Granny And Grandpa
Granny And Grandpa
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Version: 1.6.18
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Download Grandpa and Granny House Escape APK for a terrifying adventure into the home of a crazy old couple. Escape or face a crazy ordeal with the old couple.

Name Granny And Grandpa
Version 1.6.18
Updated Oct 3, 2022
Category Arcade
Developer WildGamesNet
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About Grandpa and Granny House Escape

Grandpa and Granny House Escape is a first-person escape game where you have to make a daring escape for your life against your darling grandparents. The game uses a horror approach to create a unique game style though you'll probably feel deja vu if you're a fan of horror movies. The game is more demanding thanks to its first-person perspective, so you will be experiencing the game as if you're the victim of the attacks and not just a player.

The first-person feature helps add some element of excitement to the game. In addition, the graphics and animations add to the game's realistic and scary gameplay. The game also has a great soundtrack that changes based on the current situation. The control system is also lovely and intuitive, giving you the swiftest and absolute best means of escaping the assault from this elderly couple

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The game also limits your movement and escapes to the inner rooms, so you'll have to move smartly or risk getting caught by the attackers. The doors must be opened slowly and with discretion, or you risk giving away your position or running into one of the two behind the door. They both come to kill or hit you, so you have to ensure your movement is stealthy and barely attracts any attention. Finally, you'll have to solve various mysteries in the game to find your way out.

The game is a product of WildGamesNet, the brain behind other versions of Grandpa and Granny games. The developer is also renowned for developing other similar games. Thanks to this experience, you can expect Grandpa and Granny House Escape to be an exciting game with many features. The game has over 5 million downloads on Playstore, and the content is rated for anyone under 12.

How to Play

The game is a mystery game that puts you in the role of a visitor who ends up in a bad situation. You're simply visiting the old couple, and to your utmost surprise, the two have gone crazy and are on a mission to hunt you down. Unfortunately, the grandpa always looks around the house for you, so you'll have to hide, defend yourself, or flee if caught. The game rewards you for every mystery you solve, so you can only escape the game if you can complete the missions and successfully solve the puzzles.

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The Granny loves playing baseball, and she goes around ready to plunge the bat into your body. These two threats make the game exciting and fun since you'll have to think and solve the game mysteries under pressure. But, unfortunately, the couple will continue badgering you with whatever they have when they meet you till you run out of health and lose in the game. So, you must ensure you evade them and find a way to escape the house.

Game Features

This game is quite peculiar for its unique approach to gameplay. Check out some of its exciting features below:


The graphics quality of the game is outstanding. The quality doesn't include the most realistic look for the characters and the objects, but it still manages to evoke a sense of fear and desperation in the game. The Granny and Grandpa look scary enough to make you panic; the objects such as hammers and pliers are also a good representation of what they looked like in real life. However, the most significant effect of the game lies in its first-person perspective, which makes the video experience even more surreal and the game more realistic.

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The gameplay follows a typical home horror story, whereby there is a crazy attacker, and the victim keeps hiding and trying to escape. Here, the game follows a unique storyline, whereby you visit an old couple, and to your dismay, they aren't exactly what you hoped for. The couple starts attacking you with all their weapons, and you must survive. It's only logical that you open the door and escape; however, since the door is transfixed, you have to solve various mysteries and puzzles to figure out how to escape each room and find your way out of their house. You'll be able to interact and use multiple pieces of equipment in the place to your advantage too.


The game has several mysteries you'll have to figure out. The mansion is big and an element of horror on its own, full of hidden passages, secret rooms, traps, and other mysteries. There are, therefore, lots of puzzles you'll need to answer, including where to place the key, figuring out the code to open a room and continuous streams of endless challenges that will help you prove yourself as an intelligent player.

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Items and Objects

There are many items and objects in the game; luckily, the game lets you interact with most of them, which adds to the fun. For example, you can pick up pliers, scissors, bats, hammers, and other objects while playing. You'll also be able to find hidden objects such as keys, maps, codes, etc., which are essential game elements to help you escape the room and complete each mission. For example, the plier might be useful as a defence tool or escape in one challenge, while you use it to open a door in the next. Hence, every object is placed to aid you in your quest to solve the puzzles.

Game Characters

There aren't many game characters here. As you probably already guessed, these include the grandpa, Granny, and you. The Granny resembles an older woman who is identifiable with her club. Her movements are less agile than the grandpa, an older man with a stern and scary look.

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The game offers a balance between fear and excitement. Your fear of being attacked evaporates into excitement if solving a puzzle or mystery, which creates excellent gameplay that you can always enjoy.

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Download Grandpa and Granny House Escape APK for a terrifying adventure into the home of a crazy old couple. Escape or face a crazy ordeal with the old couple.


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