Find Out
Find Out
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Version: 2.6.12
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Download Find Out APK to find hidden objects and solve different puzzles. Put your seek and find skills to work and experience multiple game modes in the exciting game.

Name Find Out
Version 2.6.12
Updated Jun 9, 2024
Category Puzzle
Developer Focus apps
Google Play Link com.find.out.hidden.objects

Find Out

Find Out is a mobile puzzle game developed by Focus apps and launched in December 2019. The game is centered around finding hidden items and solving the puzzle that follows. Prepare to test your eyes and brain coordination as you will be challenged with multiple game modes and levels. Explore the game features for a great gaming experience.

Game Description

Find Out is a brilliant mobile puzzle game that is appealing. In contrast to other games where a picture is full of details, this one has an interlaced image that encourages you to search for the details. The panorama image in Find Out seems clear and succinct, and the hand-drawn images and retro colors look beautiful. The fact that there are few items to discover and only a few details are also essential. Nevertheless, you need to use all your abilities to find objects in the list at the bottom of the screen. Even agility, speed, and owl-like vision are required.

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The majority of the items on the must-find list are completely unavailable to you. For instance, the game instructs me to find Kao an omelet. You won't find any clad if you blast up the room in the image. To make the desired omelets, follow these steps: remove the egg from the refrigerator, touch it, place it in the pan on the heat, break it, and cook it for a few minutes until it is cooked. Once you've touched the ed-pad and moved it to the appropriate list box, the game will acknowledge your achievement and say, "Ah, you're so good, you discovered it." You have now received points.

Find Out game features different situations, both interesting and bittersweet; you will be faced with silly, easy, and difficult modes. Playing this game requires players to be self-motivated and focused as the game moves from easy to difficult.

Features of Find Out

Let us check out the features of Find Out:

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Exciting Game Modes

Find Out provides you with various fun game types to play while you engage in in-game activities. Here, you have the option of playing in the Find the Differences mode or enjoying the puzzle-solving challenges. Whichever you choose, the game will undoubtedly provide you with a wealth of engaging experiences and engaging gameplay.

Solve The Puzzle: Enjoy finding the solution to the puzzle from Find Out as you explore the game's several intriguing settings. By freely interacting with the items and thinking up inventive strategies to win the game, assist the characters in solving their specific challenges.

Find Out The Difference: Begin the levels by finding the differences between the two seemingly similar images in the mind-bending photographs. Alternately, you can experiment with a single image and find the necessary components quite quickly.

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Select Theme Pack

Find Out for Android will include numerous usable theme packs so that users may choose their favorite games more easily. The game provides a variety of theme packs, including animal, ocean, travel, and many other approachable topics. You can choose from a variety of options to get a variety of games. Consequently, you can also modify the puzzle-solving tasks in the manner of your choice.

Easy Control Panel

Thanks to its straightforward touch controls, Android players who download Find Out will soon adapt to the straightforward and approachable gameplay of puzzle solving. In the game, you are free to interact with the screen to choose objects, look for differences, or utilize gesture commands to choose many items at once. Enjoy the challenging in-game puzzles and explore the levels at your leisure using the simple touch controls.

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Enhance Your Eyes and Brain Coordination

Find Out engaging gameplay will astonish you through its effective features for those trying to develop your brain and eye coordination. With many available objectives and puzzles in the game, you may practice your judgment and quick thinking here.

Awesome Hand-Painted Puzzle Images

Find Out provides gorgeous hand-drawn visuals with fantastic specifics and easy features to let players enjoy their puzzle-solving gaming to the utmost. As you advance, you are free to look about and solve the problems as you like. As you explore Find Out's enormous selection of puzzle images, pick the lovely pictures.

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Unending Levels

Find Out's free download now provides its growing difficulties to ensure that the game won't get boring as you go on to the next stages and become more adept at using your eyes-brain synchronization. You can now enjoy the game's puzzles and object-finding features. Players in Find Out may always enjoy the demanding and exhilarating gameplay of solving puzzles thanks to the escalating difficulty each time you move to a level.

Game Graphics and Sound Effects

Find Out's audio is simple, featuring mainly background music and some entertaining effects when you find things and get points. The player's capacity for search is boosted by the lively and upbeat background music.

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The sound is all that there is. However, the game's new shape is what generates all of the feelings. Each image in the game is entirely hand-drawn and is extraordinarily vibrant, colorful, and detailed. Although there aren't many details, the interlacing and blending are beautiful. Therefore, without any pressure or force, the game is found to be very rational.

In addition, Find Out for Android has several animations and frames, including animated cutscenes like the one about the man who was hit by a car as he crossed the street earlier. It's not just an image; it's a scene. This type of blending of still images and dynamic settings causes creativity to constantly surge, boosting the gamers' emotions.


Most Android gamers will undoubtedly be impressed by Find Out's straightforward yet incredibly fascinating puzzle-solving action. Additionally, the game enables players to experience the greatest fun with their Find the Differences or Solving the Puzzle gameplay by providing engaging and intriguing graphics for you to uncover freely.

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Download Find Out APK to find hidden objects and solve different puzzles. Put your seek and find skills to work and experience multiple game modes in the exciting game.


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