Image To PDF Converter
Image To PDF Converter
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Version: 2.3
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Download Image To PDF Converter APK, an app that helps you convert images to pdf files offline. This fast app groups and converts photos into a pdf file.

Name Image To PDF Converter
Version 2.3
Updated Jul 22, 2023
Category Tools
Developer 1MB Apps Studio

Image To PDF Converter

The image to pdf converter app is explicitly for converting JPG to PDF. This app is easy to use and fast; you can convert your images to a file in little to no time. The app is published by simple designs LTD.

With this app, you can convert the images to separate PDF files or merge them in one single file conversion. To get started, you need to upload the pictures, wait a few seconds, and download the results.

image to pdf converter apk

You can select files for conversion and drop them at the upload area, and wait patiently for the process to end. Download files you convert singly or as a bunch by clicking the combine download button to download the merged files.

This app is a free online converter that changes images to pdf. It is very fast as it includes significant steps, including selecting and converting. This app also supports multiple platforms and can perform this action swiftly on them. 

Description of The Image To PDF Converter

The image to pdf converter is an online or offline converter that allows you to change JPG to PDF. You should download the image to the Pdf converter app to get full access to the app's features offline.

image to pdf converter apk download

This app is straightforward to use, and when each conversion is finished, you can easily save your JPG as the PDF file it is now. This Pdf converter can be used on many platforms; if you cannot download the app, you can use the online converter.

This converter takes a 3 step process. Firstly you need to select the file or image you want to convert, then click the convert feature to start changing the file from JPG to PDF, and then make sure to download the converted PDF file to your device.

Image to PDF-PDF maker is the best online image converter app. This is the best selection you'd make if you want to convert your photo into PDFs and save them with ease. This app is compatible with an android operating system.

Features of Image To PDF Converter

This app has many features to explore. Ensure you review all these features to get the best out of this app.

image to pdf converter free download

File Converter

The main goal of the image to pdf converter pro is to convert pictures to pdf. This app allows you to convert jpg to pdf with your device. You can convert images from your gallery, or you can take photos with your camera and convert them. 

This app is also a pdf editor and creator. The image to pdf converter app is accessible offline and can convert your images to pdf quickly and safely.

Sorting files

You can quickly sort out files and folders automatically. You can sort images by name, size, date saved, modified date, etc. You can also sort it manually by yourself if you wish.

image to pdf converter apk mod

You can try the quick search function and easily find your targeted files. Enter the keywords your files were saved with, and they will be displayed on your screen.

Privacy and safety

With the image to pdf converter app, you can set a password for your files. You can encrypt the confidential information you want to share to prevent others from viewing it. This makes you keep your documents safe, and you are the only one with access to them. You should share the access code with only trusted parties. This app also doesn't access your personal information.

While using all the features of this app, your files and information are safe.

image to pdf converter app

Compression and resizing of files

With the image to pdf converted pro, you can easily resize, crop, rotate, and doodle pictures. This feature allows you to optimize the images to get your desired PDF output. This app helps you reduce PDF size by compressing them. Sometimes this might affect the quality of the image or file; the image can be low, medium, high, or original, depending on the size and quality you need.

After saving your file in your preferred quality, You can easily share or send your converted files through social media, quick share, email, Bluetooth, and every other app you have on your mobile device.

image to pdf converter apk for android

Offline and online access

You can choose to convert images online or offline. The image to pdf app converts photos to pdf files offline; it is essential to download the image to the pdf converter. You need internet access to upload data to your cloud when you convert them, but you don't have to do that immediately. You can save the file and upload it to your cloud later.


This app can convert all kinds of images and pictures into PDFs. With this app, you can easily import photos from your camera and convert them to PDFs. You convert almost all types of files like notes, invoices, receipts, forms, business cards, certificates, whiteboards, ID cards, and many more are supported for conversion on this app.

image to pdf converter apk 2022

This app also features a pdf scanner you can trust. Download the image to a pdf converter, and get a functional PDF scanner. The file generation process with the scanner is done locally, and files are not transferred to the server, so they are safe. You can use this app for business and confidential purposes. 


The image to pdf- pdf maker, is a unique app all android users must explore. Convert images to pdf freely and safely; you can also use the passwords feature to protect your file. It serves as a pdf file creator when you mainly use its scanner. This app has an excellent and unique user-friendly interface that allows you to convert images to pdf with a few clicks. You can restore your pictures into a single file or merge them.

This app is a free offline converter and should be your first choice pdf maker. All features on this app are free, and there are no conversion limitations as they are all very versatile.


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