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Download Horrorfield APK and enjoy this spooky hide & seek game with your friends. Horrorfield drowns you in terrifying scenes that leave you fighting for survival.

Name Horrorfield
Version 1.7.6
Updated Apr 10, 2024
Category Action
Developer Skytec Games, Inc.
Google Play Link com.skytecgames.survival


One of the things horror movie enthusiasts love the most is the exciting stimulation that comes with watching terrifying scenes and experiences. They could give all they have to experience these scenarios themselves—as though they were happening in real-time—so they could have the stimulation turn excitement that comes with it.


Fortunately, Horrorfield provides this opportunity and allows you to immerse yourself in classic terrifying scenes as though you were a part of a Universal Horror movie scene.

All You Should Know About the Horrorfield Gameplay

All the Horrorfield gameplay is about is the survival of the fittest. Your sole task as a player is to keep your character(s) alive as you escape from the deranged serial killer's lair by repairing generators and opening your escape gate. The Horrorfield gameplay role is to repair all the generators in the killer's lair so you could have the power needed to open the Horrorfield exit.

This game allows you and your friends to play in 7 different alter egos. And with each of these characters, you are entitled to 7 different, unique skills that, in a way, fortify you against your menace, the deadly killer.

You and your peeps could each decide to play Horrorfield multiplayer horror as any of these Horrorfield all characters,

  • a BASKETBALL PLAYER and be the fastest running character in the game,
  • a DOCTOR, whose exceptional skill is to heal himself and others in the gameplay,
horrorfield gameplay
  • an ENGINEER, whose special skill is to repair and build weapons and armors within short time frames,
  • A THIEF, who has the highest stealth ability in the game to hide from the villain,
  • a MERCENARY with the bravest spirit you'd get to find,
  • a brilliant SCIENTIST, who can help upgrade weapons and spread their insightful spirit over others,
  • A POLICE OFFICER with a highly intuitive mind to catch murderers.

As a team, these alter egos become more formidable and must, together, come up with a good escape strategy from the reign territory of their killer enemy. In doing this, you must be as quiet and vigilant as possible. You must also be prepared to come up with quick, clever plans. That'd help you in escaping every evil trap the killer sets in your quest for escape.

Horrorfield How to Play with Friends

Once you have Horrorfield downloaded, playing the game without understanding the rules can be quite challenging as It may take a few invested practices for you to master the game and be able to beat the deranged killer to your escape.

But, with the Horrorfield tips and tricks, you're about to learn here, it becomes a walk in the park. With these tips, immersing yourself in the Horrorfield gameplay would become easier, and you can most enjoy this online mobile game with your friends as you would want to.

Horrorfield is a 4vs1 gameplay that allows only you and three others to play in any of the seven characters listed in the previous section. And as a team, you would all be required to follow a map on each level for you to repair a few generators and find an escape out of the killer's lair.

horrorfield how to play with friends

You must all team up to repair these generators and restore power in the lair, as this would be needed to open the gate to your escape. In finding where these generators are kept, you must quietly move about and not make any noise to attract the daredevil.

You must also try to avoid the butcher killer hitting you for the first time. The killer, once it hits you, trails you with your blood drops and becomes faster as it follows these trails. After the first hit, it becomes easier for the daredevil to find you again and capture you in its cage, a place where it leaves a character to perish so it could hunt after the others.

When a character is captured, your teammates would be tasked with the mission of freeing them from the psycho's grip. But, after this release, it gets more difficult for you to navigate the game without the killer's menacing figure behind you. You'd always have to deal with him as you fight for your escape.

Once you restore power, you're to find the escape gate and open it by tapping and holding on to the safe lock button until the circle around the door is filled up to unlock the gate

Some Important Tips to Help You Play Horrorfield 2022

  1. Always listen to your heartbeat. The faster your character's heart beats, the nearer killer gets to them.
  1. You must work together with your team members to repair the generators, restore power and escape the daredevil. The fewer people working on a generator, the slower it will get fixed.
horrorfield game
  1. Trap the killer with doors. The killer finds it difficult to open doors and would break them to gain access. Before he's able to break the doors down, you have escaped far enough, and it can take a while and a few flaws for it to catch up again.
  1. Each character has some skills you must unlock, work towards unlocking all to become more formidable to the killer. You can also try to do Horrorfield unlock all character’s task. This feature allows you to unlock more alter egos so you could have more enjoyable gameplay.
  1. Horrorfield new update allows you to collect gift Items daily as they give you more leverage.
  1. Wait at the gates so you could easily escape the lair after they open.


If you're familiar with pandemic-style games like this, Horrorfield might be the next level of gameplay you're yet to enjoy in the hierarchy of horror-filled games.

 As you must have guessed from its name, Horrorfield is not just a horror-themed game. Unlike many others like it, Horrorfield is an online mobile multiplayer game that immerses you in terrifying experiences and forces you to fight for your survival and that of your friends.

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Download Horrorfield APK and enjoy this spooky hide & seek game with your friends. Horrorfield drowns you in terrifying scenes that leave you fighting for survival.


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