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Hide Online
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Version: 4.9.11
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Download Hide Online- Hunters Vs. Props to play hide-and-seek games with machine guns. Enjoy the wacky third-person action game where you hunt or hide to survive.

Name Hide Online
Version 4.9.11
Updated Dec 11, 2023
Category Action
Developer HitRock Games
Google Play Link com.hitrock.hideonline

About Hide Online- Hunters Vs.Props

Hide Online is a simple third-person game that challenges two teams to play hide and seek in a closed setting. However, the game does have elements that will interest the player; for example, the hide-and-seek game is played with machine guns, so you can shoot down anyone you discover on the opposing team while playing. Another exciting feature is that one of the teams can camouflage itself into objects that fit into the environment.

Depending on your choice, you can hide or seek during the game. When you hide, you aim to ensure you survive by hiding from everyone until the game is done. Likewise, if you're a seeker, you'll have to navigate the whole game to find those in hiding and shoot them down. The graphics quality here is quite simple, and the designs made little investments in color and character development but offer pretty exciting gameplay.

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The game's control is simple, too, since you won't have to make sophisticated movements. Instead, movement sticks allow you to change directions, and you can use the action buttons to shoot or camouflage, depending on which character you play. The game's other features resemble the popular mode in Garry's game.

HitRock games developed the game and have been available online for a few years. There are millions of downloads across the internet, and you can play it in over 45 languages. Hide Online is available for Android devices, and the content rating allows anyone above the age of 3 to play, which means they are perfect for kids and adults.

How To Play

Getting started on Hide Online: Hunters Vs. Props are pretty easy. Although the graphics are basic and there aren't many details in the background or character, it still manages to incite lots of fun for the players. There are many game items you can interact with as well, and you can connect to play with your friends.

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The game has a welcome screen where you select the mode you want to play; for example, you can choose to play as a hunter or a prop. If you play as a hunter, it'll equip you with a gun, and the controls button will allow you to shoot when you find a prop. As a prop, you'll be able to camouflage and blend with your environment when you hide, so your goal is to survive.

Game Features

Hide Online is a basic game with simple gameplay. However, many game elements set it apart from similar games and make the game more fun for the players. Check out some of its exciting features below:


The graphics quality on Hide Online is as basic as you can expect for its concept. However, the game does put much effort into special game items and features. Although the colors are not too great, it still creates an environment that feels familiar to the real-life world. The colors are also similar to real-life models but sometimes dull, and the items are not quite sharp.

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There are various environments to play in, too; the layouts in multiple settings are different, so you'll be able to choose which area you'd like to play in. In addition, since it can change the environment, you can explore various locations and figure out which one you seem to enjoy better for hiding or finding other players.

Game Controls

The game controls are also basic as the graphics. You won't be able to make any unprecedented move, but you'll be able to get by the house with a few options. The most important button is the movement button, which allows you to change positions and move around the house.

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Depending on what you're playing as (hunter or prop), you'll get the same movement buttons, but the action buttons are different for different modes. For example, the hunters can use the action button to the shooter at the props, so you'll get a fire button when playing as a hunter. You'll be able to use the Camouflage button when playing as a Prop.

Hunter Vs. Props

The game has distinct gameplay for different roles. The two roles include Hunters and Props. The hunters dominate the game because they are required to move around, while the Props are mostly limited to their hiding position. Hunter can move about like the props, but they wield guns and must locate the props before the game ends.

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The Props will also be able to move about and blend with any environment they like. So, they can choose to become any item depending on the location; for example, a Prop can camouflage as a lamp, chair, table, book, and various other things.


The multiplayer feature is what makes the game exciting and addictive. Games are not as fun when they are limited to bot interactions. However, with the multiplayer feature here, players will be able to compete against other real-life players and feel a sense of satisfaction every time they win a game. Since you will be playing as a team, you'll be able to form alliances and even compete without your teammates to check who finds more props or avoids more hunters at the end of the game. Although the multiplayer feature might seem at a basic level, you can also decide to play with your friends and not just random strangers online, which adds to the fun.

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Hide Online: Hunters Vse Props is an interesting hide-and-seek game that adds icing on the cake with its multiplayer features. The game focuses attention on its gameplay rather than impressive graphics, so you'll have a great time with friends online when you play against other players to find out which team is better at hiding and seeking.

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Download Hide Online- Hunters Vs. Props to play hide-and-seek games with machine guns. Enjoy the wacky third-person action game where you hunt or hide to survive.


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