Kim Kardashian Hollywood
Kim Kardashian Hollywood
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Version: 13.6.1
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Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood APK, a fun game that promotes healthy entertainment and fosters friendships. Become the celebrity you've always envisioned.

Name Kim Kardashian Hollywood
Version 13.6.1
Updated Dec 9, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer Glu
Google Play Link com.glu.stardomkim

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

This game was made for you if your goal has always been to rise to the top of the world rankings as a super famous star. Start your journey as a musician by making your own or choose one from the available options. Perform in tours and shows. Amass a sizable following and surpass other people's record, similarly famous persons. On any program, guests always wished they could dress in the priciest shops around.

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You start the game on the E-list and work your way up to the A-list to get more notoriety and reputation. American media figure Kim Kardashian is the face of the game, and her persona makes frequent appearances.

Description of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

You may construct a would-be star in the casual game of Hollywood, according to Kim Kardashian. Your objective is to get famous by using Kim Kardashian, one of the sexiest women in the world.

To play the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood adventure, you must first make an avatar. Select from more than 10 hairstyles, hair tones, nose shapes, shirts, jeans, shoes, and other features for either a guy or a woman. In total, there are numerous methods to customize your avatar.

After finishing the first phase, your avatar will begin working in a Beverly Hills clothing store that happens to be frequented by Miss Kardashian. As is to be anticipated, your persona will assist Kim greatly, which inevitably results in her inviting you to her events.

kim kardashian hollywood 2022

Then, you'll have a lot to do, such as go home and get into new clothing, attend parties and mingle, try to meet famous people, and schedule a neighborhood tour with Kim Kardashian, among other things. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a fantastic, fantastic social game. It has an amazing and real character design. You can actually experience what it's like to be a Celebrity in this game.


Follow a Hollywood star's daily activities at well-known establishments like eateries, discos, clubs, stages, and the red carpet. Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to find your characters the most expensive clothes and jewelry. Of course, achieving stardom is not simple. Before you can be considered an A star, you will face many obstacles.

The player will take on the personality of a stranger when they first enter the game. Kim Kardashian is your role model but how can you achieve her level of fame? The only way to become well-known and a star on the A-list is to work hard to win over lots of fans. The protagonist will need to gain experience starting from scratch and working hard by working as a waiter or bartender, for example. Her aspirations are to walk the catwalk, perform, and have a prosperous life.

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Although they require effort to complete, the game's activities are quite vital. They will provide the player with perks and experience in exchange. You will level up more quickly if others at work greatly value your character.

Features of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Choose your story

In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, users are allowed to explore and select a life as they see fit. You can pretend to be a well-known top model who is adored by several people. You can be featured on unique press and movie covers. Additionally, you have a reputation for being a talented fashion designer who consistently creates flawless products. You are a skilled businessman who understands how to invest, work hard, and work every day.

Make up a character of your own

Despite the title, you will not play as Kim Kardashian. Instead, you only get to interact with this figure as a stylist. You can choose from hundreds of different skin tones, hairstyles, skirt lengths, and accessories while customizing your avatar. Dressed to the nines, walk the Hollywood star-walk like a celebrity, or model for popular clothing companies.

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Beautiful places

Because you possess both talent and strength, earning money comes naturally to you. You have traversed the world to amuse and ease your spirit and make your life happier, thus no famous nation or location will have seen your footprints. In addition, you want to travel so that you can check out the clubs, stores, and opulent homes in major cities like Tokyo, Paris, and Italy.

Online Family

Starting a family is a requirement of growing up that cannot be disregarded. You can sign up for the online family section here. You have the freedom to pick a suitable partner in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with whom to get married, conceive, and raise a happy family. This is a role that can be chosen to be done or not.

Become a well-known figure

Your lifestyle will become simpler and more active once you achieve fame. You can now travel to Los Angeles to join star clubs in addition to working hard. Additionally, the system will grant access to a new land named Reykjavik until it reaches level 14. You can create your own club here with friends and other celebrities.

kim kardashian hollywood

Make use of your leisure time to unwind in opulent mansions, live like a celebrity, and more. Do you desire to date attractive actors at large gatherings? Select an actor you prefer, express yourself at an actress' level with ease, and prepare to win over any man. It's interesting to note that the game not only shows the glamorous side of famed people's lives but also the seedy underbelly of the entertainment business. Being well-known implies you'll encounter scandals and inaccurate articles about you.

Send friends presents.

You should send gifts to all of your pals to foster a tighter bond and improve your popularity if you want to deepen your friendship. Additionally, you have the liberty to dress up and make yourself look better for unimportant occasions. When you become a well-known public figure, maintaining a professional appearance and fending off rumors are crucial.


You must attend this game if you're a big fan of Kim Kardashian and Hollywood celebrities. Hollywood offers you the thrilling experience of a movie star, a media influencer. Kim Kardashian, You have the chance to interact with famous people; strive to join them.

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Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood APK, a fun game that promotes healthy entertainment and fosters friendships. Become the celebrity you've always envisioned.


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