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Google Play Store
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Version: 32.0.20-21
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Download and install Google Play Store APK to be able to use the latest apps and games. With Google Play Store, you will have access to billions of useful apps.

Name Google Play Store
Version 32.0.20-21
Updated Aug 29, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Google LLC
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About Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the official store for Google, where Android users can download different apps. Google Play Store gives users millions of apps to download. Think of the app; as long as it is safe, licensed, and official, you will find it on Google Play Store. Billions of Android users worldwide use Google Play Store because the app is completely featured to provide users with an incredible experience.

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What is Google Play Store?

Another name for Google Play Store is Google Play, a distribution service that allows you to download both paid and free digital content, such as books, games, apps, and so on. This app was created by Google and provides users with a smooth and exciting experience. With Google Play Store, you can download apps on your Android device and manage app purchases and refunds.

Key Features of Google Play Store

  • Developer Friendly: Google Play Store makes it easy for developers to put their apps and games out there for billions of users worldwide. They also provide free training and tools to assist developers in managing performance, app releases, and payment and account management to ensure that you are familiar with the platform.
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  • Kids Friendly: On Google Play Store, you won't be short of apps or games to download. And all the apps are approved and suitable for young ones, so your kids can take advantage of what they prefer.
  • Google Play Points: Google Play Points are used to reward the users of the Google Play Store for engaging with the Play ecosystem. You can earn points by purchasing in-app or app content and trying free games and apps. You can later redeem the points you earned for some particular items provided by Google Play Credit or developers to rent or buy products like audiobooks, movies, etc. This platform is a great one because it rewards both the developers and users.
  • Google Pass: Google Play Pass is a great subscription service that provides access to several games and ads free of in-app purchases and ads; this subscription service also gives you a high-quality title collection. Also, you can share this subscription with other family members so that everyone can enjoy it on their own.
  • Easy Payments: Google Play Store supports several convenient payment systems, such as credit or debit cards, PayPal, Google Play Gift cards, Mobile phone billing, and Google Play Balance. The entire payment process is always accessible and is concluded in seconds.
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  • Centralized Hub: Here is where you want to visit if you search for an app on your device because the centralized hub manages several millions of apps, including movies and TV, books, and games. Besides, there are billions of monthly active users, more than 140 billion downloads each year, and Google Play Store is available in more than 190 countries.
  • Modern Interface: The modern interface of Google Play Store provides an intuitive, nice-looking, and stylish interface that makes it pretty easy to navigate the various menus of the store and discover whatever you are searching for in a few clicks and seconds. This particular feature also provides a dark mode to make your eyes feel more comfortable for the entirety of the experience.

Using Google Play Store

Once you have downloaded, installed, and launched Google Play Store, you can log into the app with your account. After that, you only have to type the name of the apps you want in the available search bar, and you will be provided with a list of apps, where you can select the one(s) that suits your needs. You can also browse across various sections, depending on whether you are searching for books, games, apps, etc.

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Play Store will regularly check your app to find out if there is any harmful activity going on within the device. If any security risk is detected, it will immediately notify you. With that feature, you can enjoy using your apps without worrying.

Installing the App

After downloading the app file, you will have to install it onto your Android device to be able to use it.

  1. Head to the File Manager to locate the file and open it.
  2. Find the app you downloaded from the download path you already used, then select the app.
  3. You should receive a pop-up warning that informs you that the installation is blocked because it does not form a part of the Google Play Store. Click on 'Settings' when you receive this warming.
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  1. There, select the option of 'Allow installation of non-Play Store applications,' then click on 'OK.' In this manner, you have allowed the phone to install apps that are not on Google Play Store.
  2. Go back to where the file is and tap on it.
  3. You should receive another pop-up that will want to know if you want to install the app onto your Android device. Click on 'Next' and finally 'Install.'
  4. You will receive another message that the app has been successfully installed on your mobile device.

Checking Your Current Version of Google Play

People that want to revert or update their current versions of the Google Play Store, including those that do not have Google Play Store by default on their Android devices, can download the Google Play Store app. In case you do not know the version of Google Play Store you are currently using, below are the steps to go about it:

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  • Head to Settings and click on Apps and Notifications
  • Click on 'See all apps' and try to locate Google Play
  • Click on 'Advanced' and move your cursor to the bottom to locate the app's version number.


The Google Play Store is a modern mobile wonder. Your Android device is not complete without this app on it. Download this app to enjoy an unlimited number of apps and games.

FAQs Google Play Store

Is Google Play Safe?

Yes, Google Play is a completely safe app where its content is thoroughly checked to ensure that you do not take risks. Google Play Store will inform you about detected all that violate the unwanted software policy of the Store. Additionally, the app sends you private alerts about apps that can access your personal information through user permissions, violating Developer Policy.

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Download and install Google Play Store APK to be able to use the latest apps and games. With Google Play Store, you will have access to billions of useful apps.


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