GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Liberty City Stories
Size: 59.29 MB
Version: 2.4.340
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Download GTA Liberty City Stories APK and enter the East Coast in a wild frenzy. Don't miss out on this game if you're a fan of action-adventure and city dystopia!

Name GTA Liberty City Stories
Version 2.4.340
Updated Jul 2, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link com.rockstargames.gtalcs

All You Need To Know About GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories is a crime and action game released by Rockstar Games, the renowned game hub for the GTA series. It is an online, single-player game with stylized gameplay. The perfect fit for mature gamers. In addition, this game was initially released on Xbox and PS2 as the ninth installment in the Grand Auto Theft franchise. Now, it can be played offline and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

If you are itching for some action and city madness, GTA: Liberty City is the right game for you! Just as the name intends, it is a mix of a police chase and a dystopian city arrangement, with many serious activities like murder, organized crime, corruption, and drug trafficking. As if that's not enough, the game boasts strong language use, deranged characters, and extreme violence, making it appeal to young gamers.

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You will enjoy it! From the 3D character designs to the gameplay, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories allows an exciting experience in the world of crime and adventure.

Unique Gameplay

Follow Toni Cripiani on his wild adventures in Liberty City as he comes out of hiding after committing murder. GTA: Liberty City was developed as a fictional masterpiece that touches the very heart of a dystopian world. With every streamlined mission, the gameplay gets more interesting as you navigate smoothly with its enhanced touch controls into deeper parts of Toni's stories.

It has a cool storyline, particularly on family feuds, and shows the ugly side of society. It is quite relatable to modern society and offers the kind of thrill you get from watching similar movies. There is heavy action as Toni battles to restore control of Liberty City under the Leone Family. You will face the forces of hit men, immoral tycoons, corrupt politicians, and even Toni's mother.

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GTA: Liberty City is action-packed and gives off so much adrenaline you will not have a dull moment. All you must do is load your gun, fight the forces, survive and restore order to Liberty City.

Detailed Graphics

GTA: Liberty City is designed with top-notch video quality among the many properties of its interface. Like all Rockstar GTA franchises, this game was created with sharp resolution textures and 3D character designs. Its high-quality resolutions and real-time lighting make it nearly human-like.

The motion pictures are just as smooth as the sharp graphics. Racing cars and body action are detailed and almost perfect. Because of its seamless controls and animation, you will think you are playing a 3D game on PlayStation 3.

Amazing Features of GTA: Liberty City

GTA: Liberty City has many cool features that appeal more to its gameplay. Some of these features include:

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  • High compatibility with mobile devices.
  • An addictive storyline with relatable characters.
  • A nicely designed and stylized user-friendly interface.
  • GTA-packed battle action and feels.
  • Flexible on-screen touch controls for swift in-game navigations.
  • Extensive 3D graphics make it look like one cut out from a movie, draw distance, and cross-platform saves.
  • Single-player gameplay that can be assessed offline.
  • It ranks #9 in the top grossing adventure games on Google Play.
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It gets nostalgic when you play this game on your mobile device. GTA: Liberty City Stories has been in the game business for a long time, and with these exciting features, its in-built mobile version packs a nice punch!

GTA Liberty City In-Game Attributes

The gameplay is pretty simple. This game follows the story of Toni Cipriani, who works for the Leone Family. After coming out of hiding to kill a made man, Toni returns home to Liberty City only to find it in chaos. Family feuds, political disarray, and many major crimes plague the city. To restore order, Toni strives to put Liberty City under the control of the family he swore allegiance to.

It is a captivating story, but Toni faces many difficulties in this his only quest. So, for the sake of smooth gameplay, there are ways players can continue this journey.

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The game is loaded with various weapons and explosives for fighting crime. Grenades, shotguns, hockey sticks, and many more ammunitions are available at the Ammu-Nation gun shop. You can get anything you fancy and unlock more as the game progresses. As a pro-tip, sniping is much easier and sweeter with the touchscreen, so that you can go for that!


Enjoy the thrill of a wild chase by doing some GTA rough driving with cars and motorcycles. With its sleek animation, you can feel yourself hitting the bumps and drifting in the air when the speed takes you off the ground. However, this GTA series does not have airplanes and helicopters. Instead, you will unlock special vehicles with unique qualities as you go on. These qualities appear in color changes and proofing against collisions, explosions, and bullets.


Unlock more features, weapons, and stories as you delve deeper into Toni's adventure. This is where the fun of the game lies. The more missions you embark on, the more you discover Toni's backstory, and in the guy end, you will be able to complete the game.

gta liberty city stories apk obb download


You can take time off the battlefield for a wardrobe change. The safe house provides a short intermission for change of clothes and health checks.

Flexible Camera Rotations

The game's user-friendly interface allows you to easily move the camera around to have a broader view of your surroundings. 


GTA: Liberty City is an engaging Mafia-themed game with an exciting storyline, easy touch controls for navigation, and excellent gameplay that appeals to young and mature gamers. Although it is not like other superhero or action games, you will immerse yourself in Toni's journey while enjoying the thrill!

Take a trip down memory lane with GTA: Liberty City Stories, and it will leave you asking for more drive and action.


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Download GTA Liberty City Stories APK and enter the East Coast in a wild frenzy. Don't miss out on this game if you're a fan of action-adventure and city dystopia!


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