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Evil Nun
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Version: 1.8.6
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Download Evil Nun APK to have the best horror experience just with a few clicks. Evil nun is a first person horror game that you can play at your leisure to experience the thrill of solving puzzles while you run away from a killer nun.

Name Evil Nun
Version 1.8.6
Updated Mar 12, 2023
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.keplerians.evilnun

An Elaborated Analysis Of Evil Nun

Evil nun is a first person horror game that you can play if you like horror and solving puzzle. With its interactive game play, you get to run away from the nun while you solve different puzzles that helps you escape. With every puzzle you solve, you get to unlock a separate level so that you get to have a unique game play every time you decide to replay the game.

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With its smooth graphics, intuitive interface and different updates, you get to experience horror in an enjoyable fashion. With hidden levels and interesting puzzles each time, this game is super addicting that you will definitely enjoy.

3D Graphics At Their Best

With the rise in indie game developers and development in graphics, Evil nun is no different. It comes with 3D graphic that gives you a realistic experience. The 3D animation immerses you in the game play, allowing you to interact with everything around your character in a natural way. This makes it very realistic for you when your character has to hide and arm himself/herself when you have to protect yourself against the Evil nun.

Several Skins To Unlock

With every level you complete, you get to download different skins. This makes the game play far more exciting. With every skin you download, you get to put it on the nun. That way, instead of being chased by just a boring old nun, you can get chased around the decrepit building by a robot or an old Victorian knight. Don’t worry tough. If you wish to be chased around by the nun you grew so familiar with, you can always switch back the skins. Having this vast collection of skins to choose from, you get to enjoy the game play immensely.

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Exciting Updates

Every game has their set of updates. However, when it comes to Evil Nun, boring updates simply do not exist. With every update, your game play becomes more interesting, difficult and thrilling. Since ever time you need to escape the Nun, you need to solve puzzles, with each update, you get puzzles that are trickier than the previous set, increasing the tension of whether or not you can solve it before the Evil nun catches up to you.

Perfect For Horror Lovers

Horror has been seeing a renaissance in the recent years. Good horrors are being produced left, right and center when it comes to mainstream media. Game developers definitely didn’t miss the memo. That is why Evil nun is something every horror lover would enjoy immensely. With bone chilling graphics, heart stopping moments and eerie sound track, Evil nun is a perfect game that you can play just to scare yourself. 

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Game’s Insight- Story & More

On the surface, this game might look like a survival game where you just have to run away from a sadistic nun. But, that is not the case. The more you play the game, the more you will get to learn about the story and that gives you bits and pieces about who the nun truly is. By the end of the game, you will realize how the nun is not just a bad person and what led her to be the way she is. This way, the game crafts an amazing villain, someone you can sympathize with while they antagonize you.

First Person Horror Survival

Evil Nun is a first-person survival game. This type of game play helps you feel immersed into the game play. This helps the game developers to make you feel the dread and the horror while you try and escape from the decrepit building, trying to be as sneaky as possible and not get caught by the Evil nun.

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Mysterious Places To Explore

With each and every puzzle you solve, you end u in different places. This ensures you get to experience different parts of the building and learn the lore about the evil nun, making the quality of the replay of game very good. You get to unlock a several endings based on how you play and get to experience different places each time.

Furthermore, there are several hidden places for you to explore. Each location has some mystery, and you'll be the one solving those mysteries. Who knows if you can calm that angry nun while solving some mysteries?

A Big Mystery Awaits You

If you play the game right, you will end up with the true ending. You might just end up in the infamous Laundry Room and learn about the mysterious and heart wrenching story about the evil nun and what made her so evil in the first place.

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Weapons Are To Safeguard You

As you run away from the Evil nun, you get to come across several weapons, such as dynamite or a crank. While they may seem insignificant, all of these items play a role in stalling the nun if you combine them correctly. This stalling of the nun, even if it is for 20 seconds can boost up your chance of getting out by quite a bit.

Escape If You Can

Escaping from an unknown place is difficult. But, escaping from an unknown place with a killer chasing you is a whole new level of difficulty. However, you will enjoy the thrill and the suspense as you slowly get the hang of it.

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The Nun Hears Everything

But, beware of one thing while you play. No matter where you hide, where you g, the nun knows. She can hear everything you do. So do your best and stay ten steps ahead of her at all times or else, she might just catch up to you.


If solving puzzles while sneakily running away from a killer nun who can hear you sounds like a game that might interest you, then what are you waiting for? Download Evil Nun right now and experience the horror game of your life!!!


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