Hyper Front
Hyper Front
Size: 13.06 MB
Version: 1.5.1
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Download Hyper Front APK game and enjoy thrills like you are playing valorant. Hyper front game combines engaging and exciting content that gives joy as you play. 

Name Hyper Front
Version 1.5.1
Updated Aug 10, 2022
Category Action
Developer NTES Games
Google Play Link com.battlefun.c1game.na

Hyper Front

Hyper Front is an awesome FPS game. It is the latest 5vs.5 FPS game; people often call Hyper Front the mobile version of the valorant game hence the name valorant clone. Hyper Front is a thrilling and exciting FPS with powerful moves, attacks, and weapons. If you are a fan of tactical shooting games, here is an interesting one for you.

hyper front mobile apk

NIES games developed Hyper Front games. In the game, you immerse yourself in the real fun of a 5vs.5 competitive shooting game. Also, it is an amazing FPS game full of enemies you must defeat and conquer. In the Hyper Front game, players will join with other players and then team up to destroy enemies.

Furthermore, the Hyper Front is an awesome game that keeps you engaged and excited simultaneously. You need to unlock weapons and special skills to make yourself strong and able to conquer your enemies. Hyper Front is available for download on all mobile devices. Also, Hyper Front is a free-to-play shooting game. This game offers in-app purchases used to purchase weapons, skins, and other weapons features.

Hyper Front Description 

Hyper Front is a 5vs.5 competition FPS game that allows you to enter a stunning Sci-Fi universe. In Hyper Front app game, you can enter amazingly immersive environments where you can defeat and conquer enemies.

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The gameplay of Hyper Front is smooth and non-complicated. It has powerful and stunning 3d visuals designed with a UE4 motor. These features will immerse you in the real shooting action. It's a 5vs.5 competitive game where you team up with four other players against five opponents. Your team is expected to defeat the enemies.

Hyper Front has a subjective camera that gives a realistic perspective in the game, which means you can easily and freely travel around the shooting area on the map. Once you have opened the game and chosen your character, together with its features, you will team up with other teammates. After which, your goal is to explore the corners on the map with full courage like a soldier and then spot and defeat your enemies.

This game is a fantastic FPS game for android. It helps you test your ability to defeat your enemies by using the full power and capability of each weapon with its Sci-fi abilities.

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Remember that in this game, after you have gotten the experience points (XP), you can improve your character's features and abilities. Hyper Front has a time tracker that records your progress and the duration of each round played.

The controls of the Hyper Front game are easy to navigate. There are action buttons on the right side that you can touch to shoot/fire your weapons. Hyper Front has left its users with an exciting feature making them come back to play.

Features of Hyper Front 

Below are some distinctive features of hyper front game.

Setting Preference 

Hyper Front has a feature that allows you to choose what you want, that is, customize your characters, the areas of the game, and some other things. Hyper Front will enable players to set their game to their preferences.

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Diverse Gaming Mode 

Aside from the search and defeat mode, hyper Front has other gaming modes you choose regarding your choice. There is a team mode, deathmatch, arms race mode, quick SnD, and VS BOT. This is amazing and satisfying for all players.

Arrays of Unique Heroes 

In the Hyper front game, many heroes have various positions and abilities. You can use cloning, obstacles, shrouding, or scouting abilities of these heroes to win the game. This feature brings unlimited possibilities to the Battlefield.

Futuristic Weapons

There is free access to the arsenal of weapons on Hyper Front. Immerse yourself in exciting and engaging gun fights with these weapons. Also, spend coins on weapons upgrades and abilities for your team to help defeat enemies.

hyper front apk

Graphics and Sound 

Graphically, Hyper front game looks beautiful. Hyper Front uses 3d technology to create amazing Sci-fi scenes. With this feature, every character is well formed and awesome.  You will feel the aura coming from each hero, either male or female. Each hero has its style, look, temperament and ability. Hyper Front makes it look real.

The effect of shadows, motion, lightning, and dynamic sound is realistic. It depicts what a real Battlefield looks like in detail. In addition, Hyper Front has a well-detailed map which allows you to see a clear view of every area on the map.


Hyper Front is a fantastic game with several awesome features you will enjoy. The gameplay is smooth and easy. Download the latest version of Hyper Front and enjoy the fun of FPS games. This is an awesome game for everyone. Download Now!!!!

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Download Hyper Front APK game and enjoy thrills like you are playing valorant. Hyper front game combines engaging and exciting content that gives joy as you play. 


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