Fighting Game
Fighting Game
Size: 34 MB
Version: 1.1.6
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Download Fighting Game APK and enjoy combat fighting and Kung Fu. Fight with the best underworld bosses, use your combo moves and become an expert to win.

Name Fighting Game
Version 1.1.6
Updated Oct 3, 2022
Category Action
Developer Fun Creater
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About the Big Fighting Game

Big Fighting Game is an action-packed game that will keep you engaged from the start. The game was developed by Fun Creater, as it was first released on the 10th of October, 2017. It is rated for teenagers alone, with violence or blood content.

It is one of the best fight games for combat fighting and Kung Fu fighting lovers. You can fight against some of the best fighters around the world in engaging gameplay. After going past the fighters, you can get to the underworld bosses and fight for your dignity and honor.

Players in the Big Fighting Game get to play in different eras and enjoy diverse themes. Some of the eras and themes include Deadly Ninja, Boxing & Wrestling Girls, Futuristic Robots, Dragon Fighter, and Giant Demons. Choose the theme you want and enjoy the exciting gameplay.

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If you want to be an expert at MMA and kung fu fighting, or you just enjoy action gameplay with fun themes, Big Fighting Game will be an ideal choice. You can fight for survival and defeat your enemies in this engaging game. The game will give you different karate skills, moves, and kicks to win. You can pull punches and even use amazing combos to defeat your enemy.

In the Big Fighting Game, every player has its own moves and combos, so consider this when choosing your player. It can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device and is well optimized for mobile devices. Whether you’re fighting in the streets or in sci-fi areas, during the day or at night, there’s a theme and setting for you.

Big Fighting Game Features

There are different exciting features to look out for a while playing the Big Fighting Game. The game will keep you excited with the fighting and diverse settings.

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  • Play with the best fighters and underworld bosses in the world on the Big Fighting Game. The game has a wide range of players that you can choose from, whether you want someone that plays Kung Fu, MMA fighting, or direct combat. With the many players at your disposal, you should check their skills and pick the right one so that you have the edge over your enemy.
  • The Big Fighting Game gives you access to classical fighting moves, Kung fu moves, and amazing combos. You need to learn how to play the different combos to win against your enemies. The moves that you get depend on the kind of player you are playing with.
  • Beautiful graphics and action game environment. The Big Fighting Game gives you amazing graphics that will bring the game to life. For one, there are different backdrops that you can play in, on the side of the street, in spaceships, on rooftops at night, in tropical scenes and more.
  • The players are well designed to bring the gameplay to life. With these nice graphics, you can enjoy fluid gameplay, especially when during fast-paced fighting. From jumping and flying kicks to throwing punches and amazing combos. The game also features a wide range of players, all with their unique characteristics.
  • You can train your player in the Big Fighting Game. The exciting game gives you the chance to test out your moves and the game controls before the actual gameplay. Aside from training your player, there are other fighting modes that you can take advantage of while playing the game.

The Big Fighting Game is also easy to play. On the right side of the screen, you will see the buttons for playing. These include A, B, C, X, Y, and Z. Pressing the buttons quickly can help you execute moves and fight against your enemy. There is also a button for the combo and a fire button that allows you to carry out some of the best moves.

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On the left side of the screen is the joystick. The joystick can be used to move around, like moving towards the enemy or moving back to dodge the moves. The joystick is easy to use. You will need to play with one thumb on the joystick and the other one pressing the buttons.

At the top of the screen, you will see the stats that will show you how much strength you and your opponent have left. It also shows how much time you have left, and you can decide to pause the game whenever and continue from where you stopped.

All the buttons in the Big Fighting Game are easy to use and intuitive, thus enhancing the gameplay and giving you a seamless experience.

Play in Diverse Modes

The Big Fighting Game comes with three game modes that you can select depending on what you want to enjoy.

The Story Mode involves you choosing a player and fighting against the warriors and other buddies. You will follow the story written, which is well incorporated into the gameplay for a fun experience. This makes it an amazing combat warrior fighting game that anyone will enjoy.

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You can also decide to play in the Versus Mode instead. In this mode, you will simply play against other opponents and try to win, with no need to follow a particular storyline. There are different matches that you can get when playing the Big Fighting Game Versus Mode. These include classical, legacy and Kung Fu fighting.

Finally, you can play in the Training Mode. This mode gives you the chance to learn the fighting skills and moves of a player. In this mode, your opponent will not fight back but stay still. You can practice your moves and learn how the buttons work.


The Big Fighting Game is an amazing game for fighting against different opponents. The game offers you a chance to enjoy kung fu fighting, MMA fighting, and even classical fighting. Regardless of who you want to play as and the game mode that you want to enjoy, there’s something for you in Big Fighting Game.

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Download Fighting Game APK and enjoy combat fighting and Kung Fu. Fight with the best underworld bosses, use your combo moves and become an expert to win.


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