Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
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Version: 2.2.13
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Download and install Geometry Dash APK and jump or fly over all obstacles and challenges encountered on a path. This game allows players to hone their skills.

Name Geometry Dash
Version 2.2.13
Updated Dec 20, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer RobTop Games
Google Play Link com.robtopx.geometryjump

Description of Geometry Dash

Challenge your reflexes with Geometry Dash, a game that offers one of the most addictive and difficult platform touch games ever played on mobile. To play this game, you will have to continuously tap on the screen to jump and fly through all the obstacles.

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With this game, you can not only complete levels that are pretty challenging but also create your own and challenge your friends to attempt them. Therefore, this game tests how you can complete challenges and how hard you can create some.

Insane Geometry Game Platform

Games in the platform genre have always been the choice games for players worldwide. There used to be a time when people only knew digital games. The comeback of games in the platform genre was beyond just the fuelling of nostalgia; these games are really beautiful to play

Geometry Dash is a classic instance of a game in the platform genre. It is addictive, challenging, fun, and pretty easy for all players in whichever age category to play. The added features that allow you to gain achievements, customise your characters and create your level to battle your friends only bring more enjoyment to the game.

Besides all these, Geometry Dash is a super-fun and diverse game. You can spring over obstacles and roadblocks, and each time you pass through what looks like a ring, you will become an aeroplane and fly across different kinds of danger – in some cases while you are upside down.

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Rules that Guide the Game

Geometry Dash is a difficult game. It’s not easy at all. If you are searching for a game that would not challenge your reflexes, then you should not consider Geometry Dash. But if you are stoked about playing this game, then there are some tricks and tips you should consider; they will ensure that you are playing the game as best as you can. Consider the following tips:

  • Hold down Your Finger to Jump Platforms: In some cases, you will have three to four platforms you will need to jump over. Do not worry yourself about this; the simplest way of jumping over the platforms and avoid risking missing them is to hold your finger down on the screen of your device. It’s worth mentioning that if you notice spikes shooting up, immediately release your hold on the screen.
  • Ignore Coins that are Inconvenient: Just as common with any other platform game, a player would want to attempt to collect as many coins as possible as they go. In some cases, and like any game in the platform genre, there will be some coins that are simply not in your path. Do not try to risk losing the game by collecting all these coins, for some of them can distract you and cause you to lose the game. Do not be greedy; learn to ignore coins that are not in your path as you much. It is not all foods that should be eaten. Haha!
  • Attempt Mode for Practice: This mode does not affect your progress level; if you lose the game, it’s only a practice mode; your level will remain intact. The practice mode is a very nice method for you to understand the working of the level. If you are stuck in a particular obstacle, you should consider trying the practice mode.
  • Use Boosters: Booster is the best way for you to be in a position of advantage in the game. Some of the boosters will give you the chance to increase your jump level, while others might decrease it a little bit. Boosters are pretty useful and will assist immensely towards you earning a good mark without losing the game.
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  • Take a Few Short Breaks: Taking occasional breaks from the game is crucial. Playing nonstop will most likely stress out your brain. In some cases, Geometry Dash can be pretty frustrating, so taking a few short breaks will not allow you to hurl your mobile device out the window due to frustration. What if the device you throw out of your window knocks out your next-door neighbour? That would, of course, bring about further frustration. Also, ensure you consume enough liquid to maintain a sharp focus.

Outstanding Features of Geometry Dash

The following are the incredible features that this game has to offer:

  • You can unlock the latest settings, colours, characters, and many more
  • Geometry Dash will enhance your level of concentration
  • You can challenge yourself and play the toughest levels of the game
  • Geometry Dash provides flexibility to play by flip gravity, fly rockets, and a lot more
  • You can try the practice mode before playing the game to be familiar with its gameplay
  • You can play this game on your mobile device with the use of a hand
  • You get the privilege of several achievements and rewards
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  • Use practice mode to hone your skills
  • Geometry Dash provides ease in opening new icons, including colours, to customise the character
  • This game works to build and share your levels via the level editor
  • There are several levels with their unique soundtracks

Geometry Dash was launched for Android devices in 2013. The development credit for this game belongs to a humble developer from Sweden called Robert Topala. After the development, Geometry Dash became published by the personal company of Topala called RobTop Games.

Everyone with Geometry Dash on their apps understands this is a single-player game. You will have to jump or even fly across danger to play this game. Then with the basic knowledge of playing the game, you can move further to the harder levels of the game. Apart from that, you can drive your expertise to the limit when you jump, fly and even flip through hazardous passages, including spiny obstacles.

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The gameplay of this game is so simple that you only need to apply a single touch while playing. You can reach several levels that will amuse you for several hours.


With Geometry Dash, you can prepare for some implausible and unexpected challenge. After playing this game, you will realise that you can increase your skill levels to the limit while you leap and run over tough meltdown paths. You can play in a simple level and then hone your skills to be able to battle in other harder levels. By playing Geometry Dash, there is no way you won’t have fun.

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Download and install Geometry Dash APK and jump or fly over all obstacles and challenges encountered on a path. This game allows players to hone their skills.


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