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Download Episode APK and have a fantastic experience where you will be a character in your preferred tale. You will like this game if you like cool story games!

Name Episode
Version 25.40
Updated May 27, 2024
Category Simulation


How excited will you be to play the lead role in your favorite story? To create your own plot in various tale genres, download Episode: choose your story on your Android or iOS. The decision is yours to decide if you would like to begin with a love story, drama, or thriller. Get the unlimited passes and gems Episode 2022.

Get lost in a vibrant virtual universe in which you can form bonds with the characters and other individuals that are part of your journey. In several chapters and episodes, find new locations, companions, advisors, and potential relationships! In the Episode game app, you may control your own narrative and shape your future just as you like it!

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Episode makes you take the lead role in your narrative. You can discover relationships, meet famous people, and make decisions that affect your plot.

The circumstances that follow your plot and final resolution will depend on your decisions along the way. You may replay your tales and make alternative decisions to view several possible endings. Your character's situation is entirely up to you!

Episode: choose your own story description: Create and modify your own persona before beginning your narrative. Select your character and alter his or her appearance and attire to draw others' attention. Your interactions with other players are likewise distinctive; some of them may turn out to be allies, while others may turn out to be adversaries.

The storylines in the video game are broken up into episodes. The user can modify their persona in the closet after hearing a conversation for the first time in the plot. After that, the user can continue with the story. The user will need to use the game's money to buy some options. Once an episode has been concluded by the gamer, the following one will become available for purchase with Episode's virtual money.

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Episode place some restrictions until a particular number of episodes have been finished by the user, and beyond that point, story spaces become available. Only after the game is enabled before the user may be able to either create their own personalized stories or watch those of others. That is why you need to download episode unlimited passes and gems.

Episode features

Episode gameplay has some stimulating features which make it the most played story game.

Setting Preferences

You are in control of your narrative when you play Episode: choose your own story. Maybe you have always desired to see yourself on a screen and live the kind of life you ever wanted, it is time for you to take control.

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Customize your character just as you want them to look. There are different options for you, right from costume to body type and also complexion and so on. Just keep your creative mind awake, the world is yours with Episode!

In-game Currency

You will need episode virtual money to make some purchases, more reason you need to get episode unlimited gems and passes. Gems are also one of the currencies in the game. Users can use gems and passes to receive premium options.


There are thousands of stories in Episode. The one I would like to talk about is Private lessons where your new friend is a total problem though adorable, intelligent, and muscular. It is a story of how neighbors turn rivals. So, as a result of a disagreement between your parents, you now serve as his home teacher. When the two of you find that you are competitors for the one remaining slot at your ideal university, things get really heated!

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Although some parents have raised alarm over the contents of the stories on this app, Episode has some moderate stories that children can play. The choice is yours! Generally, parents are advised to guide their wards on the type of content that is appropriate or inappropriate for them. It is not every content a child can interact with online.


Episode: choose your own story latest version is a video game that offers interactive cinematic stories designed for smartphones, PC, and Console. It may be a happy ever after or the one you kill all your antagonists, or just any ending. Your decisions in Episode determine the course of your narrative.

Download episode free premium, and It could be your turn to create the next big story that you can share with thousands of people.

Episode, the greatest compilation of dynamic stories in which you can decide your fate, has been read billions of times. To start your own and compose a story for yourself, download episode unlimited passes and gems 2022!

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Download Episode APK and have a fantastic experience where you will be a character in your preferred tale. You will like this game if you like cool story games!


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