Jade Chamber Sunshine
Jade Chamber Sunshine
Size: 375 MB
Version: 1.0
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Download Jade Chamber Sunshine APK to play one of the hottest games in the Genshin community. Android users, if you sleep, there’s a lot to lose in this one!

Name Jade Chamber Sunshine
Version 1.0
Updated Jan 3, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer NorKoala
Google Play Link

About Jade Chamber Sunshine APK

Jade Chamber Sunshine APK is a mobile simulation game powered by NorKoala. It is an game that features versions of famous Genshin characters and other new elements, such as the ability to select individual parts of an outfit for your character. This gives you the advantage of diversity since you can mix and match for better variety. The current version of Jade Chamber Sunshine APK is only available for gameplay on Android devices. It is super easy to download, install and play on your device, and this article covers everything you need to know. Keep reading to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to start your journey.

Game Background

The chamber in Jade Chamber Sunshine APK is also referred to as the Chamber Of Many Jades. It is an air-based chamber used by Wixong to monitor ongoing activities in the Liu area. It was built on an unknown date and can only be accessed with a secret code. The game world is called Tewat.

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Tewat is a beautiful place with lots of spots to discover and explore. However, you need to solve puzzles or complete quests to get into most of these places. The Liu area especially has a couple of shelters that are very difficult to access. An example is the Jade Room. It floats in the sky of the Liu Port.

The first step to entering the Jade Room is finding the Soaring Palace. Other intricate steps involve fighting thousands of characters at a special ball, finding your way to the orbit, and meeting the non-player character that takes you to the Jade Room.

Fun Gameplay Elements

The Jade Room is a safe residence located in Ningguang. It was destroyed during a battle between the city of Louie and the ancient god, Osial. It was later rebuilt by Ningguang to be used as Qixing’s headquarters. If you’re unfamiliar with Genshin Impact characters and states, these names might sound unfamiliar, but that’s okay.

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The gameplay is easy to understand, and you’ll get used to the names as you play. Playing Jade Chamber Sunshine APK revolves around going on quests, solving puzzles, and taking part in battles while trying to get access to the Jade Room. It also involves character customization, where you change the appearance of your anime characters.

The game even has special features that will let you modify some scenes. This is an interesting addition. There’s also the fact that you can also create new characters in Jade Chamber Sunshine APK. It also offers you a clothing collection with a wide variety from you to choose outfits.

Jade Chamber Sunshine APK Features

Besides the customization and gameplay, Jade Chamber Sunshine APK has other exciting features, and they include:

  • Voice Implementation: Jade Chamber Sunshine APK introduces voiced characters, a feature that makes the story and scenes more realistic to the player. It is also useful in ensuring your attention remains on the game while you play.
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  • Graphics: Jade Chamber Sunshine APK features an evolved game environment with new details and designs that are not present in other Genshin Impact games.
  • New Characters: More characters have been created to add to the game content and come with their unique stories.
  • New Places: There are new locations to explore. Some of these places have quests or puzzles attached to them.
  • Perspective: Jade Chamber Sunshine APK is played in the first person.

How To Download On Your Android Device

This version of Jade Chamber Sunshine APK can be downloaded on this website using a set of uncomplicated steps. You’re to download the APK file, install it on your device and launch it to start playing. Let’s break that down, shall we?

Click the Download button when you find the Jade Chamber Sunshine APK file. Wait for the download process to begin and end. Now, locate the file in your browser’s download folder, and click on it to begin the installation. Note that this process cannot occur until you grant your phone permission to install files from unknown sources.

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To do this, just go to the Security section of your phone’s settings, and turn on the permissions for Unknown Sources. Return to your browser to continue the installation process. Follow the instructions in the prompts on your device screen at intervals, and you’ll be done soon. Click on the Jade Chamber Sunshine app to launch the game.

Pros and Cons Of Playing This Game

The first upside of downloading and playing Jade Chamber Sunshine APK is the APK file itself. Since it is a file, you don’t have to delete it to install a new app version. You must uninstall the current version and install the latest version of the game by downloading the new APK file. The old one will still be in your file manager. You can install it whenever you want.

Another issue is the possibility of illegal content or programs in the APK file. This hardly ever happens, so you don’t need to worry about it. If it does happen, you won’t be at fault since you did not develop the game.

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The best upside is that these issues are not so bad that they take away from the good time you’re sure to have when you try out this game.


By now, you know what Jade Chamber Sunshine APK is and have enough reason to try it. Here’s some extra information for you. This simulation game is 375 MB in size and supports only Android devices running on Android 5.1 or higher.

Since it is an Android game, you can play it on your smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop with an android simulator. The graphic quality is amazing across every platform.

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Download Jade Chamber Sunshine APK to play one of the hottest games in the Genshin community. Android users, if you sleep, there’s a lot to lose in this one!


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