Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird
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Version: 1.3
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Download Flappy Bird APK and enjoy playing this casual arcade game. Play with a bird named flappy, dodge obstacles, and attempt breaking your previous high score.

Name Flappy Bird
Version 1.3
Updated Sep 23, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer GEARS Studios
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Brief description of Flappy Bird

Some games look simple but end up being hard; some games look complicated but are simple. Flappy bird belongs to the former. If you enjoy the thrill of a challenge and playing a game that appears simple, but the levels are challenging to complete, then flappy bird is what you are looking for.

This game appears to be very simple when you first see it, but you will later realize that it is nothing like what it seems to be and is one of the most challenging games you'll ever play. New players are usually left shocked at how complex the game is because, to the eyes of everyone, it is just using a bird to flap over pipes. This game is about holding the flappy bird in the proper position and avoiding the pipes that appear as obstacles. Doing this is more complicated than it seems.

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This game was tagged as one of the most addictive when it was released because of its simple but complex gameplay. Players are usually left with many different emotions whenever they play this game. Failing a level usually leaves players angry and perplexed as to why they aren't much better in such a straightforward game, but what is intriguing is that they always end up going back to play and attempt beating their high scores. Flappy bird is an entertaining game, but it is highly addictive.

Flappy bird later went on to become one of the most famous arcade games in the world as it has millions of players playing daily. With a large audience, the game was drawing so much attention worldwide, but it was later deleted from some platforms because people were getting way too addicted, and the owner felt guilty. The game was removed just a year after its release, even though it had over fifty million users and was a million-dollar game.

Flappy bird was released on the 24th of May, 2013, and it was developed by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnam-based developer, and published by his company, Gears. Flappy bird is rated E, meaning everyone can enjoy playing this game as it contains no violence and blood or gore themes. It has seamless gameplay and controls that are easy to use. It is tapping the screen to flap the bird higher and maintain an excellent position to advance and dodge obstacles. It is not complex, so the operations of the game are straightforward.

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The more you advance in this game, the more levels you pass, and the more you have a chance of beating your high score that was previously set. There are no level-ups or bonuses, but points are awarded after each obstacle you avoid. The game starts at a leisurely pace, but as you advance, the faster and more complex it becomes to dodge obstacles.

Flappy bird is a fun arcade game that everyone can enjoy playing. Enjoy the thrill of this simple yet complex game, try to beat your high score, and get farther in the game. Download flappy bird and enjoy this game!

Fun gameplay and concept

Flappy bird is an exciting game with straightforward gameplay, and just like the name says, it is simply flapping a bird. You control the bird and tap the screen constantly to flap through green pipes, which serve as obstacles. These pipes are in different sizes, lengths, and heights, and once you contact any pipe, your game is over. The bird is constantly falling, so you are meant to tap the screen to keep him flying always. That's how you move and dodge obstacles. After every pipe you avoid, you are awarded a point, and the number of points issues you get determines your high score. You are given a bronze medal if you manage to get ten points. Twenty points bring you a silver medal and thirty points a gold medal. Players that are good and manage to reach forty points and above are rewarded with platinum medals. One way to properly play this game is by understanding when to flap and to have a good rhythm when flapping so it will help dodge obstacles better.  

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The game also has stunning graphics. It has a 1980’s old arcade game system feel with illustrations of flappy the bird, the obstacles, and other things around the game's layout. Apart from the visual system, it also has a perfect sound system with sound effects after each flap and when you lose and fantastic background music that makes playing more satisfying.

Flappy bird is an entertaining, straightforward game that keeps players interested as long as they play. You can download the flappy bird latest version from different platforms and enjoy playing with advanced features and upgrades.

The game features to look out for on flappy bird.

There are a lot of game features that you can explore when you play flappy bird. Some of these features include:

  • Easy and understandable controls:

The operations of this game are relatively easy to understand as it is just tapping the screen to flap higher and keep the bird from descending.

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  • Different game modes:

In this game, there are different game modes that users can enjoy playing. The game modes include Offline career mode, online mode, exclusive racing, time trial, and one versus one game mode. Each game mode has different ways of playing, so players will be kept engaged.

  • Good graphics:

Flappy bird has excellent graphics with good illustrations. The pictures are usually colorful and vivid.

  • Sound system:

Apart from the sound and visual system, there is also a perfect sound system with high-quality sound effects and excellent background music.

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  • Arcade game system:

This game runs on an arcade system where you will continue beating your high score.


Flappy bird is an exciting game that players will love as it has endless gameplay with many levels, so they will always be kept engaged. The game also has outstanding graphics and a good sound system.

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Download Flappy Bird APK and enjoy playing this casual arcade game. Play with a bird named flappy, dodge obstacles, and attempt breaking your previous high score.


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