Fluxus Executor
Fluxus Executor
Size: 132 MB
Version: 1.0
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Download Fluxus Executor APK mobile to add as many scripts to touch Roblox games as you like. Use its advanced features and simple layout to become a god-like player.

Name Fluxus Executor
Version 1.0
Updated Nov 5, 2022
Category Tools
Developer WeareDevs
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About Fluxus Executor APK

Fluxus Executor Apk is a PC application that allows Roblox players access to premium features. The application is one of the best 8 RVM-based Roblox executors, allowing you to edit your Roblox experience efficiently with little technical knowledge. It's rather special and popular for the number of features it offers. The interface is also simple and easy to use for even Roblox beginners.

The design interface includes minimal content, so you won't get unnecessary tabs or buttons. You'll also enjoy an ad-free environment to work on your favourite Roblox games without distractions. Summarily, Fluxus gives you a premium experience at no cost. So, it's a great recommendation for anyone seeking a free Roblox Script exploit.

fluxus executor apk

An unlimited number of changes can be made to scripts, so you won't have to worry about the number of changes you make. This app allows you to inject outstanding changes to a game and become a professional player in all the Roblox games you play. In addition, it provides the necessary tools to help you compete with other experienced players using basic Roblox exploits.

Fluxus Executor Apk was designed to allow regular players to play at a god-like level. You'll get advanced features such as unlimited money hacks and unlimited coins. You can also unlock all the available game features, maps, characters, levels, etc., by selecting a predesigned script or writings your script from scratch.

Why Use Fluxus Executor Apk?

  • Gain direct access to the features, no registration or login.
  • Easily navigate through the list of available game exploit features.
fluxus executor apk roblox
  • Create custom injections and gain complete control of your favourite Roblox game.
  • Add as many scripts as you wish on Fluxus Executor Apk.
  • Get free access to premium features and tools with those exploit apps.
  • Make changes and exploits to all the game levels up to level 8.
  • Save your scripts and load them anytime you want to play.
  • Avoid distractions from ads and third-party intrusion when you use Fluxus Executor Apk.

Fluxus Executor Features

Fluxus Executor feature is one of the best Roblox script hack anyone could ask for. This simple yet efficient application offers lots of features that are not available on other similar apps. Check out some of its features below:

fluxus executor android

Easy To Use

Unlike many Roblox hacks requiring technical expertise to play, you need zero experience with this app. The interface is simply designed to allow anyone to find their way around. Users can also choose between various predesigned scripts to get things done. So rather than write the script yourself, you can load a prewritten script for your game.

Players can also use more than one script in their games. So, you can have a script to unlock all characters, game skins, maps, and other features in a single script. Whether new or old, you don't have to log in to any account when using the Fluxus Executor app. Downloading and installing this app is hassle-free and takes the least time possible.

Custom Scripts

One of the most helpful features of this app is its custom scripts. This feature allows players to easily decide between writing their script or copying an existing script on the app. For newbies, copying a prewritten script might be the best option since they don't have technical knowledge. However, you can use custom scripts and get your hands dirty with some of the coolest features added to your games. However, ensure you test your scripts before saving so you don't have to rewrite from scratch every time you want to play.

fluxus executor roblox

Multiple Level Supports

Fluxus is one of the best RVM-based Roblox hacks out there. It is a Level 8 RVM executor for script injection. This app is, therefore, compatible with various game levels and Roblox releases. Players will be able to use it with any of the levels. As long as it's below or at level 8, you'll be able to use the app for virtually all your hacks and game dunks.

Save and Load Options

A save and load feature comes in handy for players who write their scripts. This feature allows you to save your script after it's been tested and working. So anytime you want to play, you can always load and inject your script, and the effects will be automatically generated.

Auto and Pre Injection

When you finish writing and reviewing your script, you have two options. You can either manually inject them into the game or load the game and effect the changes from Roblox. But, instead, you can do it better with Fluxus Executor. So, your scripts are automatically injected into your preferred game directly from the app.

fluxus executor apk mobile

Unlimited Money

There was an unlimited money script available on this hack. It's one of Roblox's most widely used hacks, so every player lines up to use it. You can inject a predesigned script to give unlimited money and coins in all your games. So you can kick the game off at a pro level rather than start playing as a newbie with no money. You can spend as much money as you wish on your games, and you still will be able to buy anything you want.

Zero Ads

One of the coolest features of this app is its no-ads policy. Many Roblox exploits apps out there, trying to generate revenue from their apps by running ads. However, this annoying feature is absent on Fluxus Executor Apk, so you can work on your scripts and use the app for as long as possible without getting third-party ad intrusions.


Fluxus Executor is a handyman application every Roblox player should have. The app makes it easy to maintain the line between an enjoyable game and adding exploits. With Fluxus Executor Apk, anyone can easily change the script and inject a hack into their Roblox game anytime.

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Download Fluxus Executor APK mobile to add as many scripts to touch Roblox games as you like. Use its advanced features and simple layout to become a god-like player.


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