Jetpack Joyride 2
Jetpack Joyride 2
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Version: 0.1.60
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Download Jet pack Joyride 2 APK and enjoy an amazing adventure of the world at an explosive speed! With an updated version like this, running just got better!

Name Jetpack Joyride 2
Version 0.1.60
Updated Sep 23, 2022
Category Arcade
Developer Halfbrick Studios
Google Play Link com.halfbrick.superjetpack

About Jetpack Joyride 2

Jet pack Joyride 2 is a running adventure that brings that adrenaline rush to its players. This game was brilliantly executed and it depicts consistency since the first Jetpack Joyride release. This game brings a rush and makes it a fun experience. Also, the game allows its users to earn as they run as well. Jet pack Joyride is amazing gameplay that will keep any player glued.

However, after a decade, the developers of this amazing game came up with a sequel that not only keeps players mesmerized but also brings back a rush of memory. However, the mechanics of Jet pack Joyride is very simple but very deep in delivery and context as well. Jet pack Joyride is a mobile phone-based game that fully provides that fun and rush feel all at once to its players.

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To play Jet pack Joyride, players will need to put their instincts to work. However, Jet pack Joyride is a very active game that keeps its players active through their character. Therefore, This game is just like its predecessor whose storyline was focused on Barry Steakfries. As for this game, the storyline is very much maintained but with more levels and an upgrade to the character.

Various new features make Jet pack Joyride an amazing game, from the coins to be won to the hurdles to speed run over or under, Jet pack Joyride just does it. However, there is a paid version of the game but players can still enjoy the game regardless of in-game purchases. Therefore, whether a player pays to play or doesn’t, there are amazing features that can still be enjoyed. 


An exciting feature of Jet pack Joyride is the dialogue that players get to have with the scientists from the lab. However, the conversations between the game’s character and the scientists he’s trying to escape from are very interactive, even during gameplay. The dialogues are also very responsive in Jet pack Joyride.

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Ultimately, dialogues are one thing that keeps a game above competitors. A good conversation during gameplay not only brings awareness to the game but also builds genuine interest as well. Conversations and in-game dialogues are one thing that a lot of games do not have or do not even know how to make enjoyable. However, with Jet pack Joyride, the dialogues are on point and they do not interrupt the game at all.


Another feature that makes this running game unique is the ability of the character to shoot at the bad guys. However, this shooting can get interesting and even result in higher scores and rewards too. The main character has to keep shooting while jumping up to get all the bad guys and escape with the backpack.

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Also, to unlock new and distinct levels in this game, players will have to keep shooting and collecting coins while at it. There are different levels in Jet pack Joyride 2 and to fully access all these levels, players have to shoot and conquer all the enemies. However, there are levels that the game automatically unlocks on its own but shooting is one thing that makes unlocking various levels easy.

Deal With Crazy Hurdles

The Jet pack Joyride 2 game comes with amazing and juicy rewards that can only be gotten through scaling through hurdles and killing the bad guys. However, one fun fact of Jet pack Joyride 2 is that whether this is your first time playing the game, the gameplay is still very much easy to comprehend.

This game comes with crazy hurdles that not only challenge players but also help them be on alert. As a result, playing the Jet pack Joyride 2 game will help players with their reflexes. This is because bad scientists will come from anywhere to attack.

Protection Suits

Playing the Jet pack Joyride requires a lot of protection because an attack could come from anywhere. However, this suit can be worn in a bid to prevent gun shoots from injuring your character. Also, these suits come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. 

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These suits are used for various reasons during gameplay and they can be worn by the character after winning several coins as a reward. Although these suits are not protective, they only serve the purpose of protecting the player for the time they are been used.

Enhanced Visuals

The Jet pack Joyride game comes with a 2D graphic but these kinds of graphics, tend to draw more players. This is because it brings back amazing memories and this could be very euphoric. However, Jet pack Joyride 2 graphics are not only euphoric but also a go-to for most players. Also, even though this game now serves as a sequel to its predecessors, this game always keeps its uniqueness.  

Backpack Speed

The Backpack speed of Jet pack Joyride is amazing and very innovative. The developers of this game made the backpack sort of a speed vehicle that powers the running of its characters. As a result, other in-game activities have become so much easier with the speed this backpack provides.

jetpack joyride 2

Other Amazing Features

  • Polished gameplay
  • New shooting mechanics
  • Improved UI/UX
  • A great storyline
  • Powerups
  • Jet packs upgrades, and so much more

These features are a combination of what makes Jet pack Joyride 2 exciting for its players to participate in. The game is not only fun but also engaging and instinctive, putting players on alert. Also, all these can be experienced from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

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Players that engage in Jet pack Joyride 2 for the Euphoric moment, get satisfied. So also, players play this game for its adrenaline rush also get their needs met as well. Jet pack Joyride 2 is an amazing sequel version of Jet pack Joyride with advanced mechanics and a wider range of availability as regards skills.

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Download Jet pack Joyride 2 APK and enjoy an amazing adventure of the world at an explosive speed! With an updated version like this, running just got better!


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