Kunai Master
Kunai Master
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Version: 0.7.45
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Download Kunai Master APK for an exciting time eliminating enemies. Experience the world of a deadly ninja with various weapons and missions to accomplish.

Name Kunai Master
Version 0.7.45
Updated Apr 19, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link kunai.master.game

About Kunai Master APK

Kunai Master is an arcade-style game with many elements of excitement. The game is a pixelated design created by Casual Azur Games. It allows players to experience the world of Mario in a new dimension. Here, players become ninja characters, tasked with multiple complex missions to complete before progressing across their levels. Although the game has a simple concept, the gameplay can be challenging depending on your prior experience with similar games.

The environment is not the best you'll find out there, but it's acceptable. The game design features a cloudy background dotted with game characters jumping into the air and positioned across various areas of the game. The characters are also different from one another. For example, the main character looks different from the enemies, and there are more than one enemies to fight.

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The control system is also as basic as it can get. You can control your character with basic buttons like in a Mario game. The game physics is also excellent, allowing you to jump and move fast. The game also has countless levels you need to survive before proceeding to the next one. Hence, there are many missions to complete, upgrades, and weapons to unlock.

The game is a brainchild of Casual Azur Games. It was birthed a few years ago and has gained much popularity among players. It's available for anyone above the age of 13 and doesn't require any special requirements to play. You can download and start playing on android 5 and above. But first, ensure you download the Kunai Master Apk version to get the game's unique features and enhanced abilities.

How to Play Kunai Master APK

The game follows an easy process. Although it's not as tricky as other ninja games like Assassin's Creed, it has engaging gameplay. You'll start playing as an amateur ninja with the most basic weapons to fight. Your goal is to attack the enemies and eliminate them in every mission. Each mission has several enemies you'll fight, and you can only proceed to the next level after killing them.

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Sometimes you'll have to play against evil bosses. The higher you up the game levels, the more complex the games become. Every player has 5 extra lives to spend in each level, so you'll have to wait a specific time before you can get your different lives back. After that, you'll unlock more weapons, obtain more characters to play with, and unravel hidden powers that make your ninja character deadly and powerful. The game ends when you complete all the levels.

Game Features

Mobile games have seen a dramatic improvement over the last few years. But this game has some interesting old features that will excite any player. These include:

Intense Gameplay

Although the game environment doesn't allow you to view it in 3D, Kunai Master still manages some actions. There are many activities to complete before you move to a new level. The missions can also be quite intensive. You'll fight against various enemies and bosses before progressing further. Your opponents are fully equipped with different types of weapons, such as shields and swords. So, it won't be easy defeating them in a battle. So, you must be able to play under pressure.

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Skill Upgrades

The game might not seem like much, but upgrades are also available. You'll be able to choose the type of skill your character uses on missions. These skills determine how well you play. It can influence their weapons and equipment as well. The more you play, the more challenging your opponents get, so you can upgrade your weapons to make this a fair fight. You can do this by purchasing upgrades with the coins you collect for completing missions and levels. Unlimited coins and skills are available in the Kunai Master Apk, so you don't have to wait between groups to access them.

Game Abilities

Asides from having skills and weapons, you can also choose specific abilities that your character has. During gameplay, you can unleash these special abilities, giving you an upper hand against them. Each of the warriors here has unique skills. Some of the capabilities allow you to teleport between locations and gain the element of surprise. Others allow you to throw flames (Flaming Kunai), unleash rain (Kunai Rain), or Dodge attacks.

Barrel Explosions

There are some game levels where your main character explodes barrels. These explosive barrels are scattered around the game. You can use them to attack your opponents by throwing flame Kunai at them and reducing the power of your enemies.

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The game uses basic graphics. It's set in a 2D environment, so your movements are limited. However, you can go up, down, left, and right. The game also manages to create a pleasing environment despite the graphics quality. Important outlines and features are designed to be observable by all players. You'll also be able to see tiny details such as weapons, clothes, and movements of the game characters when you play. The colors aren't too bright, but it does a good job lighting up the game's mood.

Missions and Levels

There are many missions and levels to play here. The game comprises similar locations with different layouts, which constitutes a mission. So, you can progress to the next mission once you eliminate all the enemies in the current one, kill the bosses and complete the task. Each of the game levels has its challenges and obstacles, which makes the game thrilling and exciting.


Kunai Master APK is an enjoyable game with simple gameplay. It allows you to navigate many locations and display your ninja skills. With its retro graphics and multiple levels, this game is an excellent recommendation for anyone seeking a game to pass the time. You can get better gameplay and extra benefits when you download Kunai Master Apk and get unlimited money and features.

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Download Kunai Master APK for an exciting time eliminating enemies. Experience the world of a deadly ninja with various weapons and missions to accomplish.


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