iGun Pro
iGun Pro
Size: 55,5 MB
Version: 5.26
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Download iGun Pro APK and have access to the biggest gun library and take any of the guns that please you and fire them as much as possible.

Name iGun Pro
Version 5.26
Updated Aug 31, 2022
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.avidionmedia.iGunHD


iGun is a mobile game that is available for download on both Android and IOS devices, and This game is a gun simulation game that appeals to anyone who is in love with shooting and admires gun, iGun games have over 500+ gun which is accessible with a different type of makers and looks, this game is fun, and exciting because you can decide all by yourself which of the gun you want to go for and use it as you wish.

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With iGun, you can get to know different types of guns and how they should be done and fired, and you will also enjoy the chills firing guns brings and the excitement, and you can also decide to build your arsenal by building guns that are beautiful and easy to use.

In-depth knowledge about iGun

iGun is a gun simulation game that gives chills and thrills to you whenever you are playing; the gameplay of the iGun match is quite interesting and exciting; in this game, you don't have to do so much to understand the main gameplay of the game, every of the this you have to is to create, update, upgrade and develop your arsenal area where you keep, make and build your exceptional guns. Over time, you must continually upgrade your arsenal to create more guns and firearms.

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As much as the iGun game seems simple but you have to design and create your guns while you load them with the right bullets and the right gun powder, and you also have the right to fit them anywhere you want; it is just like testing out the gun you made maybe it can do the work you want it to do or try remaking another one, the gameplay expects you to become the exceptional gunsmith who builds the right and best weapon for each occasion.

In iGun, you have to try to become the best and better gunsmith and create one of the best guns in the history of the iGun world, and you shouldn't try to make your gun in the same way; let each it has a unique and rare look that people won't ever find except you, you can make it with different colors and eye-catching ones, you can make the gun settings harder or softer, you can design it in other ways as much as you like but have your design.

How you want to make your guns ultimately depends on your choice and style. Still, in every gun you make, let there be uniqueness by making a real gun and that you don't have to think hard before understanding the way it really works and how it also gets fired; try your best to create a flexible and easy-to-understand gun and weapons which make you want to use it over time.

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iGun games are challenging but interesting; if you want to put yourself out there, all you have to do is engage yourself in competitions where you know who has created the best gun of all time, and there are rewards, coins, and unlimited money for the winner, and you automatically get the title of the best gunsmith

Features of iGun


iGun has exciting and intriguing characteristics; one of the features is the gameplay, iGun gameplay is exciting and thrilling; in iGun gameplay, you have to pick and take some guns massively to get so many and build an arsenal for it, and you can shoot the guns as much you wish and once you think you are satisfied with the way you are shooting and using different types of firearms and weapons and then you can design your guns with varying types of accessories which you can take from the gun library.

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Once you get tired of designing your guns which you might not likely get tired of, you can create a new and different type of gun you have ever dreamt of and develop it as you want. Still, there are no limitations on which type of guns you can create or build; you can follow an old system if created or make one for yourself.


Customization is a very important feature in iGun because it is one of the most important parts of playing the games; after going ahead to test out all of the guns in your arsenal and even go ahead to add some accessories, you can then decide to customize some personal firearms and make them unique, and rate from the ones you have tried your hand on to do you have to tap on the screen and pick out what you want inside the homemade gun and add the remaining kinds of stuff there like designs, colors, and every other thing.

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To win the best gun smither, you can compete with the other players and modify, create and build guns and check which is better and finer and also works well, and the person wins.


 iGun is an interesting and exciting game that makes you glued to your screen for 24 hours without you getting noted, the graphics are eye-catching, and you have all your arsenal to yourself.

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Download iGun Pro APK and have access to the biggest gun library and take any of the guns that please you and fire them as much as possible.


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