplay. You can advance between levels and receive multiple ability points that you can use to buy more lockers.

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The game starts with vacant lockers, so you'll have to purchase more lockers to keep the hall busy and crowded. The control buttons allow you to move seamlessly between various game features. You can click on various parts of the screen to buy a new locker and do various other tasks.

Game Features

The game is a great bargain for anyone seeking a leisure game they can get immersed in. Although there isn't much interaction with game elements, it still has some amazing features you should check out.


The graphics quality on Lovecraft Locker is simple but elegant. The game prioritizes the players' experience over its looks, so much effort was put into making the game as interesting as possible. It, therefore, has a satisfactory animation in its 2D graphics interface. This android simulation also has a nice choice of colours, so you'll be able to see the various colours included when playing. You'll also see minor details in the background, which does make it more realistic.

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Players will be able to switch between multiple items here. Like most simulation games, it also thrives on its upgrade system for players to enjoy band keep returning for more. So, you can easily work your way to getting better features in the game when you play more. For example, the game starts with vacant lockers in the hall. But the more you play, the more money you have, and the more lockers you'll be able to purchase.

Game Controls

The control system here is quite intuitive. This is not an action game, so you won't get a complicated screen filled with various confusing buttons. Instead, you'll be able to select any of the game sections you want to check by simply clicking on the screen. The game store, level, upgrades and other information are available on the screen when playing. So you simply have to press the button you want to use on this same home screen.


The game is not gated, and you don't have to pay to access its features. Therefore, you can easily use all the game features without paying for premium access. However, unless you're playing with a premium feature, you'll have to see ads occasionally. Other than this, the game is free to play, and you can move between levels without paying for upgrades.

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Easy to Play

Most simulation games are simple for players, but Lovecraft Locker is even simpler. The game is a simulation game that allows you to do business in a school environment. That's what the game is built on, so how fast you grow the business depends on you, and that's the game's difficulty.

Game Levels

There are multiple game levels here; you can unlock them one after the other. The game starts from Level 1, and you'll have to work your way across the levels by managing all the affairs of the lockers. You'll also be tasked with finding the right way to grow the business by purchasing more lockers.


This is an interesting game for anyone who loves simulation games with basic Gameplay and unique concept. The simple graphics, numerous game items and simple game style make it an ideal choice and a great recommendation if you find anime games, online dating and idle games interesting.

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Download Lovecraft Locker - latest version free for android to experience a different life at high school. This is a game for high school students to show off their school life.


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