Fast Charger Pro
Fast Charger Pro
Size: 6 MB
Version: 5.9.31
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Download Fast Charging Pro APK and make your phone charge much faster! The impressive app will optimize your phone so that it charges faster than before.

Name Fast Charger Pro
Version 5.9.31
Updated Oct 5, 2022
Category Tools
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What is Fast Charging Pro?

One of the most annoying things to see is when your phone is charging slowly even after keeping it plugged for a long time. The Fast Charging Pro app can help you solve this problem. The app works by optimizing the features of your mobile phone automatically to improve the charging function. It is a free tool, so you can freely download it and start making your phone charge fast. It is provided by Nuotec Studio and is regularly updated so that users can enjoy quality.

The app is rated for Everyone and can be easily downloaded and installed on your device. With the Fast Charging Pro app, you can shut down unused background apps while charging and reduce the consumption of all the features of the app when your phone is idle. It even provides real-time monitoring and will prevent charging temperature overheating.

fast charger pro apk 2022

The Fast Charging Pro app will reduce your screen brightness and save battery power and provide your phone with a solid dark background which will reduce screen power consumption and image rendering. It is an accurate and efficient app that will take care of your device without you having to do anything. Since it works automatically, the Fast Charging Pro app doesn't require much. All you need to do is download it and let it function on your phone.

Features of Fast Charging Pro

There are different features that you can enjoy when using the Fast Charging Pro app. It will automatically optimize your phone's charging capabilities. Some of these features include:

  • Stop the work of background apps while charging: Fast Charging Pro will do its best to stop background threads in your phone from running while you're charging your device. Doing this makes your phone charge faster and will also improve the efficiency of your mobile device.
  • Reduce screen brightness: The app will automatically reduce the brightness of your screen. This will reduce your power consumption too and make it charge faster. Even when you're not charging, it will save battery power for you while running your phone.
fast charger pro apk latest version
  • Optimize Features: On the Fast Charging Pro app, you can optimize Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other system settings that can consume battery. The app will reduce your mobile phone consumption and make it charge faster. These features will be optimized with intelligent control when the phone is idle.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Another feature of the app is to monitor your phone's settings in real-time. It will take care of your phone by monitoring the temperature regularly, and if it's overheating, you will remind to unplug the charger. You can plug it back when the phone has cooled down. This feature is helpful in preventing charging overheating.
  • Notifications: Fast Charging Pro will also give you notifications whenever there is an abnormal use of power in a short time. It might be because of apps that are consuming battery or sharing your mobile data with others. Regardless, the app will let you know that something on your phone is consuming battery, so you can shut it down.
  • Reduce Screen Power Consumption: Another thing that the Fast Charging Pro app can do is place a dark solid background on your phone so that it consumes less battery. Furthermore, it will reduce image rendering,\ which will also lower screen power consumption. Although your phone might be a bit dark, the app ensures your phone charges quickly.
fast charger pro apk free download
  • Estimate the Time to Charge: Also, the Fast Charging Pro app can let you know how long it will take your phone to charge. When you're charging, you can see the exact percentage of your phone as well as the number of minutes or hours that to charge.
  • Clean Your Phone: On the Fast Charging Pro app, you can clean the junk and memory on your phone. It also cleans the notifications and clipboard to give you faster charging whenever. Furthermore, the app features a CPU cooler that will prevent overheating and increase charging speed.
  • Charging Detect: The charging detects tool will optimize different items that are reducing your charging speed. This tool will detect the power source, overheating, Bluetooth, airplane mode, Wi-Fi, brightness, and other features on the app. When you click on boost, it will turn on or off the feature or cool the device, depending on your needs.

Easy to Use

The Fast Charging Pro app is easy to use for everyone. When you open the app, you can see the battery level and how long it is taking your phone to charge. You will also see the stats of your phone, like whether it is plugged, the temperature level, phone health, charging current, voltage, capacity, and even the technology and model.

You can click on the settings icon to check the different tools that you can boost and others. You can click on file explorer to check your files and delete whichever is not being used. The app manage feature helps you optimize your apps so that you can increase your charging speed. There is also an icon for battery usage.

fast charger pro apk for android

When your phone is locked, the Fast Charging Pro App will show you the kind of charger and temperature of your phone. It also shows the battery level and how long it is taking to charge. Plus, there are options for fast, cycle, and trickle, depending on what you want to do.

Keep in mind that the Fast Charging Pro app will require different permissions on your device to work efficiently. These include reading and writing from external storage, access to your Wi-Fi networks, location, and other networks, installations and uninstalling, and the caches.


The Fast Charging Pro app is an ideal choice for anyone that wants to improve their phone's performance. You can optimize the different parts of your phone and increase your charging speed. If you've been frustrated that your phone is charging slowly, you can download this app to get better performance.

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Download Fast Charging Pro APK and make your phone charge much faster! The impressive app will optimize your phone so that it charges faster than before.


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