Endless Nightmare
Endless Nightmare
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Version: 1.1.6
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Download Endless Nightmare APK, where you have the chance to engage in terrifying and perilous circumstances. Look for evidence and identify the offende

Name Endless Nightmare
Version 1.1.6
Updated Feb 5, 2024
Category Arcade

Description of Endless Nightmare

In the first-person scary video game Endless Nightmare, you spend the nighttime hours investigating a strange property. You awaken in a hall filled with items you must inspect to move across the remaining house.

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You'll soon understand that in Endless Nightmare, not everything is what it appears. When navigating this game's spooky environment, which is meant to make anxieties elevated throughout all times, you'll need to navigate carefully to escape pitfalls. Alongside the visuals, the audio mix also ups the suspense and has you startled multiple times.

First Scene

James Douglass, a cop, is the lead protagonist in the first killing in Endless Nightmare. His spouse and child were ruthlessly killed in their own apartment when he was on patrol outside. James was motivated by this to find the murderer, deal with him, and make him pay for the evil he committed.

James unintentionally found the offender was hidden in his home while collecting proof and trying to determine the situation. After which, unsettling events continued. James understands that he has been sucked into a never-ending dream. And it appears that everything has just started.

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As James, the game's main character, your goal will be to uncover information to help you apprehend the person who murdered James's spouse and kid.

Your house is also in the picture. To gather evidence, you will walk all over the place. The game will provide you with some hints about the location you have to visit throughout the process. You were told to go upstairs to the room during the initial expedition. A missing picture of Lisa, a scrap of the magazine, and a cellphone with unsolicited SMS messages are all present. Using these trails, you will discover Lisa's dissolution letter, which revealed that James and his spouse seemed to have a fight.

Constantly additional material is accessible. Discovering fresh hints will lead you to numerous locations within the property. It's your responsibility to gather the hints, load them in a school bag and put them together to generate the appropriate responses. The research will proceed in this manner, little by little.

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But you soon find that you are not the only person living here. This location is like a bad dream, filled with the worst possible stuff and many devils inside. They travel through the shadowy hallways looking for lives. Just before information about the deaths of your spouse and child is revealed, you will need to stay away from them.

The devilish component of Endless Nightmare raises the degree of challenge significantly. There isn't enough chance for you to explore different parts of the property. Before they catch you, you have to locate the proper safe area and swiftly gather hints. The closet is a convenient and secure location. Using the opening, you can watch the spirits' movements and determine when it becomes best to resume your investigation.

Features of Endless Nightmare

Realistic visuals

Endless Nightmare is not a video game for the fainthearted. By the time you begin the game's initial episode, you will understand the reason without explanation. Your sights are continuously being assaulted by a variety of terrifying things. Bloodstains covered the surfaces in the dim corridors. On one side of the room, dolls are seated and looking at you.

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The deceased's corpse was found on a mattress beside a puddle of blood, a death certificate, and a suicide note. A blood-stained dagger was in the demon's wavy hair. The combination of everything and terrifying noises made for a spooky sight.

Join the inquiry

As you approach Endless Nightmare 1: Home, Users will get the chance to be involved in a thrilling inquiry with their team members. It would be beneficial if you go to examine and thoroughly investigate every region. In addition, you must meticulously look for indications and pay attention to even the smallest details. Additionally, speak with the witnesses to the killing and hear the cryptic tales around it. These will most significantly advance your research. You will eventually learn who the actual murderer is.

Learn about and encounter scary tales

Playing this game will expose you to intriguing and unsettling tales with terrifying information. Additionally, you will run into a lot of situations that are difficult and really savage, designed to make you feel as though you don't dare look. In addition, everybody is concealing horrible facts inside them. You must use your intelligence and inventiveness to overcome every challenge in this game by choosing the smartest and most remarkable strategies.

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Various approaches

You get the freedom to adjust the game's difficulty to your level of experience. You must give this some thought before choosing what is ideal for you. In Endless Nightmare 1: Home, each operation presents gamers with difficulties and different situations. You must gather more items to study it along with your wits. Additionally, this activity demands you to have endurance, guts, and the ability to maintain your composure under pressure.

Listening to the sounds

Endless Nightmare 1: Home will put you in various circumstances. You must concentrate intently on every noise in your immediate environment when conducting the research. Nearby eyewitnesses are accessible, and they will cooperate with you to investigate the crime. Do not neglect to listen and only depend on your sights. Combining both would make it easier to locate the proof most quickly and easily possible.


Endless Nightmare is thrilling, entertaining, and full of fantastic adventure. This video game will gratify your need for excitement and novelty.

Play this entertaining free fright and incredibly spooky exploration action game if you're looking for a lifelike and unsettling scary ghost reasoning game.

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Download Endless Nightmare APK, where you have the chance to engage in terrifying and perilous circumstances. Look for evidence and identify the offende


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