Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy
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Version: 2.0.4
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Download Kick the Buddy APK latest version to undertake diverse activities to keep you happy & entertained. It has a unique doll and multiple weapons to use!

Name Kick the Buddy
Version 2.0.4
Updated Sep 9, 2023
Category Action
Google Play Link com.playgendary.kickthebuddy

Everything You Need to Know about Kick the Buddy APK

Kick the Buddy APK is a stress relief game offered by Playgendary. It is an intense game that allows you to release tension and relax.

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You will have a doll that you can use to relieve stress by kicking, punching, or shooting it. The game is simple yet offers a lot of fun and excitement.

It features lots of weapons that you can use to destroy the doll. You can also use different objects to beat the doll.

If you want a game that combines unique stress-relieving gameplay with great graphics and sound, you should download Kick the Buddy APK for Android. The game is well-matched with all Android 5.0+ devices.

Release Your Stress by Torturing Your Doll

Everyone has that time when they want to let out their frustration on something. But, of course, you can't go around punching people or breaking things. That's when games like Kick the Buddy come in handy.

The game is designed to help you relieve stress by torturing a doll. You can do anything to the doll, from shooting to kicking it.

There are also a lot of different weapons that you can use to destroy the doll. You can also use different objects to beat the doll.

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However, this game may be controversial for some people. They might feel it is too violent and that the cute-faced doll doesn't deserve such treatment. Nevertheless, the game is still a great way to release your stress.

Choose Your Gameplay

In this game, you decide what you want to do to the doll. Whether you want to stab it or shoot it, the choice is yours. The game will enable you by providing all the weapons you need to complete your missions. Some common ones include:

  • Explosives. You can use grenades, missiles, and even nukes to destroy the doll.
  • Guns. You can use pistols, shotguns, and machine guns to shoot the doll. There is also a bazooka that you can use to launch explosive shells at the doll.
  • Melee Weapons. You can use knives, swords, bats, and chainsaws to destroy the doll.

You can even send the power of the gods to smash, fire, and freeze the doll. There are also a lot of different objects that you can use to beat the doll. Just ensure you use them wisely so that the doll won't escape.

Unlock Sophisticated Weapons

At the start of the game, you will only have access to a few weapons. But as you progress, you will unlock more sophisticated weapons.

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To unlock these weapons, you need to complete missions or watch ads. You can also get purchase them with real money ($0.99 – $94.99 per item).

The good thing is that you don't need to spend real money to progress in the game. You can just watch ads or complete missions to get more weapons.

Unique Features of Kick the Buddy APK

  • Slap the Doll! It will be absolutely fun to just hit that doll as much as you can. Use different objects and make him feel the pain. You can also use your foot to unleash some power on him and make him suffer more.
  • Lots of Objects & Weapons. This game provides you with a lot of objects and weapons that you can use to destroy the doll. There are also different types of dolls that you can choose from.
  • Realistic Physics. This game applies incredibly realistic physics to the doll. Every time you hit him, he will react accordingly. This makes the game more enjoyable and exciting. The weapons also have real effects.
  • Crazy Combos. The game enables you to create crazy combos by using different weapons. You can even use the power of the gods to create some devastating combos.
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  • Awesome Graphics and Sound Systems. This game is meant for relaxation, and its graphics are not as complex as other games. However, they are still good enough to provide a great gaming experience. The same goes for the sound system.
  • Great Stress-Reliever. This game is a great way to relieve stress. It is also a great way to bond with your friends as you can share your high scores with them.

Kick the Buddy APK Download

If you want 100% immersion into the gameplay, you should consider downloading the Kick the Buddy APK latest version. This improved game file gives you a better gameplay experience by providing you with:

  • Kick the Buddy APK unlimited money. You will have an unlimited supply of money in the game. You can use this money to buy different weapons and objects. This way, you will be guaranteed quick progression and satisfaction.
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  • No Ads. With this, you will no longer have to see any ads. This means you can play the game uninterrupted and focus on causing as much destruction as possible.


Kick the Buddy APK is a great game for those who want to relieve stress. It is also a great way to bond with your friends.

If you want a more immersive gameplay experience, you should download the Kick the Buddy APK. This game offers a lot of benefits, such as unlimited money and no ads.


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