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Download and install the ePSXe APK to enjoy one of the world's greatest PlayStation emulators on your Android device. ePSXe offers an incredible gaming experience.

Name ePSXe
Version 2.0.17
Updated Sep 7, 2023
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.epsxe.ePSXe

Everything You Need to Know about ePSXe APK

The full meaning of ePSXe is 'enhanced PSX emulator.' This app is a console emulator for PlayStation video games. ePSXe works between two game modes, PSOne and PSX. This app was created to cater to many gamers' gaming needs on tablets or mobile devices. It runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Android devices. Three people take credit for creating this wonderful app: Galtor, _Demo_, and calb. This app is a closed source creation except for using API (application programming source) that serves as its plug-ins.


After the release of ePSXe in 2003, there wasn't much development after that, and the rumor in the mouths of the people in the know was that the source code had been corrupted as a result of a hard disk failure. But in 2008, the developers of the app made a public statement, announcing their intention continue to develop the emulator because of the encouragements they received from users. In the same year, a new version of ePSXe was released.

After another halt, the developers returned in 2012 and informed the public that they had released ePSXe that could run on Android.

One incredible thing about this emulator is that it can be compatible with many games, with excellent sound and speed. ePSXe is worth a whole lot.

Incredible Features of ePSXe

Like most modulators, ePSXe uses plug-ins to emulate different functions, such as CD-ROM drive, SPU (sound), and GPU (graphics processing unit). As a result, you can load games from the computer's CD or via various types of CD images right from the user's hard drive.

epsxe apk
  • Improved graphics: This ePSXe version entertains supports for optimized graphics by making use of OpenGL. Most players enjoy playing their video games with images that are authentic enough.
  • Multiplayer support: This app allows you to play multiplayer modes for 1 to 4 players. You can also enjoy a 2-player mode option with split screen mode
  • Cross-save: You will have access to using codes and save memory cards with any macOS, Linux, or Windows versions
  • Adaptive controls: ePSXe allows you to adapt the original controls by using several physical controllers supported by the emulator (connected via Bluetooth or USB) or by mapping them to the tablet or smartphone screen.
  • Compatibility

ePSXe can accurately run the majority of PlaStation games. Only some games run smoothly without trial-by- error testing or extensive configuration. If a game is not running as successfully as expected, a user can use the patches written for the particular game, although only some few games possess patches.

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  • Plug-ins
  • Input: The core plug-in is enough, but others give room for more functionality
  • CD-ROM: ePSXe possesses an extensive CD-ROM plug-in, but several others are meant for freeware download and numerous of them can emulate about seven different types of read modes
  • SPU: This particular plug-in can emulate all that is related to music and sound effects, with different levels of success depending on the settings of the plug-in, including the kind of plug-in in use
  • GPU: Most plug-ins under GPU run with either OpenGL, Direct3D, or the Glide API, and they are available as open-source or freeware. Many plug-ins under GPU may need game-specific alter to run games
  • Game emulation from the PlayStation one catalog
  • Configuration of all relating to the software of machine through the use of plug-ins
  • Game execution in various formats

Save the Immortal Classics

The PlayStation was launched in 1994, and even the earliest version of PlayStation can be emulated by ePSXe. The first PlayStation was the video game console that received excellent games like the first titles of Teken saga, Gran Turismo, some great Final Fantasy games of all time (such as Final Fantasy  VII or the incredible Metal Gear Solid). You can now emulate PlayStation games that have made waves due to their high quality.

epsxe for android

Requirements and Additional Details

  • The games are not added to the app
  • Download may require a ZIP compatible compressor
  • Having an original BIOS of the game console is necessary

The app works with plug-ins; with those, a user can configure the workings of graphics, sound, or CD input. The manner of configuration of the plug-ins will determine if a game will work or not.

With the proper console configuration, users can enjoy the quality of the original or latest PlayStation on their Android device. So you might understand why the 1994 game console is considered the best of all time.

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The good news is that, unlike the PC software, ePSXe Android app needs little or no configuration to be able to use. All that is required of you is the basic knowledge of its installation and application to your device.

ePSXe's Outstanding Properties

ePSXe is a port of the popularly-known PC version of ePSXe. The following are the added properties you may find interesting about this app:

  • It offers high compatibility with Android devices (about 99% compatibility)
  • It provides accurate sound and excellent speed
  • The app is designed for both tablets and smartphones (Android)
  • About 1 to 4 players can use this emulator
  • Offers 2 player option and split-screen mode
  • ePSXe allows virtual touchscreen pad support, hardware button mapping (phone with gamepad or keyboard, Xperia Play external gamepad Bluetooth or USB such as Ipega, Moga, Xbox 360, Sixasis, WiiMote) and analog joysticks
  • includes native support for Intel Atom X86 and ARM
  • supports HD enhanced graphics, such as 2x/4x software renderers and two OpenGL renderers

Last Take

ePSXe for Android provides users with a very professional gaming experience. This app is on par with specialized handheld gaming devices like mobile phones or tablets. ePSXe has a simple interface, excellent sound and picture quality, and much more. In addition, the community of ePSXe will be a great place for nostalgic gamers.

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Download and install the ePSXe APK to enjoy one of the world's greatest PlayStation emulators on your Android device. ePSXe offers an incredible gaming experience.


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