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Camera 360
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Version: 9.9.36
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Download Camera 360 APK to make a wide range of modifications to your photos. Smoothen your skin, brighten your face, and add features that beautify your photos.

Name Camera 360
Version 9.9.36
Updated Jan 16, 2024
Category Photography
Developer PinGuo Inc.
Google Play Link vStudio.Android.Camera360

About Camera 360

Camera360 is an excellent photo editing app that's available for Android and enables users to make small to medium-ranged editing to photos. The app has been around for 20-plus years and has helped many users create compelling pictures of themselves without prior knowledge of photo editing. In addition, it's a functional photo editor that provides users with the proper interface to modify their portrait pictures and even create animations of themselves.

The app is top-rated among all genders because it offers some of the best image perfection tools to add an extra touch of beauty to your looks. These features include the means to smoothen your complexion as if applying makeup for females and shape your body to your dream figure. It also does some additional functions that makeup would do, such as making your eyes seem more significant, which is what eyebrows and eyeliners do in the makeup kit.

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Camera 360 also gives users the tool to brighten their faces, add contour narrowers, and make the person look astonishing. Anyone can do all this editing with the least possible movement of the fingers. A single tap of the finger can help you add these retouches and produce the desired result.

You can also add other foreign materials to the mix, which allows you to make radical changes to your photos. These include adding emojis, stickers, and other filters that improve the color and brighten the image. The app, therefore, embodies numerous features for anyone looking to add extra touches to their beautiful pictures and selfies. Of course, if you forget to use makeup before taking the pictures, Camera 360 can always act as your secondary option.

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PinGuo Inc. developed the app from its studio and is available in over 50 languages worldwide. Camera 360 is free to use for anyone, and the content is rated for 3-year-olds and above. It also has over a hundred billion downloads on Playstore with an impressive 4.4 rating from five million users.

Why use camera 360?

  • Enjoy the benefit of creative and predesigned colour effects that adds unique colour to your photos.
  • Add automatic retouches with intelligent editing tools.
  • Easily share your edited photos with friends and families across multiple platforms.
  • Create polished selfies and pictures in just a few minutes.
  • You can take short movies of 10-60 seconds while also changing music, enjoying filters, and makeup at the same time
  • Get free access to the app from any of your mobile devices.
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  • Join the billions of other users who use, trust and love BeautyPlus as their photo Editor.

App Features

Camera 360 is a beautiful photo and selfie editor designed to transform your pictures into extraordinary ones that everyone would admire. Here are some of the characteristics you'll get when you download the app:

Simple UI

The app is beautiful and has a vibrant combination of colours. It also has a simple UI, which means it's pleasing to the eyes and easy to use. All the tools and special features are well arranged on the app and easily accessible from the homepage. You can choose any of the features you want to use and be taken editing interface where you access the incredible features.

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Beauty Touch-up

The app's primary existence is founded on the need for photos and selfies to emanate beauty even if it's ugly when taken. Camera 360 did an excellent job at this and created one of the most functional apps to get it done. You can use the features below to make your photo more beautiful:

Touch of Beauty

This Feature Lets you add an instant retouch to your selfie photo by adding a beautiful filter that you can snap with.

HD Retouch

Create a more personal retouch that improves the stunning appearance of the photo with the selfie camera.

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Short Movies

You can use the feature to regulate a 10 to 60 seconds long video that also allows you to modify other features of the video asides from yourself.


This feature adds drag and adjusts function to the mix. It means you can touch up your eyes, lips, ears, nose, and others with a simple finger movement.

Acne Remover

Acne is not friends with beautiful pictures, so removing them is best. The feature helps you smoothen your body and remove any pimples, acne, or skin conditions that won't help you get the most out of your picture.

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Mix Filters

This feature will create a sparkling effect on your photos and selfies. It works to improve your picture's beauty by boosting its charm with a dose of charming beauty. There are over 300 filters to choose from.


You can drag this feature across various body parts you'd like to smoothen. It removes blemishes and refines your skin to get the perfect glow.

Photo Editor

Once you have your photo at hand, you can use many of the features mentioned above to edit. But there are extra features that work to boost the photo quality further. The Remover, for example, is ideal for removing certain parts of the picture, such as buildings, landscapes, objects, or people. In addition, the powerful AI processor helps create a realistic background that wouldn't let anyone know you've removed anything from the image. Some of the other features here include:

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Detailed Color Expression

You can use the colour expression tool to add more details to your photos. This feature work really when for a unique colour change!

Auto Enhance

Use this to automatically add enhancement features to your photo and save yourself the time and stress of editing.

Effects Galore

Asides from retouches, there are other editing features provided by Camera 360. Create an artistic and beautiful photo using the animation effect to make animated characters of yourself. Add texts to your image to convey more messages to the viewer. Create visual aids with stickers that are available on Camera 360. You can also use various emojis and filters to create gorgeous effects. Here, you can add makeup features to your photo, including lipsticks, eyebrows, blush, hair dye, etc.

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Selfie Camera

Camera 360 has a selfie camera with most features you can add before taking your selfie. Use it to get a more flawless look by applying filters, retouches, and AR stickers.


Camera 360 is a beautiful photo and selfie editor with a simple interface and numerous features that help you add more beauty and touch up your favourite and least favourite pictures in the least time possible.

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Download Camera 360 APK to make a wide range of modifications to your photos. Smoothen your skin, brighten your face, and add features that beautify your photos.


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