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Download Meitu APK for stunning photo editing results on phones. With a few taps, you can create breathtaking photographs. Modify your photos with ease.

Name Meitu
Version 10.14.8
Updated Jul 19, 2024
Category Photography
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There are numerous photo and video editing tools available on the market today. However, as the internet community becomes more sophisticated, editing software that misuses effects will become obsolete. People prefer to hunt for elegant and smart editing apps that are easy to use but offer astonishing aesthetic effects. Above all, the person in the modified photo is you, only more gorgeous.

A freemium-savvy video and photo retouching program for mobile devices is Meitu. Develops several tools, organic filters, and many beauty elements using strong AI. You can use Meitu to add stunning posts unique to your social network profile.

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The Meitu app is a free, all-in-one mobile picture and video editor that provides all the tools you need to make changes.

Description of Meitu

Meitu is a photo-editing program that enables you to add various effects and filters to your favorite pictures. To make adorable collages with many images, select from different layouts.

There are four primary features in Meitu. The first one enables conventional photo editing tools, such as chroma keying, brightness, and saturation adjustments. The second option enables you to give your images the last polish by lengthening your legs, erasing acne scars, or changing the color of your eyes.

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You can make collages using different images with Meitu's third feature. While figuring out your composition, you can modify the pictures. The final function enables you to immediately shoot photographs with filters.

Meitu is a fully functional picture software that provides a ton of top-notch features to enhance the quality of your photos. The Meitu app is made to swiftly edit and improve the appearance of your face in selfies. In contrast to more complex applications like Photoshop, it provides simple and automatic filters. If you lack the necessary experience to operate the program correctly, it still functions great. Your images will appear beautiful thanks to the Meitu app's skin-smoothing, face-slimming, and application of virtual blush and lipgloss effects.

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Almost every user who enjoys posting on Instagram can use Meitu's extensive editing features. This smartphone app's primary objective is to improve a photo's aesthetic appeal. Users can conceal wrinkles, remove blemishes, and even choose a virtual facelift that has a special slimming effect.

Features of Meitu

Beautify each image

Meitu's Instant Beauty feature enhances your beauty in every snap. Numerous tools for editing facial shapes and various makeup effects are available in this function. With only one touch, you can produce flawless skin, dazzling eyes, a high, chiseled chin, white teeth, blush, or a glittering effect on your face.

If you forget to put on makeup, this feature set is helpful. You can quickly transform it into a more attractive version prepared to be shared on social media.

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No more dull pictures

Meitu offers more than 200 filters. Your regular, everyday images can quickly become vibrant with one touch. Meitu offers original artistic photo effects. With each effect, you can turn your portrait into a richly detailed profile picture thanks to sophisticated, highly automated technologies.

Utilize motion effects, crop photographs, use brushes to highlight, and change the contrast of the image to be more artistic. As you drag the adjustment bar to find the hue you prefer, pay attention to the color temperature. As our tools develop to their full potential, image textures will advance. After every frame, the strokes are changed into the shapes of hearts, stars, and dust particles, producing a shimmering space.

AI-based picture and video editing

Meitu does several duties since AI is integrated into every task. All of Meitu's products heavily rely on AI to make the modified photos and videos seem more delicate and natural to you in everyday life. Many other photo editors do not have this unique skill.

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Additionally, the video editing process functions admirably and effectively thanks to this clever AI technology.

More Innovative app use

Meitu helps to convert a regular photo into a sketch, add effects, and produce your own anime version. To make photo editing fun, new effects, filters, and stickers will be added to the program every week. They can be used in conjunction with various sounds to enhance the footage. To experience a better space with additional amenities, consider the VIP package.

Extra features

Meitu offers a variety of unique editing tools for producing various photo styles, including:

  • Mosaic: From several little photos, construct enormous visuals that resemble conventional mosaic collages.

Give each photo a unique look, and add frames, text, and stickers.

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  • Collage: You can collage your photos using one of the pre-made arrangements or create your own based on the application's suggestions.

Additionally, Meitu provides editing tools for the body, including:

  • Body editor: It helps you get smooth skin, even out skin tone, gets rid of wrinkles, dark spots, and acne scars, and lightens the entire body.
  • Eye editor: it helps you lighten, enlarge, and round your eyes, and get rid of crow's feet and dark circles.

You can use a body editor to change your body's curves, make it slimmer or fuller, or shorter or taller.

Benefits of Meitu

If you want to add particular themes to a photograph, Meitu is the best app. There are presently more than 50 filters available. Additionally, distinctive frames and backdrops are offered. Every week, new ones are added. Finally, a cutting-edge "FX Camera" provides expert results in seconds.

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Additionally, it offers a video editing feature that is useful for quick and simple tasks that can be completed from a phone.


The Meitu video and image editor is one of the best applications if you want a good video or image editing program that provides natural beauty and light. You'll take better pictures of yourself while still looking stunning in real life. Thanks to the robust AI integration, Meitu APK enables you to produce eye-catching images and movies that you can share on social media.

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Download Meitu APK for stunning photo editing results on phones. With a few taps, you can create breathtaking photographs. Modify your photos with ease.


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