Johnny Trigger
Johnny Trigger
Size: 126.53 MB
Version: 1.12.38
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Download Johnny Trigger APK latest version and participate in non-stop shooter action. The game has thousands of levels and more than 57 special weapons.

Name Johnny Trigger
Version 1.12.38
Updated Jun 21, 2024
Category Action
Developer SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.time.trigger

Critical Analysis of Johnny Trigger APK

Johnny Trigger is an action game offered by SayGames Limited. It challenges you to exterminate an underground world of crime by bringing down your brand of justice.

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This non-stop shooter game features a highly dynamic character that can jump, run, spin, and slide. Interestingly, the character is a master of multitasking!

He can shoot guns and throw grenades while performing all these other acrobatic moves. This just makes the game more exciting to play!

If you are ready to clean the city and eradicate all criminals, you should download Johnny Trigger APK for Android. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above devices.

An Incredibly Immersive Gameplay

You will play the titular character known as Johnny Trigger. This character is a marksman who is out to clean the city one shot at a time. The game features simple controls that anyone can master.

You will be presented with different environments in the game. Each environment will consist of several stages. In each stage, you must take down all of the enemies present.

You can use your aiming skills and quick reflexes to take them down. You will be rewarded with coins for every enemy that you take down. You can then use the coins to purchase new weapons and upgrades.

The graphics in Johnny Trigger are colorful and vibrant. The animation is also superfluid and smooth. The game’s soundtrack is adrenaline-pumping and will keep you hooked on the action.

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Overall, Johnny Trigger is an addicting shooter game. If you are a fan of action games, you should check out Johnny Trigger.

Lots of Weapons to Use

This is a tactical game that requires weapon changes. One time you might need a sniper rifle to take down an enemy from afar. Another time you might need a shotgun to blast your way through a group of enemies.

This game has more than 57 special weapons for you to choose from. They include 11 pistols, 10 superguns, 9 automatic rifles, 12 SMGs, and 4 ultimate guns.

You can also unlock more weapons, including 3 VIP guns, 5 base Guns, and 3 base guns. Each weapon has its unique capabilities.

Unique Features of Johnny Trigger APK

  • Thousands of Levels. This game features an insane amount of levels. Each level demands your undivided attention and focus. You must use your quick reflexes and shooting skills to take down all of the enemies.
  • Complex Shooting Angles. This game can be quite challenging at times. The enemies will be hiding behind cover, and you must find the right angle to take them down. This adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game. Fortunately, you can spin and slide to get a better view of your surroundings.
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  • Lots of Enemies. This game gives you no time to relax! You will be constantly bombarded by enemies. Fortunately, you can use special abilities to take them down.
  • Take Care of Hostages! On some levels, you will encounter hostages. You must take care of them and ensure they are not harmed. Always remember that you are a hero, and should not harm innocent civilians! If you accidentally shoot a hostage, you will have to start again.
  • Highly Advanced Game Physics. The game developers have done an excellent job with the game’s physics. Everything moves and reacts realistically. For example, when you shoot a criminal, they will roll over and fall off.
  • 20+ Skins and 10 Base Rooms. You can customize your game experience by choosing from more than 20 skins. There are also 10 base rooms where you can hide and plan your next move.

Exceptionally Good Graphics & Sound Systems

This game features some of the best graphics you will ever see on a mobile game. The animations are also top-notch and fluid.

You can easily immerse yourself in the game’s world. Johnny Trigger rolling and skidding across the floor while shooting at enemies looks and feels great.

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The game’s soundtrack is also adrenaline-pumping and will keep you hooked on the action. The sound effects are also realistic and add to the game’s immersion.

Johnny Trigger APK Download

If you want to revolutionize your experience and revamp your game, you should download Johnny Trigger APK everything. This will give you access to all of the game’s features and content, including:

  • Johnny Trigger APK All Guns. When using the, you will have all of the game’s guns from the start. You can choose whatever gun you want and use it to your advantage.
  • Johnny Trigger APK Unlimited Money and Diamond. The gives you free resources to purchase new weapons, skins, and other items.
  • Johnny Trigger APK No Ads. You can focus on the game and shoot down all enemies without interruptions!
  • Johnny Trigger APK Free Shopping. The allows you to make free purchases in the game store. You can get all the resources you need without spending a single penny!
  • Johnny Trigger APK Unlimited Keys. The Johnny Trigger APK everything gives you an unlimited number of keys and lives. You can use them to your advantage to unlock base rooms.
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  • Johnny Trigger APK VIP. If you want to access all the gaming features with zero restrictions, get the Johnny APK (unlimited everything).


Johnny Trigger offers a superior shooter gaming experience that is unrivaled on mobile. It features exceptional graphics, sound, and game physics.

The Johnny Trigger APK unlimited money and gems version gives you free resources, guns, and base rooms. You can also make free purchases in the game store.

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Download Johnny Trigger APK latest version and participate in non-stop shooter action. The game has thousands of levels and more than 57 special weapons.


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