Los Angeles Crimes
Los Angeles Crimes
Size: 31.74 MB
Version: 1.7.1
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Download Los Angeles Crimes APK and become a gangster or crime warlord in Los Angeles. Enjoy different games and complete exciting missions when you play here.

Name Los Angeles Crimes
Version 1.7.1
Updated Oct 21, 2023
Category Action
Developer Mohammad Alizade
Google Play Link com.MA.LAC

About Los Angeles Crimes

Log Angeles Crimes is a fast-paced adventure game available to android players online. It's an open-world game that allows you to immerse yourself on different servers and enjoy various games. The game offers all its different game varieties in the form of modes, so you'll be able to play different game modes on different servers. While some servers host games like Deathmatch, others are car races, or you can explore the whole game environment and find your way around the city.

The game has a simple and intuitive control system, so it feels like a third arm when you play Los Angeles Crimes. The left-hand side houses the virtual joystick, while the action buttons are on the right. You'll also be able to access some additional services not available in regular games. For example, the mobile phone at the bottom of the screen allows you to call new cars or get new weapons from your aides.

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The game has many elements that add to the fun but also make the game more realistic. You'll be able to drive in any vehicle you like since there are more than twelve models in the game. Since it's an open world, you can also snatch people's rides and leisurely tour the city. Many firearms and weapons are also used for defense and attack when necessary. These weapons will be your companion for most of the game, so you must gather enough of them to launch an assault.

Rain City Studio developed the game with a free license, allowing you to download and install it. It's an android mobile game available in English and rated for anyone below 12, so you must be older to play Los Angeles Crimes. The game also has quite a reputation online, with millions of players on its database and an impressive rating across multiple reputable platforms.


The game is easy to understand, especially if you've played a crime and open-world game like GTA. You'll assume the role of a criminal in Los Angeles and have to prove that you can't just roam the city freely but make your presence felt. You'll have a series of missions to complete if you decide to follow the main storyline. With every assignment you complete, you'll be able to increase your revenue and also boost your reputation.

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The game has excellent visuals, so you can always opt for another part of the gameplay. For example, players who don't want to follow the storyline can choose other game modes. So, you can play against other players in Deathmatch and attack one another or go for a car racing contest. There are many different minigames you can spend your time on. However, the game thrives on crimes, so you'll break more laws than you can count.

Game Features

This section details some of the impressive features that make up the Los Angeles Crimes gameplay as outlined below:

Game Graphics

Los Angeles Crimes is a GTA-style game with unique features to diversify the gameplay. The graphics quality is designed to be its best when played on mobile devices, so you can rest assured of a beautiful and realistic game environment if that's your thing. You'll also be able to enjoy various game elements and visuals that make the whole experience as natural as possible. In addition, since the graphics allow players to play in an open-world environment, you'll be able to interact with various elements in the game.

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Fascinating Physics

It's not only heavy on graphics and sound, but the game also adds some subtle features such as physics to boost players' realistic perception. You'll be able to roam freely through the environment and get a third-person and first-person view during gameplay, so you can choose anyone you prefer. In addition, there is an excellent simulation for the game physics, which is evident in subtle features such as the player movements, tire screeches, gunshots, bullet collisions, and pulling the trigger, and makes the game fun as you can hope for.

Game Modes

There are multiple maps in the game and different modes. The primary game mode enables you to follow the storyline. So, you'll have to complete missions and grow your influence in Los Angeles. The more tasks you complete, the more money you'll have in your account and your lifestyle upgrades. However, you'll have no say in how the story unfolds but must follow as it's revealed in the game. Another game mode is the Free Mode, where you can go hiking, team fighting, zombie survival, racing, football, etc.

Vehicles and Weapons

Los Angeles has lost mice cars to drive, so you shouldn't expect anything less from the game. You'll be able to choose from various types of vehicles to drive. There are car garages where you can buy your car when you want, and you can also snatch other people's cars by hijacking them on the road. You can acquire the weapons in similar ways. Either get your gun from a gun store or take it from someone on the street.

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Diverse Missions

You'll be able to go on various missions in the story mode. Some of these missions will require you to pick a fight with other gang members, while others involve robbing a car or getting into trouble with the police. Hence, you can get involved in an extensive list of criminal activities when you play the game. How you complete the mission can differ from other people's approaches. So, you can choose your preferred weapon, strategy, or vehicle to use in the mission.


Because of their high configurations, you'll probably enjoy playing Los Angeles Crimes if you're not a fan of GTA games. However, it is a similar game with lesser configurations and unique game elements to get you hooked.

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Download Los Angeles Crimes APK and become a gangster or crime warlord in Los Angeles. Enjoy different games and complete exciting missions when you play here.


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