Gold and Goblins
Gold and Goblins
Size: 110.18 MB
Version: 1.35.0
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Download Gold and Goblins APK and join millions of other gamers in the world to play this electrifying mining game that has brought new innovations to idle clickers.

Name Gold and Goblins
Version 1.35.0
Updated Jun 11, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer AppQuantum
Google Play Link com.redcell.goldandgoblins

Gold and Goblins

The story of the beginning of the Goblin adventurer tells of riches and goblins. Get yourself armed with tempting picks and tools for digging extended caves and journey through numerous geographies to reveal secrets from different areas as you partake in your mission and build the best Goblin warriors. Manage an army of dwarf-like creatures to take on challenges and get honorable rewards.

download gold and goblins apk

This exciting new sensation combines the greatest elements of different game genres! To assist the goblins to restore the splendor of their mines, combine your goblins, dig inside hard stones, gather wealth and riches and enjoy a fascinating experience. You will appreciate the fantastic visuals and fluid gameplay.

To advance more quickly, develop your plan and take advantage of the merging mechanisms. Discover the treasures hidden deep within the mines, collect the most priceless gold jewels, rocks, and minerals, and you will become known as the miner tycoon!

Don't be left out. Download play this idle clicker game just like other players and play the finest idle mining game!

Gold and Goblins Description: In this exciting digital simulation game, all the player needs is to tap to gather gold, become wealthy, and explore tunnels filled with mystery and awe. Play in events with a set time restriction to gain fantastic rewards. Dig rocks to discover gold and riches. To assist the elves in regaining their riches, construct cave systems and cannons, merge them to strengthen them.

gold and goblins apk latest version

Travel through many caves in this incredible video game. You can also navigate the ice islands, each of which will be on a different level. There are several treasure boxes and varying degrees of difficulty. Discover this fantastic voyage while unlocking all of the levels. You really should remember to gather power cards along the way to advance additional tales, including transporter improvements, feature upgrades over time, and improved luck for finding treasure boxes.

Gold and Goblins latest update

Addicted players of this game have provided some feedback required for the game's credibility and support to develop an upgraded edition with new features. The thrilling mining adventure of the spirited Goblins continues to add more interesting features. Your army has an unusual duty to fulfill each day as they anticipate the cheerful festival season. There is also the addition of some new supplementary mines that may allow you to get extra room and wealth. Progress in your gameplay by completing difficult tasks at all levels.

gold and goblins apk

Additionally, critical design transformation to the axes that reveal the operation's development is found. The colors of mine shafts and developed shafts were modified so that they don't disturb the player's sight anymore. For you to determine the right time to boost your team, you can now see the goblin growth level displayed on the screen.

Gold and Goblins Features

Gold and Goblins: idle merger comes with loads of interesting features to complement the gameplay.

In-game Currency

To increase your gold revenue and activate additional mine shafts you need to earn rewards. Earn cards to enhance your goblins and mineshafts. You may discover a lot of cards and many other exceptional powers.

Also, gather booster cards and magic cards to fortify your teams and equipment.

Discover enigmatic chests that contain enormous goodies such as energy pills, level stars, and other goodies.

gold and goblins unlimited money and gems

You may want to overlook the free gifts but they are an important element. You will receive a free chest each day, so it is worthwhile to come back daily. Furthermore, watching videos might earn you more money temporarily, so you can take advantage of it for incredibly quick advancement in the game.

Setting Preferences

I bet you have never come across a mobile game that adapts and evolves in accordance with user preferences! In this progressive idle merger game, be sure to stand out and make your preferred settings.


The actual biggest enjoyable, gratifying, and fun aspect of Gold and Goblins are events. Participate in unique weekly events that will make your spare time quite enjoyable. Download Gold and Goblins unlimited money and gems and go from gold to fame. You can also take on the Volcanic Eruption, Ice, and Candy frenzy challenges.


Gold and Goblins is available for download to both Android and iOS users. Get Gold and Goblins free download and join me to appreciate the developers.

gold and goblins unlimited money

Don't overlook the opportunity to be a tycoon miner in Gold and Goblins idle merger. Drill deep, get wealthy, and discover a means to gain an upgrade to your level.

Grab the opportunity to develop into a true mining tycoon!

Since, at times, it simply feels nice to crush things, you can occasionally use your giant goblin and destroy virtually dead rocks. It feels good!

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Download Gold and Goblins APK and join millions of other gamers in the world to play this electrifying mining game that has brought new innovations to idle clickers.


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