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Download and install Photolab APK and create stunning images you can share on your social media pages. There are so many awesome and unique features available in the app.

Name Photolab
Version 3.13.7
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Photography
Google Play Link vsin.t16_funny_photo

Introduction to Photo Lab

Photo Lab has one of the largest collections of funny and stylish photo effects – over 900! Using this app, you will enjoy features like photo filters, animated effects, photo frames, and incredible face photo montages.


Bring the creative feeling to all your images quickly without applying a professional editor. After creating the effects, you can set the images as wallpaper or contact icons, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend, or simply share to your social network pages.

Outstanding Features of Photo Lab

  • Neutral Art Styles: An incredible, quick, and new way to convert any photo into an artwork. You can select from more than fifty pre-set styles available in the app.
  • Photo Frames: After creating the design you want, you can conclude the process by giving the photo an appropriate frame to make it more realistic. There are several available ready-made frames you can choose from.
  • Realistic Photo Effects: You can further advance your creativity by putting your image in special places. They don't have to be stationary in the same place with boring backgrounds. For example, you can airbrush your image as a sand imprint on a beach or place it on an exclusive car. There is no limit to the incredible experience you can enjoy with Photo Lab.
photolab app
  • Face Photo Montages: This feature allows you to easily swap faces. For example, you can turn your face or that of your friend into a horrible monster, an astronaut, or a pirate. The most complicated montages are managed by an algorithm that detects faces to create the most thought-provoking selfies.
  • Photo Filters: You require no professional photo editor. Include some awesome styles in your images. You are welcome to use this app's numerous photo filters, such as Oil Painting, Neon Glow, Black & White, and so on.
  • Photo Collages: You can make an incredible pictorial world where you and your friend are both floating in a futuristic or sentimental setting.
  • No Watermarks or Ads: The Pro version of Photo Lab eliminates the ads and numerous watermarks that come with the free version. The Photo Lab Pro will provide you with an advanced text editor that will allow you to add messages to the photos, ultimately making creating nice greeting cards a possible task.
  • 100% Safe and Free: Photo Lab is safe to use. You do not have to worry about anything. Its features have been tested and proven trustworthy. The entire app is also safe to use. Unlike many apps that may expose your device to harmful and dangerous viruses, Photo Lab is a safe one to use. In addition to all these, you will also be able to upload your finished work to the app server and, if you want, share a short link of your photo you can embed wherever you desire.
photolab download
  • Face in Hole Effects: Photo Lab also provides the popular face in-hole effect, allowing you to convert yourself into any iconic face you desire. For example, you can turn your image to have your face in the effect of popular personalities like Mona Lisa, 007, Kingsman Agent, Darth Vader, Iron Man, and other incredibly popular personalities.
  • Include Multiple Photos in Your Collages: To utilize the app's functions more, especially when editing photos in groups, you have the chance to stick hundreds of different pictures together to create amazing photo collages. Select whichever photo you intend to include in your creative works and have them edited previously to the process if you want. You can customize the whole collage with several available tools until your satisfaction is established.
  • Several Photo Effects to Enjoy: Photo Lab is a unique photo editing app with an incredible number of awesome photo effects you can choose from. Users have over 700 effects to choose from when editing their photos, and each effect has special visual impressions. For example, you can choose your monsters, celebrity collages, headwear, and several other effects, each with special graphics.
photolab editor

Also, you can easily introduce your retro films and vintage cards to the selected footage using stylized photo effects. Take advantage of the exciting collection of background effects in Photo Lab, which will allow you to completely change your surroundings with special environments and scenarios.

  • Adjust Overlay: Apart from Photo Lab's filters, you will also come across various frames you can use. You can change the color of the frame and bless the image with some beautiful but dramatic effects. Both the change in color and effect are an awesome combination if you apply them well, and you can also perform many other cool tasks such as a double exposure. You can easily blend a portrait with a different photo, and all these can be done on the app.
  • Make Use of the Available Posts: If it is time-consuming to begin designing or editing an image, you can simply head to the feed section, where many users can find several edited photos. In this section, you may find some pictures that you prefer. You can simply apply editing effects in the feed to the particular picture you like and then apply that picture to your photos. You also have the chance to adjust some elements of appearance to make the photo satisfy your wish.
photolab without watermark

This app is pretty intuitive, and it assists you immensely in how you can learn ways to use the picture editor. With each update, about 12 frames and effects are included in the app. Photo Lab is an app that millions of people love making creative photo albums of themselves or their loved ones.


As soon as you have been able to create your perfect photos with the right overlays, effects, and frames, you can use the photos in whichever background you want. You can choose to share your work on your social media pages or simply create a card for a special event. Photo Lab is the king among photo editing apps.

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Download and install Photolab APK and create stunning images you can share on your social media pages. There are so many awesome and unique features available in the app.


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