Flashy Party Game
Flashy Party Game
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Download Flashy Party APK if you love fighting game series. Flashy party is a fun and non-violent fighting game. It is an interesting and fun game to play.

Name Flashy Party Game
Updated Oct 17, 2022
Category Action
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Flashy Party

Flashy Party is an engaging, fun, and eye-catching fighting game with many intriguing features. That keeps players glued to it. The game is an action game full of thrills and adventure.

In the game, you get to fight and host battles in a 1vs1 battle. That is, you will battle with just one opponent. You will battle in the game with the combat system.

Those who like the Super Smash Bros Series will be able to understand the concept of the game. The 1vs1 idea of this fighting game is engaging and thrilling with beautiful graphics.

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Flashy party allows gamers to explore different fight arenas and also enjoy the other game modes in the game. The game is non-violent yet fun and thrilling.

Flashy Party also has fantastic gameplay, Leaving Gamers Returning For More incredible experiences. You will not go wrong with this game with lots of beautiful graphics. As said earlier, the game is a mobile copy of Super Smash Bros Series with exciting features and content.

Flashy Party Description

Flashy Party is an engaging, action-packed fighting game with a combat system. The game is unique and interesting as it is a 1vs1 game. You are the player, and another opponent could be an online player or playing with the system AI.

X.D Entertainment developed and published the fighting category game. The game has gained so much popularity with its easy-to-play and simple gameplay features. People are attracted to a non-violent yet fun fighting game.

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Unlike other combat games, characters in flashy party don't have health points. Instead, the game is based on stars and levels of damage. There are lots of skills characters will engage in the game. These skills will either boost stars or reduce them.

The gameplay and control system of flashy party game is simple and easy to navigate. Your goal in each battle is to eliminate your opponent. Each player in the game has a damage percentage that shows the level of damage of each battle.

In the game, players select from the different characters equipped with diverse skills and then enter a live battle with other players. Fighting in flashy party game is based on combining moves to fight quickly and overcome your opponent rather than individual skills like dodging, jogging, or attacking with weapons.

The main aim of the game is for players to use their skills to eliminate the opponent. In the game, each player has a damage index represented in percentage above their head. The higher the index, the higher the chance of removal from the battlefield.

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While playing, It takes a soft kick to make your opponent take damage hence keeping you on top.

 Also, flashy party characters do not possess health points but rather a damage index, and If 100% damage occurs, such a player loses a life star(there are only three stars in the game).

Your only win point is to beat your opponents several times so that by the time the level runs out, you will be the winner (the one with a low number of falls or high damage percentage). When two opponents are wavering to avoid getting shot, the screen automatically zooms out the whole game screen.

 It is suggested that before starting the game, you take time to practice the actions so you will get used to the game. Here are a few tips – you can swipe twice to high jump, touch once to hit, swipe left in an arc to slide, and kick basics.

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After each win, players will receive stars; when the stars have reached a certain point, there is a large reward to earn. The rewards are different depending on the level.

Flashy Party has fantastic features that leave gamers coming back for more experience.

Features of Flashy Party

Here are all the unique features of flashy party

Simple Gameplay

Flashy Party Game is straightforward. All you have to do is battle with your opponent and beat them, then the person with the high star will win. This is simple and super cool.

Stunning Graphics

This is one of the features that brings players to the game and has brought success. The characters and the warriors are in a modern cartoon style. The characters come in shapes, gender, ages, and other forms with a wide range of skills. The graphics of the game are mainly in a 3D format which gives a realistic feel.

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Diverse Characters

There are a lot of characters to interact with within the game. More than ten characters are available in the game, including Sivi, Snowman, Miko, and more. This will make the game lively.

Diverse Game mode

Flashy Party does not want to make the game boring; hence they have complex game modes available for players to explore. We have the matchmaking mode, Training mode, and the arena.


The Flashy Party game is interesting and engaging. Anyone can play the game. Download the latest version and enjoy flashy party characters with its awesome features

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Download Flashy Party APK if you love fighting game series. Flashy party is a fun and non-violent fighting game. It is an interesting and fun game to play.


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