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Download and install Fotor APK and edit your images and photos like a professional photographer. This app provides several incredible but useful features.

Name Fotor
Updated Jul 1, 2024
Category Photography
Developer Everimaging Ltd.

Description of Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor offers its users a world of professional photo editing, and the usage is so simple that anyone can conveniently use this app. When using Fotor Photo Editor, you can access hundreds of available filters to suit various styles and times. In addition, the ready-made layout templates are equally displayed before the user can freely select and apply, including some extra features, such as animation, cutting, pasting, and so on.

Fotor is an app for editing photos, and it is now garnering a lot of attraction and praise from its users. Many have claimed that Fotor Photo Editor is the best tool for inexperienced photographers.

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Light Adjustment

Now with this app, you can easily edit photos professionally with all the incredible features you will have access to, such as adjusting the light to make the photo portray the most suitable colour tone. For example, some people prefer light tones, but others love the mysterious dark tones. You can achieve whatever tone you want with the light adjustment feature. Also, this feature helps the quality of the image to be clearer than the original image.

Create Sweet Nature Photos all on Your Own

Each time you position a camera in your palm, you often look forward to a series of fantastic pictures often available on the Instagram or Pinterest of popular people. However, the unfortunate thing is that many of us won’t get such pictures or the exact kinds we desire. But there has been a solution that can help bring our dreams closer to reality. With Fotor Photo Editor, you can access an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use, and instantaneous feature that will bring out the best from your pictures.

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Superior with the Label Collection

Coupled with the upgrade feature, this app also provides its users with an awesome experience with a couple of other advanced features, such as Dahaze, Color balance, HSL, Typical Curve, and so on – all these features will provide everything that you want for getting high-quality images. Apart from that, thousands of stickers expressing different emotions are also at your disposal. Furthermore, the fonts and frames are also fully included to satisfy and match your passion.

A Bowl of Instant Noodles

Most other photo editors available on the App Store or Google Play are a bowl of instant noodles. This means they are typical all the same, providing no special effects. From their colour to their effects, they have no special attraction. The effects seem to fade or are simply too much on the pictures. After that, you want to make unnecessary adjustments, trying to make the image harmonious with the effects. This challenge usually affects landscapes pictures or people in a landscape picture.

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Unlike most other photo editing apps, Fotor does not have an overabundant amount of complicated tweaks and parameters capable of confusing people just using photo editing methods for the first time. The modern interface of this app can be understood easily and is also pretty friendly. Each feature of the app is pretty minimalistic, and it focuses mainly on the image.

Filters Different Styles

Besides that, Fotor also provides its users with several other surprises from several filters. These filters are colour tones that have been adjusted with parameters from light balance, darkness, brightness, and so on, including a special impression that shows a certain style of the 90s, modern, or black and white. If you desire a filter, you may have to browse through the app and then tap on the particular filter you want so that you can immediately apply it. You can even preview the filters before deciding to select them for your photo.

The Five Major Features of Fotor Photo Editor

  • Stickers, Borders, and Effects Adding: There are numerous special effects in Fotor already refined by great photographers, and they are now available in various styles such as brightly, romantic, kaleidoscope, retro, film, and so on. Not only can you apply one of them, but you can also blend them until you are satisfied with the result.
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  • Personalising Your Photos with a Set of Features: In Fotor, you have a couple of functions that you can perform, such as changing collage and background, deleting fonts, and so on. You can also perform other basic functions that bring the most out of your pictures, such as rotating, cropping, and filtering. These features are pretty interesting, and they have a pretty natural output image.
  • A Couple of Dedicated and detailed Image Processors: If you desire elaborate and more sophisticated photo editing with all the elements that will assist you in changing the picture in detail, then Fotor has it. You will come across a couple of listed indicators; all you need to do is choose, touch, and flip your index to select the number of each indicator and observe the result. In addition, you will have access to such features as dark angles, noise, highlights from front and back, shadow, saturation, contrast, adjustment of brightness, and even more specific stuff like highlight and healing, all available.
  • Fotor Auto Features for Fast Results: All appreciation to the capability of AI abilities from the history of users, your image can be created and edited by the Artificial Intelligence. The editing may be nice or not, depending on what each user wants, but the standard is maintained. From here, you can make some more adjustments to meet your liking. This will save time in comparison with making all the adjustments from scratch.
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  • The Axis Feature: With this function, users can channel their attention on the right subject by giving the image some depth, causing the image to appear as if it was created in a studio shot or outdoor with a complete prop. This is an even more effective effect with images with a monochrome background.

After editing the picture, you can save the image to your phone or share it on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Last Take

With this app, you do not need to hire a professional photographer because you have all the needed tools at your disposal. All that is required from you is your passion and a couple of little tweaks and tricks to bring out the excellence of your photos.

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Download and install Fotor APK and edit your images and photos like a professional photographer. This app provides several incredible but useful features.


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