GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City
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Version: 1.12
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Download GTA Vice City APK and enter the world of gangsters that'll blow your mind. You'll love the gameplay and storyline that'll make you the baddest person in the entire virtual game world.

Name GTA Vice City
Version 1.12
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link com.rockstargames.gtavc

An Accurate Analysis Of GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is a criminal-world game where the user plays the role of the main protagonist. It's a role-playing game set in a third-person point of view that allows the player to see his/her character's actions as they get indulged in the gameplay. It’s an addicting game since it allows doing all that stuff that’s totally illegal in the real world.

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GTA Vice City APK unlimited everything is all about criminal missions where you start as a nobody and climb to the top of the hierarchy in the criminal world as you proceed. The way to lead in the game is by completing missions. There's an open-world map that allows the player to move freely in the game. It has roads, buildings, cars, and traffic, and you can always rob a car, mug a random stranger, or even kill the person on the spot. Feel free to get spoiled in the game as you hit a random biker or a person walking on the street with your car. It's all legal!

3D Graphics

3D graphics have never failed to impress gamers. So if you're a fan of 3D content, this is the game for you. Colorful visuals and a stunning gaming experience are some of its common features. GTA world witnesses different times of the day, such as day and night. So, of course, you're going to love the city at night with all the mesmerizing lights. Stylish cars and several models are further exciting for GTA gamers. You can hit an electric pole with a car and see it falling. Hitting a person on the road will make them fly in the area. Moreover, if you love blood in the game, GTA won't fail to impress you. Blood stains on the road and ground are common when you shoot someone.

Criminal World

As indicated previously, the game is set in a criminal world. While you'll be dealing with the gangsters and other criminals in the game, you'll also come across civilians and can do anything with them, like robbing them, murdering them, etc., as you wish (limited actions only).



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Then you might be able to make a random person your side-kick if the mission allows. You'll find yourself looting a bank, robbing a store, murdering someone on a bright day, fighting with the cops, etc.

High Profile Missions

Get indulged in high-profile missions as you deal with the drug dealers and do other dangerous and risky missions. Some missions are as easy as killing someone, while some missions are as complex as flying a helicopter.

Extensive Use Of Guns

The use of guns including weapons of other kind is constant throughout the game. There are tons of weapons to use, such as a baseball bat or a machine gun. Then certain game codes will let you introduce a tank out of nowhere. That'll be a weapon of mass destruction as you can grind any vehicle under it. Use guns to perform mass killings but beware of the wanted level. Guns have unlimited ammo. And you know what that means? Unlimited action with the guns. You can fire someone as you ride a bike (restricted to missions only) or even shoot and kill a cop. All thanks to the guns in the game.

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When it comes to guns, you can use the game codes to get armed with high-profile guns. You'll also get to use a sniper, which is loved by all shooting lovers. Snipe someone from far distances and feel like an assassin. Again, that'll be restricted to the missions.

Play As You Wish

There's no such limitation on how to play the game. It's an open world, so you get to do as you want. No rules! No regulations! It's all legal! Just watch out for the wanted meter, which will increase as you commit a crime. The cops will be on alert or on high alert, depending on your wanted level. Committing a crime in front of a cop will invite trouble as he'll start shooting you unless you're dead. Tackle those bullets and kill him. You'll love it! GTA Vice City also lets you rob a motorcycle or other vehicle from someone, kick the owner out of the vehicle, and ride it. You can steal a parked vehicle; no big deal there. Diving in water will lead to an instant kill.

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Then you'll receive damage as someone shoots or hits you. Take ASPIRIN, and you'll be fine. Completing the missions will earn money, which you can put to use as you want. Then there's a health meter indicating your character's health that you must take seriously. Avoid starting a mission with low health, as you'll be dealing with tons of criminals during the mission. You're not at all obliged to go with the missions all the time. Feel free to take some time and get engaged with the civilians on the road. Enter a building and start hitting someone randomly just for fun. That's because GTA Vice City ain’t restricted to missions.

Features You’ll Love

Here are a few things you'll love in this game for sure. Some of its salient features include:

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  • Strong violence throughout the gameplay.
  • Safehouses are meant only to heal the character.
  • Convenient map with proper marks and indicators to learn the mission locations and various hotspots across the city.
  • A large city with a detailed map.
  • Drive any car or ride any motorcycle as you wish. Easy to steal and rob vehicles.
  • Eating food will improve health.
  • You can change your clothing but can't disguise it.


By now, you've learned some stunning reasons to play the game. Now that you've understood what you can do in this game and a detailed insight into it, what's next? Download GTA Vice City menu APK it on your mobile phone and start your journey to be the top criminal in the game. Download NOW!!!

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Download GTA Vice City APK and enter the world of gangsters that'll blow your mind. You'll love the gameplay and storyline that'll make you the baddest person in the entire virtual game world.


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