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Version: 1.8.1
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Download and install Granny APK and try to escape a haunted house where a cruel, old and blind witch will try everything to ensure you do not escape from her house.

Name Granny
Version 1.8.1
Updated Aug 24, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer DVloper
Google Play Link com.dvloper.granny

Description of Granny

DVloper released this game, and since its release, it has been pretty popular on both Google Play Store and App Store. Granny is a horror game.

When you play Granny, there is no way you won’t feel like you are being suffocated, including the addition of unprecedented concentration and thrill. When you launch this game, an eerie welcome greeting will appear on your screen.

Make No Noise

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In Granny, you will be a major character, the story's hero. You will wake up and realise that you have been confined in a strange house. Gamers are usually aware that a mysterious, old mental woman resides in this strange building. This woman is called Granny; she cannot see but can hear the slightest sound, including the beating of your heart. If a strand of hair drops to the ground, she will hear it and attack immediately. Your major mission is to find all the important items that will allow you to unlock the door that will give you the chance to escape from this dreaded house, but while you get those supplies, you have to exercise extreme caution and remember – be quiet. You are given just five days.

Playing Tips

In the opening scene, which also serves as the first scene, you will see yourself in a room in Granny’s house. Before you unlock the door, you must first discover the key on the table or in a particular section of the drawer. When you find it, ensure you take the key with you while you exit the room.

In the next scene, you vacate the room from the initial scene, and then you will be asked to unlock a code-protected door.

You have to go back to the house to get the important items like hammers, pliers, keys, and so on in the next scene – including the code that will enable you to unlock the door

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The scene after the third is a level where you must use all the items you have located to gain your way out of the house.

Make sure you don’t act foolishly. When Granny hears your sound or finds out about your presence in the house, ensure that you locate a safe space to conceal yourself; such safe spaces can include the closet or under the bed. You cannot try to evade her by running away because she is faster than you, so she will catch up with you in no time and kill you. There have been some more complicated puzzles added to the game in recent versions. You must attempt to locate the key or what is concealed within the house. The gameplay of this particular version is not as easy as it used to be. Sometimes, you may have to play sudden music or unlock a door to shift her attention to something else. The game has several mysteries to unravel and many interesting things you can do, and everything boils down to your level of creativity.

Avoid Getting Eaten

Granny is a hard game, but it is not an impossible one to play. Several players have successfully overcome the game's challenges, so publishers are usually on their toes to constantly update new challenges and maps to gain players’ attention.

Horror Sound and Graphics

Granny’s graphics are incredibly realistic, blended with an angle that terrifies you and makes your hair stand on end. This game is designed so that Granny seems to appear like a zombie. She is not overly scary, but you may be startled just once when she appears for the first time. The game incorporates quiet sounds, such as your footstep or breathing, including the terrifying Granny’s voice. Wearing headphones may help you experience the game a lot more properly. When she succeeds in killing you, death becomes a symbolic portrayal, which will darken your screen, and there is blood across the screen. This game is not ideal for children due to its graphics and horror concept.

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The game's major focus is on its gameplay; therefore, its graphics highlight two arrays of colour. The sound uses background music that makes our skin crawl when the scenes are dramatic. And if you manage to escape from the haunted house, the wicked and blind old woman will die horribly.

Tricks for Haunted House Battle

You can employ several battle tricks to fight the old woman in the house. As already mentioned, you are in a room in the first scene, searching for the key in the drawer or on the table – it can also be on the cabinet. When you find the key, take it immediately. Apart from implementing a lot of strategies, Granny also allows players to participate in finding solutions to highly complex puzzles. If you lose at that stage, a bear trap will be dropped immediately at a place where you were taken out just to prevent you from moving on to the next level.

Find a Way out of the House

Your major task in this game is to channel all your attention into doing everything possible to locate the hidden items in this house. These items are your sure tickets out of here before the end of Thursday. Below the haunted house is an old garage where you can find an item that will help you escape if you take advantage of the opportunity. Besides, there are many different items you can also find. Try protecting yourself with some weapons you take in the house, but all these weapons only assist you in stopping the old woman for a short while. To find your way out of the godforsaken house, you must have a key and apply tools like code cards, hammers, pliers to unlock the door. However, you have to understand that the door is locked with several layers of protection by the old woman; and you must find a way to break all these protections before your time runs out.

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You have to understand that if your heart is faint, you should not download this game. It is a pretty scary game with some graphics that can put a shiver on the nape of your neck. If you don’t like something scary, then Granny is not a game for you. But for people that love dramatic action and adventure in the horror genre, they should consider trying out Granny.

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Download and install Granny APK and try to escape a haunted house where a cruel, old and blind witch will try everything to ensure you do not escape from her house.


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