Emoji Puzzle
Emoji Puzzle
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Version: 7.2
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Download Emoji Puzzle APK and enjoy solving puzzles and the fun thrill it gives. Emoji Puzzle immerses players in a fun puzzle and game experience.

Name Emoji Puzzle
Version 7.2
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Puzzle
Google Play Link com.demin.emojipuzzle

Emoji Puzzles

Emoji Puzzles is a fun game about emojis and emoticons. As the name implies, it is a puzzle game. The game is engaging and challenging. Players are tasked with puzzles that involve emojis. 

There are hundreds of levels to engage players. The emoji puzzle does not only focus on the puzzle but rather on players' critical thinking skills and ability. The game requires players to have a well-fed imagination to overcome the essential puzzles of the game.

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Each level in the game brings players to new gameplay, making them experience the game differently. If you are looking for a game to improve your thinking and critical thinking skills, here Is the best game for you. You will be surprised by how many minutes you have to think to solve the puzzle on each level.

Emoji Puzzles is not a challenging game. However, you must think for a few minutes before solving the puzzles. Hence making the game engaging and sometimes difficult. Emoji Puzzles have fantastic features that have made players attached to the game.

Emoji Puzzles Description

Emoji Puzzles is an engaging and challenging fun game. It is a single-player game where players will match and pair an emoji of similar meaning together. The longer you play the game, the more complex the puzzle gets. Players must pay attention to the game to find quick solutions to solving the puzzle.

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The game is engaging and fun as it helps keep you on your toe trying to find the answer to the puzzle as soon as possible. Super Sonic Studios Limited developed and published the game. The emoji puzzle game is a top-rated puzzle game with over 100 million downloads. This is to tell you how interesting the game is. The game is recommended for people aged 12 and above.

Emoji Puzzles might seem simple and easy, but it requires critical thinking. The game is about emotion icons, often called emojis. Your task in each level of the game is to find pairs of emojis with similar meanings or shapes and then match them together. For instance, you can match the French fries in a tray icon with the hamburger emoji because they are in the same category -fast food. Also, you can match the gum icon with the strong one as it deals with strength. This is quite fun and engaging.

The game requires close observation and attention, and players must be logical to overcome the game easily. We all know that there are millions of emojis worldwide, hence the reason for the emoji puzzles game.

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Emoji Puzzles gameplay is easy to play for everyone. The game is not boring. In terms of the game's control, all you do is touch two similar emojis and link them together in a straight line. Also, you can drag two fingers to connect two emojis together. If you match all symbols and emojis together correctly,  you will move on to the next level.

The game does not get boring, but the higher the level, the harder it becomes. Each level in the game has mini levels with more complex challenges and tasks.

This game's many features have kept people glued to it and returning for a more thrilling experience.

Features of Emoji Puzzles

Here are all the exciting features of emoji puzzles:

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Simple Gameplay

Gamers can quickly engage themselves with the simple and easy-to-understand gameplay

There are no complications in the game. All you have to do is match or pair symbols, emojis, or emotion icons together. If they are paired correctly, you move to the next level.

However, aside from that, there are some special levels players can engage themselves within the game for a more thrilling experience. The game control by tapping on the screen simulates players with an immersive experience.

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Hint System

Remember that emoji puzzles is a puzzle game; hence you might get stuck on some levels. Anytime you are stuck at a level, you can use the hint button, which is at the top of the screen. This is super cool. Although to use this feature, you must watch videos of about 30 seconds. We can call them video ads.

Simple Controls

Emoji Puzzles control is not complicated nor difficult, and you need to touch the screen on the emoji and watch it with the other matching emojis.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of emoji puzzles is not demanding. It is normal and amazing. There is nothing extra in its graphics. Emoji puzzle sound is superb as well. There is no intense sound, and just a tone is enough.

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Enjoy Special Levels

Emoji Puzzles have different levels, mini or sub levels. This is to engage players with the game and avoid the game from being boring. There are special levels to enjoy puzzles that might require critical thinking.


Emoji Puzzles is a fun emoji game, and there are hundreds of emojis to play around with. Download the latest version of the game and enjoy the thrills the game gives.

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Download Emoji Puzzle APK and enjoy solving puzzles and the fun thrill it gives. Emoji Puzzle immerses players in a fun puzzle and game experience.


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